Be 19s

People Say : "Happy Birthday !!!"

"Happy B'Day, flend, wish u all the best :-)"
"お誕生日おめで とうございます"
"Selamat Ulang Tahun Kawand,,,moga panjang umur"
A big gift today is no things except warm felicitation from people around me. As I woke up this morning as I saw some SMSs received on my phone. They say in the same meaning : "Happy Birthday/Milaad". And now I'm logging on my FB account subsequently glimpsing on upper button, there are around 74 notifications or moreSmiley. Till this article written, it's still arriving. I'm very glad of them - friends who still concern with me -SmileyThus I capture some of page preview as my thank to you all. And hereby I attached notification as the following

But, one of them is a message in Inbox from beloved Bu Yenni, a friend and also a very kind lecturer. The message is very motivating, so great, kinda nice advice. It's been so fast awaking I'm 19s yet. There should be significant movement in my life thought I'm not almost young. Thanks Mum for advice, hopeful it would be great as I've reached some day. And all of, I VERY THANK to you all my friends for greetings. May God bless us!

Thank you very much :)

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