BIODIVERCITY : "Indonesia in Shanghai World Expo"

Indonesia is Biodivercity

This theme was developed from a series of words: Bio (life / life / living things) – Diverse (diversity) – City (city). ‘Bio Diverse City’ represents life – cultural diversity and urban environment with all aspects of life, culture, natural environment, history and other aspects that influence it.

Indonesia is a country where diversity always remains each day at various levels. Nature, society and culture of walking in harmony with social development, politics and economics that create sustainable results.Supported by the basic character of an open, warm, welcoming and friendly and have a high tolerance and strong kinship, Indonesia live a life full of diversity in harmony.

Indonesia Pavilion at a Glance

Indonesia Pavilion is located in Zone B, World Expo Shanghai China, an area of 2.400m2, on 4000 m2 land and is the largest pavilion of Southeast Asia. Indonesian pavilion theme is Indonesia Is Biodiverse City to show the diversity and richness of Indonesia with a living harmony of society based on cultural heritage, and at the same time the Indonesian nation to move forward with life in a democracy and modernization. This is reflected through the architectural pavilion featuring openness and travel history. Props are thousands of objects that tells the long history of Indonesian people who live with nature polite. Indonesian pavilion displays a culture that appreciates nature despite era of change and increasing urban life. As the 2010 World Expo theme ‘Better City. Better Life. ‘, Indonesian culture is still preserved and coexist with the progress of the world. Long history of Indonesia shows that the Indonesia identity is a great nation.



"Hi, My name is Pongo. I was Born in Indonesia in the forest of Sumatera. I belong to Pongo Abeii family, the rarest orang utan species on earth. I am happy to be the one of the mascots of Indonesia Pavillion at World Expo 2010,Shanghai, China"


"Hi, My name is Koko. I was born in Indonesia, on Island of Komodo. I belong to Varanus Komodoensis family, the biggest lizard on earth, the only one. I am happy to be the one of the mascots of Indonesia Pavillion at World Expo 2010, Shanghai, China"

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