Your Color

I have never found the way such I’m feeling now
Because my last only felt like normal
No surprising neither even sorrow
I used to go through breeze
Just roues to tease trying my endurance out
But it sensed nothing on my ignorance
Then You come into my depth of heart
Filling in darkness with color
Painting like wall it won’t be faded away
You’ve conquered my entity
I’m your mirror now
As I waked up finding surrounding space
It’s appearing like no cube
I can’t see border to binding limits
Only your face baby coloring my surrounding
I’m stunned staring on you
Then you pick me up beyond the world
But rain is falling down in torrent
I can’t fly anymore piercing pain
You cover my weakness by flicking wings
Once I’m stunned on your color
It’s gonna be like rainbow but much more
I’m at the end of your rope


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