"Sumbawa Island" A Glance of Opportunity

Sumbawa Island
- an unearthed deep exploration of amazing prospect-

Sumbawa Island. I guess not many people seemed familiar with this name in the occasion when having little bit discussion. Somehow, it's been being part of 17,000 more islands of the nation, Indonesia. People may know closer if Sumbawa related to "Susu Kuda Sumbawa" (Sumbawa Mare Milk) or even "Madu Sumbawa" (Sumbawa Honey Bee), furthermore they only reveal on barely blind of shape. I argue based on my own experience while taking talk with people whose holding far outside Sumbawa residence status.

I'm so curious to promote the island and spreading off some interesting facts and anything which are knowledgable about the island. They are as such following quotations below :

Sumbawa Island is one of two main part islands stated West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB). The island situated in the range of 8°47 S and 118°E (Wikipedia). It's home for two major tribes, Sumbawanese and Dou Mbojo (people of Bima and Dompu) with their own traditional language Basa Samawa (Sumbawa Language) and Mbojo (Bima and Dompu Language). They live together with many other tribes coloring diversity and harmonious inside. Some of Balinese, Sasak (Lombok), Bugis (South Celebes), Flores, Javanese, Sundanese, Minang (West Sumatra), Chinese, Arabian decent and even expats who work (long term) or temporarily living coming from Australia, (mostly) US, Netherland, and little bit other Asian people such as Japan.

How's the Governance Division ?

Sumbawa island is stated by 4 regencies : West Sumbawa, Sumbawa, Dompu and Bima, with one municipality, Kota Bima. In the early independence period, the island was divided into Sultanate : Sultanate of Sumbawa (which covers West Sumbawa and Sumbawa) and Sultanate of Bima (which covers Dompu and Bima).

How's the Economy ?

The people is working in various field, but most of them are farmer and little cattlemen. The island was initially known as Pulau Nasi (Island of Rice) which dubbed by the Dutch government during colonialism period. The rest are working in state office and mining coorporation. PT Newmont NNT is one of biggest and leading private company (but now is in process of local government acquired) which objectives for valuable mining material such as gold (mainly), copper and other. The worker are not only the native but also people from outside the island and outside Indonesia.
Beside provide economy in both mining and agricultural sector, the government of both two main tribes also trigger its throb through Tourism. Sumbawa island actually owns so many tourism spot for leisure. In West Sumbawa and South Dompu, there are beautiful spots of surfing, alongside seashore of Maluk and Hu'u. They're internationally well known as hunting place for Surfer abroad despite not too popular inside the country.

What's the Unique Thing Surrounding and Inside ?

The island is like a mother of a son and a daughter. It's surrounded by two unique island, Moyo Island and Sangeang Api Island. Moyo Island is located northern of the island and become part of capital Sumbawa Besar Sub-District however lying separated by slight strait. Meanwhile Sangeang is northern of District of Bima. Moyo island is the most unique one which is one of island in Indonesia welcomed Lady Diana (former Queen of Royal British during her ship journey) to have a glance in paradise island. Another interesting fact is about Bungin island -western side of Moyo Island- which inhabited by a thousand and more people on very small island. Their home will soon be inundated by tide. :)

What's Hottest Event Ever ?

As I ever posted before (here), Tambora is still remaining stories of past glory during its period. Its eruption caused long term damage that encouraged change of world climate. Deadly eruption left dead left burried inside deep ash.

Is it Possible for Investment ?

Yes, definitely. Every change will turn its spin to round existed condition. Although Sumbawa is not popular enough, but I'm optimistic of brighter future through sustainable development. Investment is one of the way. Now, the government is so welcome of attracted businessmen both local and international. UAE, Malaysia and Qatar are for instance who enamored of optimistic resource that of the island. It should stimulate local investment to drop more on opportunity. Infrastructures are now about being indeed developed to get closer with worth. The island currently owns 2 main airports with one addition, they are Brang Biji Airport (serves to Bali,Lombok and Bima with Trans Nusa) , Bima Airport (Serves to Bali, Lombok, Labuhan Bajo and occasionally Jakarta with 1 stopover in Bali with Merpati Airlines), and Maluk Airport.

I've explained much enough above about Sumbawa Island that may open our mind to look deep inside real things that so valuable and properly to be kept and maintained. As our Indonesia vision that to develop and encourage our people through richness that of this nation. Year 2010 is signed by many empowered facSt that may run steadily to gain highest achievement.


This article is originally written by HIJJAZONE
Image Source : WIKIPEDIA and Flickr