Indonesia-Japan Routes: The Sky Signature

More Flight, More Frequent

JAL at Narita to Jakarta

Well, I started from how this connection begun. Indonesia, particularly Jakarta point had officially served flight to Japan in 1962 operated by Garuda Indonesia to Tokyo. Indonesia-Japan routes has passed the wave of change by number of flight or even stopping operation. Since the world of aviation is highly dependable to any certain both country circumstances as well as the business atmosphere and financial stability that of airlines.

Indonesia-Japan routes connected two cities in Indonesia (Jakarta and Bali) to three cities in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya). In addition Fukuoka was the former city signed the connection between two countries. Meanwhile Jakarta is the most attractive route to Tokyo , Denpasar Bali successfully attracts visitor from other cities in Japan such as Nagoya and Osaka including Tokyo as well.

Visitors from Indonesia to Japan or vice versa today have three choices of direct flight between two countries. They are served by Garuda Indonesia, Japan Airlines, and All Nippon Airways (ANA). All of these three airlines play tight competition to attract passenger for Jakarta-Narita Tokyo routes though ANA ever experienced to stop its flight to Jakarta till reopened in January 7th 2011. Meanwhile Denpasar Bali-Japan routes are still played by single player, Garuda Indonesia to Narita Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya since withdrawing of JAL and ANA from God island.

JL 725/726 Jakarta-Narita Tokyo vv
Japan Airlines

Financial crisis suffering JAL also implicates to cutting its route to Indonesia. Denpasar Bali route has been suspended to connect Tokyo and Osaka as October 1st 2011. Fortunately Jakarta is still served by JAL till today. But the most surprising thing for me is that upon the elimination route to Bali, JAL striving to attract this only one route in Indonesia by operating its B777-300ER livery with a new freshly tag line "To the New Height of Luxury". This triggering ads has placed Jakarta together with three cities in US such New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles as barred on its official website.

I just got my fortune after few months this program run to fly with JAL to Narita Tokyo (here). I realized this aircraft has been developed its range. The Economy class set at the upper end the narrowed body. Reaching my seat took times passing over executive seasons and premium economy class. Meanwhile first class is set the front-most within the cabin.
All Nippon Airways (ANA)

Though ANA has just involved in this sector not long time since its withdrawing, but it seems ANA successfully attracts visitor since it (mostly) states lower price than JAL ones. Jakarta-Tokyo sector is operated with B767, however I highly expect ANA will soon replace that kind of livery with its B787-Dreamliner. It sounds fascinating I guess. But Denpasar Bali route has not opened yet. I just do hope ANA will come back again to God island as Ngurah Rai Airport accomplished its new terminal for booming tourism in the island.
Garuda Indonesia

By the most upcoming year 2012 it will be the 50th year of Garuda Indonesia retains its existence in Japan. Bali is the the major hub of Garuda to fly passenger to Japan. In fact, Japan is the most potential destination for Garuda which can be seen by number of flight and cities served by this national airliners. The Garuda Experience quantum leap program has given wider opportunity, by April 2012 GIA will soon launched its Tokyo-Haneda route from Denpasar Bali. In terms of focus city, Denpasar is more promising than Jakarta for passengers in this route since Bali is the key of Indonesia tourism. In addition, passenger from Japan who wish to go to Australia can fly with Garuda with stopover in Bali.
Future Opportunity

These three airlines are good and more than adequate. Denpasar is promising for Tourism meanwhile Jakarta is more attractive for business purpose. The Indonesia growing economy is expected to enliven more and more aviation world particularly Indonesia-Japan sector since the two countries are bonded in very attractive investment. Seems, there is other airlines having soon operated between this route. I just hear Lion Air master plan route will include Japan as their destination. This most growing budget airlines has just made an surprising transformation by becoming the most B737-900ER user. If Lion Air will play its business into Japan sector, there must be very competitive choice. Who knows?

Facebook Underage User : Violation?

When Facebook Comes Borderlessly


Facebook -as most any other social network sites- requires its user has to meet terms and policy that they have to be at least 13 years old or higher in certain area for permitted registration.

Since Facebook introduced few years ago, most people would be agree it has become the most booming social network worldwide. Facebook users has hit fantastic number reaching 800 million as September 2011 as released by .
Facebook in Indonesia

Placing the country as forth most inhabitant in the world doesn't really mean Indonesia can't gain more record, Indonesian on Facebook occupy 40.8 million of total users or at rough 5% Facebookers are Indonesian. Now the country ranks #2 position of Facebook user by amount as currently released by .

Away from record, the fact behind tells more how Facebook deeply influences behavior and internet responsibility that of netizen. Some 7.5 millions Facebook users were under 13 years old meanwhile around 5 millions were under 10 years old, Consumer Reports said.

But I have no finding of exact statistical data figuring violation of Facebook terms and policy by authorized law regarding to underage user case in Indonesia. The profound Facebook facts in my country is about amount occupy, the second one though still biased is that teen under 18 (mostly girl) abused by intensive convince violated by someone else stranger through Facebook. The victim go off the home and approaching stranger ignoring parent advice.

My Student Case

Though this seems particular outliers of some Facebook cases, but I think the following case is proper to be concerned. This morning as usual biweekly teaching voluntary in elementary school I and other members of ICSF do our schedule. About an hour class I'm glad they pay attention on my instruction to elaborate solution of Global Warming through visual art work, they draw their ideas on plain paper then I gather their work aftermath.

But before the class dismissed, I attempt to conduct small research on behavior of my student regarding to internet. The reason is just basic, initially I intend to encourage them looking for some beneficial information on internet out of common method practiced by their teachers. It has become so convenient to help them learning their subjects beyond the book or general explanation. They deserve to get accessible information profoundly.

By consider, the school located in suburb area but internet cafe are flocking anywhere over the way since their settlement surrounding my campus area. And what a surprising about more than half of my students are active Facebook user though considerably they are around 9-10 years old. I knew as I ask them to put their email and Facebook account behind their drawing. Nothing against COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) I conduct this research to bear the fact and finding my students behavior, for their development observe.

Me : "Anyone here using Facebook?"
Some raise the hand
Some Students : "I am! I have registered for Facebook, and now I'm using Facebook"
Me : "How many time do you usually log on Facebook?"
Some Students : "Once a week (mostly), sometimes two times in one week!"
Me: "What usually do you do on Facebook?"
Some Students : "Playing online games!"
Some Students : "Socialize with other classmate"
Me : "How long do you log on Facebook?"
Some Students : "2 hours in most, or 2.5 hours"
Me : "Ok, how old are you now?"
Some Students : "I'm 9"
Some Students : "I'm 10"
Me : "Well, anyone knows here, Facebook regulation, the user must be at least 13 years old. Have you ever heard about?"
Some Students : "I have no idea, but it's not a big deal. I only go on with Facebook and nothing wrong is happening. And so, why do they constrain the user?"
Me : "Because it's international rule, and the protection for children is must. And because you are children"
Some Students : "So far we don't have problem by using Facebook, indeed we only use it for online games. And we don't log on Facebook daily, just sometimes. Everything is Ok"

Excavating that fact is not difficult, but facing the fact with solution is not easy. To be honest, till now I have no endowing notion to constrain them on Facebook if I go with the law. The case is quite different. Whoever can't immediately prohibit, instead their parents don't know (in my assesment) the terms and condition in which whether their children are prohibited or not by using Facebook. Some parents don't take concern on internet utilization for their children. Children by themselves access internet on Cyber cafe by purchasing only IDR 2,000/hour ( USD 0.2 or 20 cents, assuming 1 USD = IDR 10,000).

Some others add me "Friend Request" on my Facebook account though none of them I approve yet. I have to dive their intention first, but I make deal with them before, we can contact through Facebook since we can't meet intensively to discuss their subject. Not for other purposes.

For uncertain temporarily time I suppose them are allowed for Facebook since they utilize for educational purpose, doesn't matter with games but they still need to be responsible with their education. They are highly suggested to share informative stuff, not limited through Facebook, but they can browse on other websites.

That's the case I investigate directly, I guess the terms and policy may be studied more adapted to certain social circumstance. We can't generalize all of any condition for diversely anthropogenic behavior. But united regulation internationally is proper to be kept.

Having any idea or solution? Kindly share.

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Tribute To Steve JOBS

A Bit of Bite : Apple

Dated on October 5, 2011 he died, one of the most influencing person in Apple, Steve JOBS. People became on crowd to appreciate him. Once I logged on Twitter and twits were around #SteveJobs and so was Facebook. Netizen never missed the moment for condolence indeed few days later. He cheated people putting him on "Trend Topic".

Some peeps claimed the day as the real iSad
forgetting awhile about Mi3 (Mac iPhone iPad iPod). Some newspapers made him an headline.

Good bye JOBS, thank you, you make people's jobs.

Visit Indonesia Mengajar and @America

Visit Indonesia Mengajar and @America

Last Saturday (26 November 2011) I just had a visit after a week-before enrollment for an event ICC Goes To External by IAAS LC-IPB to head for Indonesia Mengajar Headquarter and @America at Pacific Place South Jakarta. Participants departed from IPB campus at 7 am and has disembarked at IM (Indonesia Mengajar) headquarter first. The staffs welcomed us warmly then pleased to have sits for discussion. We didn't take any chair nor was round table discussion, but relaxing on the clean floor (very Indonesian way) covered with leather carpet.

The plenary opened with some speeches but eventually the discussion has just really begun some minutes later. I just still wonder someday we have less opening speeches rather than the core of discussion. Or else modifying some of those common ways practiced into varying appearance.

First presentation from IM Head of External and Public Affairs, Pak Israr revealed background behind existence and commitment IM was conducted and being widely paid by hilarious attention that of 'fresh graduate'. A brief summary of his presentation is as following:

IM was founded based on hard swiftly desire to give more, present more, contribute more, brought by high responsibility of this educational circumstance of this nation. Elementary education in which is very basic and more attractive to trigger future that of pupil as the first step to move on further, unfortunately in some areas particularly remote areas within this nation is adequate or less.

The fundamental problem of basis encouraging elementary education particularly are two cases, "Quality" and "Quantity". Quality of teacher is not that advanced, somehow it doesn't belong to their mistakes completely. Access of torrent information is still lacking meanwhile some trainings are almost rare. In consequence, it has been so fragile to insist what so called good educational services even though the presence of pupil attendance in the class is thankful for their passion.

Talking about the Quantity, in some schools in remote area there's only one teacher resembling a headmaster practically to manage all things and doing very multi-tasking. He or she whose hand handles entire classes is the only one booster to keep what educated people called 'education' though they don't really know exactly things are happening over some schools outside their convenient reach there. Can we imagine what would be happening with pupils when one standing teacher takes home medicine for illness. Education surely would be terminated for awhile and they don't get any lesson along the way they go home.

The preambule of Indonesia Constitution 1945 clearly declares that " give birth nation's intellectuals" is one of basis compiled by founders of this nation inspired by importance of becoming well-educated country. It's been 66 years since this country proclaimed its Independence from colonialism, stupidity, retarded, and poverty and many more pains. They definitely didn't want the darkness put its cursed possibility on appearing to this country in hell someday.

Thus, initiated by Dr. Anis Baswedan (currently as Rector of Paramadina University) and other colleagues to make a leap program called Indonesia Mengajar recruiting best fresh graduate students over this nation to be sent to designated places spreading over archipelagos assisting schools through very breakthrough ways for a year long.

Pengajar Muda is term for selected graduate whose missions are on their arm to lighten up the candle. It's such a challenging life for year to survive, to serve, and to understand deeply what they really have to do.

Nothing is that so precious rather than to give our contribution to society. "To educate is duty belonging to educated people".


Very impressive notions and so triggering. It has opened our eyes wider we need to make an action right know. Additionally an amusing sharing by a Pengajar Muda Batch 1 who has passed a year on duty in a remote school in East Borneo. Extending the program now IM is going to place Pengajar Muda in border zone of this country every odd number of Batch session.

Eventually the last destination was a heading to @America where a central of US culture center offering some services from education till entertainment with high technology facilities. Everything there is digitally displayed and informing visitors by very different ways. Nice place and comfort :)

Thanks to : IAAS LC-IPB

Sky Trip

Sky Trip

When getting a chance on travel by airplanes, I still retain my curiosity on capturing videos of my trip. Intended to share to other people and hoping they also enjoy virtual trip though catching them up merely over the desktop. Currently I only collect few of my sky trip, the rests were not captured for limit circumstance.

Thus, about a year ago I registered for a YouTube channel through namely "FASTchannel" refering to "Fun | Art | Science | Travel". You might have caught how the content is. Regarding abbreviation stands to related video content I upload.

Herewith are some of them containing my travel vids spotting in airport based on recent activities:

Garuda Indonesia
Flight Number : GA 431
Fleet : Boeing 737-800 Next Generation (60's-80's paint)
Route : Selaparang International Airport Lombok (AMI) to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Jakarta (CGK)
Departing Time : 7:00 am. (Indonesia Middle Time)

Time to Destination : 2 hours

Batavia Air
Flight Number : Y6-345
Fleet : Boeing 737-400
Route : Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Jakarta (CGK) via Juanda International Airport Surabaya (SUB) to Selaparang International Airport Lombok (AMI)
Departing Time : 17:00 pm (Indonesia Western Time)
Time to Destination : 2 hours (excluding 20 minutes transit)

Japan Airlines
Flight Number : JL 726 and JL725 (vv)
Fleet : Boeing 777-300 Extended Range (ER)
Route : Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Jakarta (CGK) to Narita International Airport Tokyo (NRT) vv
Departing Time : 23:25 pm (Indonesia Western Time)
Time to Destination : 7.5 hours

Air Asia Indonesia

Flight Number : QZ 7553
Fleet : Airbus A320
Route : Adisucipto International Airport (JOG) to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Jakarta (CGK)
Departing Time : 12:10 pm (Indonesia Western Time)
Time to Destination : 50 minutes

Going by Air Asia shuttle bus from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3

Air Asia Indonesia

Flight Number : QZ 7697
Fleet : Airbus A320
Route : Kuala Lumpur International Airport (LCCT) to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Jakarta (CGK)
Departing Time : 14:55 pm (Unified Malaysia Time)
Time to Destination : 2 hours

Landing to CGK

Welcome Aboard! Enjoy your flight! :-)

SEA Games XXVI Palembang Indonesia

SEA Games XXVI Palembang Indonesia

Photo of Byron Bay - one of Australia's best beaches!

It was contradictory to escape from dispute of question, Indonesia's preparation to host biggest biennial sport event in ASEAN region South East Asian Games (SEA Gamecs) by the year 2011. Looking back few months ago when we (most Indonesian) were accustomed served by 'embarrassing news' of corruption scandal shadowing whether the games will be held or postponed. The last choice was definitely unexpected, what a relieved circumstance it is not happening now.

Till the last minutes before Opening Ceremony in Jakabaring Stadium in Palembang was really started, we never expected much instead of Indonesia would run it ordinarily then going into the games tomorrow. But we were almost wrong. Our notion was immediate spinning into relieved fresh air how great they treat it. Some fireworks and laser played over the night with colorful performance beneath. Thousand dancer, children formation, and the region's divas caught million eyes. We were stunned!

Live opening ceremony on TV is not that enough. I browsed on YouTube and find out an auxiliary member uploaded entire series of view on his account. Getting gather with friends we prove how amazing it is. I just still wonder how people then immediately changed. They (Indonesian) know every single day was not benevolent during preparation. They've just already put pessimism on this event but later might be another story.

I was pulled on to see the world perception on the opening ceremony, yet inevitably bad news was spreading off few days in advance. But later, I was surprise they gave high appreciation of stunning ceremony regenerating my blooming optimism Indonesia "Together Yes We Can Give" as blown over the stadium where Joy Tobing sang a song composed by the president SBY. reported three times of SEA Games with complete chronology but they needed to recognize Firework and Laser blasted the ceremony leaving for scandal behind. Some praises came from little neighboring Singapore while precedent daily (StraitsTimes) shared their happiness the grandest ceremony ever since the games introduced many years ago. Even more Vietnam, Cambodia, and Philippines published to their people of a miracle one night when people only see an amusing performance.

When other countries do their appreciation of hardworking the Indonesian masterpiece to compose the event, our people need to evolve more than a praise. Therefore massive support and helpful optimism would become great power beyond merely a praise for a stunning night. The games is till running and till I posted here thankfully Indonesia still collect the most medal. My highest gratitude to all athletes, committee, and people who always support of successful 26th SEA Games Palembang with its co-host city Jakarta.

Credit : Image from

Pesta Sains 2011

Pesta Sains Nasional 2011

Pesta Sains FMIPA IPB!

Organized by Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, Bogor Agricultural University, "Pesta Sains Nasional 2011" paid by huge attentions those of high school student particularly coming from greater developing region JABODETABEK (Jakarta Bogor Depok Tangerang Bekasi) additionally some from varying origin over Java, Sumatra, Bali, even Kalimantan and others uncounted here. Pesta Sains is a program arranged by students in Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science under supervision from lecturer in regarding faculty. This is annual program purposing to introduce Departments under faculty in the mean time attracting high school student by ordering choice for them the educational service in Bogor Agricultural University (particularly intended faculty) as their future education institution through scientific competition.

At least there are eight departments differed as many as number of competition which every student only points one of amongst out. The department taking participation are as following :

  • Department of Statistics
  • Department of Geophysics and Meteorology
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Biology
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Biochemistry
  • Department of Computer Science

Participants undergo their immediate qualification in an occasion held in Graha Widya Wisuda (GWW) in the first day. But only designed number of student may pass into next qualification on the second day. Students are from quite diverse background of either school or character. They don't only come with obvious sight representing their background but also their excellent knowledge is indisputable. Here is where we can see students from varying state school in rural or urban, private school with religious background, Christian school or Islamic school, indeed boarding school with their little more straight rule yet common school. They really reflect pluralism in this country but once resembles uniqueness and colorful mind.

Though lot of students flock over this precedent agricultural campus, only few of them take their praise as their name announced to achieve the highest point excelling other participants. The pride doesn't belong to them only but their school or moreover their region.

Good luck!
"Tut Wuri Handayani"
- Ki Hajar Dewantoro

ISEE 2011 | International Scholarship Education Expo

IPB | ISEE 2011

Taking place at Graha Widya Wisuda (GWW) the main building of occasion ceremony mostly, the 2011 ISEE (International Scholarship Education Expo) re-held to turn. I just didn't go along the expo in the day but night would be cultural night presenting seven-country cultures (Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Arab, Netherland, Korea, and China). IPB is now striving for internationally expansion of both reputation and educational service. The event marks relief that of host university to introduce some over country's culture having there.

The opening sounded by a semi-Japanese culture (I call for its not real Japanese traditional culture performance) a band consisting influenced modern Japanese youngster of Indonesian. They sing some manga sound-tracts including renown Doraemon. Though performance coming from young Indonesian but they were successful to get audience into the flow. People were giggling sometime as they acted such childish rhythm.

Then a performance by Malaysian students whose holding IPB official card representing their home country. It's sort of a traditional dance revealing rural harvesting ceremony from Sabah (Eastern Malaysia). With blacky outfit, it looked suitable when some couple dancer sappeared on pair front performance.

The host came with Sundanese traditional dance (West Java) back-grounded by traditional music instrument played by some students. It'similar to Gamelan but little bit beat-rhythm. Looked many people staged on grandstand.

The middle-eastern performance followed as Indonesian culture accomplished its turn with desert dance and some whipped feet stuck. They jammed through music blow over the stage with veiled outfit.

Next was turn of far Europe expression from Netherland about seven girls with dairy outfit appeared like 'dairy milk commercial'. They danced and played around the stage as making tidy formation. Eventually hugged hand to link each dancer signing the end.

The audience was then brought into far east Asia, China when a Chinese music group broke the quiet out. Bamboo material music instrument flied blowing harmonious hearing recalled me to few years ago when I was child some Chinese drama dominating TV show. The singer has upper average quality and being able covering the circumstance.

The last but not least was Korean culture performance showed Korean traditional dance, Buchaechum. I think this is the best performance as the dancer played Korean fan and forming very good-looking random row. And circle combination was more alike flower blossom feature.

Eventually as all performance had showed off unique culture from some countries the night was closed.

The Eyes of Lightened Lantern

The Eyes of Lightened Lantern

"Thousand of candle can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never be decreased by being shared" -Sidharta Gautama-

"It has not been the reason why the world is spherical form instead meaning to revolve. It turns around to lighten the dark night with promising morning and darken the sunny day when things require to take rest. It's not the continent spread over whole the surface without widespread ocean surrounding the edge of shore. It's created to provide the cover of the other."

I've been more stunned since me and my friends first day on hectic class at the day we started our program, PILH (Pendidikan Iklim dan Lingkungan Hidup) - Environment and Climatic Education- a flask in which we take part in. We met fresh fifth elementary grader at three schools respectively on Saturday every once two week. We are associated in ICSF (Indonesian Climate Student Forum) to concern on environment and climate through education.

We made a dealt with headmaster on three schools we focus to attempt sharing with these young generation. SDN 1, SDN 3, and SDN 4 Dramaga Bogor are our school base we do voluntary activity as teacher and friend that of them. I personally as coordinator take responsibility ensuring the program has been run well and definitely the objective of class learning successully delivered.

We apply quite different method in learning which we point out semi-formal learning system. It belongs to combination of games, video, class discussion, presentation, study case, problem solving encouragement, and others. Fortunately by the end of class time they look so happy and interested in. It's a blast for us we still have chance to share with our junior and let us know indeed the world of children we've passed that phase few years ago.

Sumbawa Trip (End) : The Garuda Indonesia Experience

The Garuda Indonesia Experience

After many days spent off in Sumbawa, my time has just ended up. I need to go back to Bogor through stop in Lombok. My return trip would fly me with different flag carrier rather than my arrival. It must be with Garuda Indonesia.

At 3.30 am as the bus stopped at its pool base, my eyes tent to insist close down. It's too early morning. So I decided having rest till breakday.

At 5 am the taxi has just arrived and readily brought me to the airport. It's hectic day there were lots of passenger though size of airport load is still less. I entered the gate, then making check-in. I asked the GA desk officer to upgrade my mileage and geez It's submitted. I got 28F seat. Then going toward praying room before entrance of waiting room.

Garuda Indonesia

Well, 30 minutes wait before flight. Capturing traffic of passenger and looking around shop, but no buy, my money is not enough.

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia

My sight shot over an aircraft taxing front-left side, it's Garuda Indonesia new livery with (unique) 60's paint. I was so surprised readily just like feeling awesome. The reason is for its talking case in some airliner group and that time I realized would taking part in.

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia

Then as my turn was on, I queued at front line hurry, not missing my capture to intended aircraft. So, it was there.

As the aircraft was taking off, east the window Rinjani Mountain (the highest point in Lombok Island) stood robustly. Warming the morning as sunshine flashed the dawn melting the day. It's so wonderful airy morning scenery.

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia

Inside the aircraft, that was really truly Garuda Experience. I felt the delicacy was tasty, seducing my appetite "Nasi Goreng" and three pieces of fruit, additionally two cups of milk fulfilling my morning breakfast.

Garuda Indonesia

Next, as we were on board, right in front of every passenger seat an AVOD system has been already integrated with touch control. Just pull down my finger and shifted it around the menu was ready. Pretty cool!

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia

Currently there are some menus offered integrated to AVOD system such as Children World, Music, Film, Customer Survey, Travel Info, Latest Info, Games, and Magazine. Additionally a copy of personal magazine is offered freely and exactly I made it home :)

Videos of Trip:

Taking Off at Selaparang Airport

Landing at Soekarno Hatta Int.Airport
(FA's announcement supported with English subtitles)

Sumbawa Trip IV : Samawa Seaside - Lemona Beach

Samawa Seaside

Thinking about Travel? Have just planned your destination to spot? And when you think to take it over Indonesia, you might probably think about Bali. But wait, Indonesia is not only Bali. It deals many things, many places, and even many tastes.

If you ever browsed for story revealing long years ago, and found a fascinating place in Indonesia where a former the Kingdom lady, Diana to have relaxing life, must refer to venue which is not in Bali or surrounding. It was in Moyo Island, Sumbawa.

But this chance I'm going to let you have deeper exploration near Moyo Island, not exactly over that place. In front of white shoreline there's new spot linked by a narrow strait. Samawa Seaside is called for cottage meanwhile the area refers to Lemona Beach or (and) Ai Loang, formerly put term.

The case of expression has two designations, both are most used. Ai Loang in the past was commonly practiced to point settlement over there, but soon has turned into Lemona. And I'm just sensing its new appearance such stranger for its unpopular, later it remarks wonderful memory keeping inside to sign beautiful signature of scenery.

Lemona Beach is just virginity of leisure, no hectic weather indeed to pave the way much wider ever. It's entrance to break limit access to Moyo Island, or to dive rarely unearthed coral over the strait. The obstacle still remains today is just matter of infrastructure, the road are dusty, rough, and almost hot every sunny day. Though the govt and private are now going to silken by pouring 'hot mix' asphalt.

Future, it seems to throb tourism boom spreading over the island by consistent promotion and convincing interest. To whom dreaming of ultimate calm and cozy escape, I highly recommend to have spotting here.

Lemona Beach

How to get there?

Abroad :

Currently there are some international airlines operating into Indonesia destinations with main focus Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Int. Airport (CGK) and Bali Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS).


From above those airports you may continue approach Sumbawa by domestic flight within Indonesia such :

Or going along with using bus/minibus taking around 6 hours from Mataram to Sumbawa including 2 hours getting off with fery to cross Alas Strait. Further please click here

Detail of Location :
Coordinate : 8°24’ S - 117°27' E
Origin Island : Sumbawa
Province : West Nusa Tenggara
Country : Indonesia

View Larger Map

Direction :
  • A : Sumbawa Besar (Capital of Regency of Sumbawa)
  • B : Lemona (Ai Loang) Beach, Samawa Seaside
  • C : Moyo Island (Amanwana Resort located)