Glance At "Dramaga Campus"

Dramaga Campus

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- BOGOR AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY - titled on gate bar, where entrance of the main campus building at Daramaga, Bogor. Even though initially the BAU campus was placed in capital Bogor, but since years ago Dramaga had been made up by its presence. It's around a half hour taking time to connect between the oldest and the present building, except trapped in traffic. Yeah, that's a daily tire.

Looking around deep inside, hustle of ride is never been as crowd as what's going on the street bordering the campus area. Here we may find lot of lush, even unique design as well. I attempted to capture few of them, and below are what my camera shot up :

Downside GWW
[ Graha Widya Wisuda, where big events such Graduation Ceremony held ]
Masjid Al-Hurriyah
[ praying building for Muslim]
Al-Hurriyah Tower
[ the highest building than that of entire surrounding place ]
[ pentagonal garden surrounded by class building ]

In front of FAPERTA
[ Faculty of Agriculture / Fakultas Pertanian IPB ]
Upper View of FAPERTA
Koridor FEMA
[ Corridor of Faculty of Human Ecology ]
Mahasiswa Parkir Diatas
[ Well, "Students Parking Is Above" doesn't really mean you put your ride on the sky ]

Captured using : SANYO VPC-S122GX 12.1 MP
Date : Varied 23rd~24th January 2011
Location : IPB Dramaga Campus
Note : Not intended to discredit any rights