NatCon XVI - Solo

NatCon XVI UNS - Solo
" Enchanting Solo, Spirit of Java "

  • Jan 29th 2011
Get prepare for entire stuffs fulfilling my new carrier. Sort of goods are usual compiled inside but seemed little bit messy. Ok then, right at 6 am is time agreed gathering in front of BNI, but some of friends come late, doesn't matter, our train will depart at midday. After all guys has been there yet, an angkot is ready delivering us to Bubulak. Continued ahead arriving at KRL Station. Tet, we've boarded inside this Japan granted electricity power train, takes around 2 hours pursuing Jakarta Kota Station.
Jakarta Kota has been on sight, but time is just 9 am. Well, getting leisure at A&W while having breakfast, but no foods for later trip. Fortunately, three guys are ready steady hunting for nearest HokBen, as result, some foods has been grabbed. Now, just waiting for the due date. We pay for Economy Class priced IDR 33,000 but let see what things we're going to get.

Then, we all put our bags on case, but you know, the train officers ask us to change to the next wagon train for unfixed maintenance. Once we're supposed to obey all the rules. All complaints immediately spilled out through noise. Brrghh !!! Fine, everything is ready, train is departing. Just those all noises passed away. Solo is awaiting us !

As long train is moving on as hawkers are on fervor ordering their goods to passengers. Sometimes it's looked boring, instead in the meantime lot of fun is on fire. Time has been more likely turning too fast, it's 12 midnight as captured on the wall of Jebres Station, Solo. Our new colleagues welcome us friendly, then spread each of us off to their rent house.

  • Jan 30th 2011
I've never raised my suspicion of my new environment. Even though initially I feel little bit strange, all I need is exactly my prompt adaptation. This morning we all are transferred to UNS Dormitory Building, one room for double. I witness this kind of bed is suitable. Completely I feel comfort, no hesitate to enjoy this night long with fine bed. Yeah,,!
Before all, we cheated chance on fun trip around Solo.

It's gathering time ! All participants who have been here coming from several universities. Introductory time sounds not too bad to share and talk much thing.

  • Jan 31st 2011
"Guys, wake up early, yah !" we still have some agenda, and this morning started with National Seminar. The bus has been ready in front of dormitory building, but some of participants never been as time on. Ok, the theme was picked up dealing with current circumstance, and titled "Innovation of Technology, Information, and Communication To Support Sustainable Agriculture" which conducted by 2 remarkable speakers. It's so inspiring.

Well, after stimulating mind with speech from keynote speakers, the bus delivers us to our base at Tawangmangu. During trip, surrounding area fairly covered with mist, so cool. We've just arrived ! But no longer rest the next agenda are queuing.

Undeniable, chilled breeze appears on my thinly skin. But show must go on ! though show felt little hot, might warm this night up. I'm elected as Primary Presidium, handling my first strange job is clearly seemed so jumpy. Staring at foreigners eyes is weird.

  • Feb 1st~4th 2011
It's Congress time, whole of above date is tiring, we used to finish at midnight. But, a precious moment has been beaten. Unspeakable !

  • Feb 5th 2011
Wow,Filed Trip is on, pave the way to cross ahead. LHM or Lembah Hijau Multifarm is aimed to deepen curiosity of Agricultiure. Thirsting my mind with this wonderful scenery and its system. Sustainable model has been applied varies from Husbandry, Plant Farm, Organic Fertilizer management and so on are incredible.

And all the delegates never missed this chance to capture precious moment.

  • Bogor Agricultural University

  • Brawijaya University

  • Diponegoro University

  • Padjajaran University

  • Unhaluleo University (the Only One delegate)

  • Sebelas Maret University and All Delegates (our host)

The Next Trip is going to Batik Merak Manis

We've been at the end of long days together, just a memory stored tidily inside mind. One, two, and eventually all have to go back. See you again in advance chance in hope at Padjajaran University 2012. Good bye guys !!!

Dedicated to all my friends attended NatCon IAAS XVII UNS~Solo

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