Movie Review : GOMEN (ごめん)


When did you get your first puberty sign? It was the time when you attempted to guard against from other people, even your friend. But how did come when the fact forced you barely to recognize. The way might be so complicated.

Here is such almost similar a director brought it up into a movie. “Gomen” or ごめん (in Japanese) reveals barely how it comes. I made bit quote as following.

Seii-kun (せいいくん) a twelve-year old boy who was grading 6 in elementary school underdid simply-complex biological maturation. During Japanese literacy class, he was appointed by the teacher (先生) to read a folk story. Seiichi felt something wrong happening to him. His dick was hardened then permitted immediately to toilet by terminating the reading.

Then, this strange-act made his two best pals, Nyanko (にゃんこ) and Kinta (きんた) interrogated him through the way they went home. Eventually, Sei recognized what has occurred in the class even he didn’t really know how it’s supposed to. Kinta and Nyanko were both on surprise then made Sei ashamed. He got his first “juice”!

Sei still tried to keep close even from parents. But once his mother (お母さん) found his pant under the bed of his own, it was surely ashamed for Sei with “glue” pretext. But dad (お父さん) mediated for sensitivity of growing boy.

Once he went to grandparent’s house for visit in Kyoto, Sei met a girl who impressed himself in a staple house-market. She was Naoko (なおこちゃん) from Uryu family. Sei was in love with her even though Nao hasn’t realized.

Another visit brought him to seek for Naoko’s home where he immediately got the clue from the vendor. Naoko who was turning out to be a daughter of Café house at the corner of street, he pretended to order a cup of café au lait while Naoko’s father could read he was supposed to be. Sei left the café house hurry by leaving the present for Nao. Then Naoko appeared to dump on him but most welcome Sei’s visit again.

Then, Sei has been much closer with Naoko though Naoko didn’t make it sense yet. A scene was when Sei forgot his scarf in the café, Naoko made a call to Sei’s house but the mom accepted the line. Thus Sei once got seducing from mom with pride. They made a appointment to have a joyful meeting.

Both them visited some amusing place in the city in the meantime pouring down their young-aged story. Eventually Sei exclaimed from the deepest heart that he was in love with Naoko, a girl one year older directly. Naoko was surprised but she rapidly said she couldn’t make a touch through love with Sei. It was such dumped event for Sei.

In other case, a class mate made an exclamation on Sei that she has edmired him for years. It made him looking saucer eyed. Sei told he couldn’t accept, meant for dumping someone.

A day was Sei’s Kendo class when he attempted to leave his love wiped off and focused to the class. But apparently story made it another way. Naoko who got in scrambling decision made by parents who got divorce was going to memorize how it was Sei beside along. She made a visit to Sei’s school giving a game-winning present. But Sei looked already upset. He screwed for stopping touch between them. Naoko felt guilty and upset.

But see, Sei whose mind was still place for Naoko beat Nyanko’s cycle to chase after. Although the home town to Kyoto was far by cycle spanning, he was still striving indeed for Naoko.

In other place, Naoko found her was really in trouble. Dad sent the café for debt accomplishment tough it was so hard. Naoko was asked to live with mother with abundance of treasures she liked. But Naoko was not with.

Naoko decided going to a shrine for God gracious. She admitted for father caring and also having a meet even the last with Sei. Seemed the God heard her deed.

Sei and Naoko met at in inconvenient situation where Sei intuitively blundered three jerking guys. However, it was the time he proved how strong he was to keep Naoko. Sei made a battle through Kendo practice then immediately brought Naoko up to fast running by cycle. The moment was very precious. Naoko told she would be with father to hometown and soon leaving Kyoto. But Sei butted into a striving promise he would visit Naoko then.

Sei’s sacrifice made Naoko couldn’t force her teardrop. Then she kissed Sei! She admitted she was also in the same feeling. They promised to take care one each other before leaving-taking.

I realized the movie was awesome. The story is so audacious to emerge “taboo” puberty experience into an easy solving way. Sometimes we can’t escape to keep inside the maturity process takes place. It’s something like “natural occurrence” undergone by every single person which involves love, naughty, and learning process as well. Remember what happened with you in past years or still running? That it was.

I vote : SmileySmileySmileySmileySmiley[4.5/5]
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