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I went into a couple days ago when I had my friend lent me this movie disc. “LIMITLESS” is the title while I merely found myself lipped to my friend brief explanation about. Well, then I watched and the following is my own quote:

A poor mind Eddie (starred by Bradley Cooper) was in terribly hire even so worsened when his girlfriend sentenced him by ending the love relation. A way of luck came up through him when he met his ex-brother in law, Victor who then changed his life remarkably. Victor gave him a “heavenly pill” apparently looked like such drugs in functionality but quite different practically.

Eddie attempted to swallowed in which turned out to be a specimen. He felt his life has been seriously changed and turning into a fixed-man. Piles of his postponed work immediately succeed to overcome. Even he got the way to conquer his landlord. At the point Eddie was going into curiosity of the pill. Then he made a visit to Victor’s house to make a deal. As predicted, Victor has had Eddie and made himself a dependence of this guy.

In the meantime Victor let Eddie accomplishing any of his household duty, but the accident apparently has just begun. Eddie went back to Victor’s apartment as well as he found his buddy was went off, Victor died by murder. He subsequently called 911 for emergency case but upon the time his idea of occupying the pills would be much easier emerged. Before the police arrived, he found the pills then let Victor case ended up.

His life has turned. Eddie found other way of changing his new life, not only being an author. A decision felt to “Stock Broker” where he could go beyond making money. First he took a debt from jerk to fund his capital. Then his unusual decision wiped himself to meet Mr. van Look whose public company merged in Wall Street. Eddie enjoyed any things of himself he pursued even his retired love, Linda.

But the climax apparently has just begun. A stalker has been his bad shadow. He walked over his new luxurious life by two sides. One he got involved in van Look’s company as the key decision maker, other came to his bonded dependent with the pill.

Furthermore, Linda also got involved by coincidence with her relation with Eddie into “the pill battle”. Eddie paid secured life through many ways, but he didn’t realize he was supposed to make other solution of his dependence. He met lawyer and scientist to help his complex problem.

Once Eddie’s guards were killed by his debt lender and so did his secured apartment. A fight occurred when Eddie won dramatically by sucking blood of the lender after killing. The blood contained NZT (sort of the pill) component after injection of liquid formula which was more lasting. He got the power and rejoiced his life.

Eventually, Eddie proposed as the NY Senator with of his strength and made rambunctious talking with van Look. He enjoyed bigger chance then.

Well, it sounds strange for me when the ending of the movie belonging to Eddie without fair solving. However, it tough us that human power could change anything. But Eddie using his illegal way rather than common rule by equipping NTZ to make a change which is similar to drugs is banned actually. There’s not such good utilizing drug for lasting beneficial instead it makes inconvenient. The story reminds me to one of richest person on planet by FORBES, Warren Buffet who become rich in the. world of Stock Market. But we would surely agree Buffet is not as well as Eddie. He made money not by NZT, but his hard-working. Because successful is not that quite simple nor is instant.

I vote : Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley [4/5]
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