Adi Sucipto International Airport : YOGYAKARTA

Jogja Airport

"Less Distant To Go Where Else"

Just stepping by no more than a mile, you'll reach the near city airport Adi Sucipto International Airport at hearth of Yogyakarta (Jogja) lying at very less distant to go where else. One thing that makes this airport unique is half of occupation broken through line of intercity train at above. Thus, passengers have to pass below inside tunnel then emerge up at other side.

At right place where the train passing through there's a station named Stasiun Bandara and a hub point of Trans Jogja in front of the airport. Going to reach other place is such convenient and cheap in Jogja.

Eyed-Front View from Airport Sight
Milford Sound in New Zealand

Going Down Through Tunnel
Hanged Bar Sign
Milford Sound in New Zealand

Waiting Room (very clean)
Milford Sound in New Zealand
Lion Air and Sriwijaya Air Taxiing on the Field (taken from airport second level room)
Milford Sound in New Zealand

Jogja International Airport strictly apply regulation by the law of transportation. The security is tight enough but never been paranoid so far you don't bring forbidden stuff. A worrying experience I got at this airport once I wear my backpack. The officer asked me till thrice for repetition of X-Ray checking as they make me such suspescious person. And geez! Some plastic bags piled inside the backpack chaotically for my immediate packing were suspicion. Ops! This really made me limped down.

But the officers were really friendly, they apologized for inconvenient. Well, it was my stupidity, too. So, just check carefully your belonging first before taking x-ray security, there might be unnecessary stuffs piled in.

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