Cross Country : UKM Pramuka IPB

Cross Country Competition

"Happy Golden Anniversary PRAMUKA Indonesia"

My phone was vibrated as a SMS arrived asking me to represent my org IAAS taking part in a inter-univ-org cross country by PRAMUKA (Scout) my univ IPB. I was not alone but together with org-mate Doddi, Aero, Acep, and Andi. A night before due day we were asked to attend brief training how tomorrow would be. Well, just an hour we got some notified message and prepared for the dawn.

We arrived before sun raised and people had already flocked over Rektorat Field. But taking about an hour more it was just started. Officially Pak Rimbawan as Vice Rector of Student Affairs delivered morning speech merely around 15 minutes after doing exercise.

Our org was elected randomly to make challenging journey at first row. Starting from Zero Point to far miles (I didn't count actually, haha) unimaginedly how it would be. We wore white outfit instead other participants were dark costume. It was looked shiny so was little strange.

Crossing through inside campus rounding Fisheries and Marine Science Faculty then continued to border blocked fence we played this game. And adventure has just begun. We had to cross hazard ripple river moving to next camp. But, a camp was missed behind. We didn't realize we lost a way but fortunately successfully approaching the second one.

Go! many things ahead. Rice field and village were both the next scenery on sight. A little clue from villagers helped us to grab some points (Haha, it's not a cheating, guys!). Next point to be achieved was CIFOR IPB. We took rest as sun splashed right on warmed head. Having lunch, drinking fresh water, taking breath, and completely recharging our power. We did almost 4 hours tracing the way.

I have no much further explanation, but 4 hours more were such painful yet we were curious. The afternoon section was so confusing. Many signs were out so we needed to dig deeper thinking how to solve these.

At 5 pm we eventually finished the track and has been in yard. Well, curious announcement was the most waiting moment. And see, we didn't achieve any thing but printed certificate. It's OK, just try next year (surely?).

It was so tiring but awesome!

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