Food Sovereignty : Youth Responsibility

A Roadshow by Green Student Movement
It was class day when an invitation enclosed by a friend belonging to me. A Roadshow organized by Green Student Movement took responsibility of youth especially univ student to discuss hidden issue dealing with agriculture, farmer, and about economic prone. I represented ICSF where I'm on occupation to take a part and also definitely being good-listener and analyzer.

People were merely almost none as it was officially announced to be ready. An hour later some delegations from Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia (Walhi), Koalisi Anti Utang (KAU) and Serikat Petani Indonesia (SPI) appeared breaking the dusk. They introduced themselves and so did other participants. It took place at Balairung FAHUTAN (Faculty of Forestry) Bogor Agricultural University.

Roadshow picked IPB as the first university they came by and will continue to some universities over JaBoDeTaBek. Mbak Kartini from SPI delivered first presentation describing current hidden condition Indonesian farmer toward globalized economy tending to put them behind. Some policies were born but still assigns them in cage of poor. SPI claims themselves as pro-small farmer community who fights for farmer right. Mbak Kartini was clearly full of power to encourage youth being more responsible with unhappy farmer condition in Indonesia.

The second and last session introduced Detha from GSM as representative to call for petition. I was just kinda surprised as I know he was my school-mate from Sumbawa though he is a year younger than me. At least I have a compatriot in this activity, sounds great.

We were asked to give support for Food Sovereignty and Save Small Farmer Right through putting down signature and supporting phrase. Lastly was photo section when all participants could play on screen with their own action while hand showing off banner "I vote for Food Sovereignty" or "Saya Mendukung Kedaulatan Pangan" in Bahasa.

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