Sumbawa Trip : Part I

Sumbawa Trip (Part I)

Batavia Air!

"MUDIK" is awesome term for those living far from hometown among strange livinghood. I'm included amongst taking part to celebrate Hari Raya in beloved hometown. I traced series of time I've been in Bogor for almost a year after previous return.

Well, let me tell you when it's started. The first of important plan is designing by what you gonna leave for. I decided to browse for online ticket of crazy airplane fare. Number of them nearly show tight competition to be passionate for passengers. But finance adjustment is fundamental consideration. And my choice felt to Batavia Air with flight number Y6-345 from Soekarno-Hatta Int.Airport to Ampenan Int.Airport Lombok (CGK-AMI) including transit at Juanda Int.Airport Surabaya.

Trans Pakuan Bogor!

I begin going by Trans Pakuan a public sorted-way bus owned by govt of Bogor. The price is IDR 3,000 taking around an half hour from Bubulak Main Station to Baranang Siang. If you ask how is it going on? I just concise it's average service just like common transportation in Bogor, but no longer applied as compared with Trans Jogja (this one is well organized, leastly better). Then continuing to approach airport by DAMRI bus (IDR 35,000) govt ownership, this one is sort of premium service supported comfortable seat and circumstance. Though it takes around two hour from Bogor to SHIA but I enjoy during the trip.

Terminbal 1C SHIA!

It's 12pm when I arrive but guess my flight will be 4.5 hours more. I suppose early appearance is the dawn before sun shines. So my immediate decision goes to upper floor where people make airy sight on hustle of jet. Terminal 1 C looks still like common alphabetic series building is similar. Taking some picts of airplanes by around an half hour is not completely enough but kinda tiring.

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

I go down for check in at orderly queue. Fortunately the officer accept my request having seat with window view so I may extend my cam screen out. Ok, one security screening has just passed, next to approach Boarding Pass check desk. But, I realize this wide view is suitable for free wi-fi service provided by shop kiosk surrounding.

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

When time is 3 pm on chime, no any longer postponed suspension I have to go through Boarding Pass toward Waiting Room. I get 5C point before entrance. After waiting for an hour, unhappy immediate announcement asking us to extend 20 minutes delay for preparation inside the aircraft. Ok, for several times I heard my friend complain this day I really experience what delay is. But I think I'm little better thought neighboring airlines put passenger for an hour delay.

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

Ok, it's almost 5pm as the stewardess announces we'll be taking off shortly. As soon as possible my preparation on camera is ready. This moment must not be forsaken to capture every depiction of hustle and white cloud.

Flight wing!

Out the window clear yellowed sky spreading off over horizontal to line up before darkness. Today flight is safe enough without significant turbulence. When the aircraft is crossing right aloft Semarang the announcement of break fasting has just been voiced though there's no azan. Most of passengers readily disturb bread case and cup water ceiling cover.

Food and beverage Batavia!

About an half hour later we will be ready to land on Surabaya at raw night. The aircraft tends to touch on speedy landing going through asphalt and eventually approaching apron. Length of transit has been concise break only taking 20 minutes to avoid unnecessary delay due to brief fuel refill.

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

Airlines Lion Air!

I'm waiting my sister Surabaya bound to Mataram trip after leaving Yogyakarat inside the aircraft. The stewardess doesn't allow transit passenger to go out the plane. So I'm still calming down inside.

No more than 20 minutes people are going to have seat and fasten the seat belt we'll be on sky soon. Well, the plane has taken off for 45 minutes fly to Selaparang airport Lombok. The airplane crosses over north shore side of Bali and leaning down to right side as it's passed away.

Ok, just then it's landing followed by Wings Air only few minutes after our turn. My friend has been out exit room, we walk through to have picking up after baggage claim. I'm in Lombok!

(c'tinued ...)
Airplane Carrier : Batavia Air
Registration Code : PK-YVS
Flight Number : Y6-345

Video of Trip:

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