Sumbawa Trip : Part II

Sumbawa Trip (Part II)
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Please do not end this up, let us continue!

Well, arrival in Mataram doesn't mean completing the trip instead I have to go further to the next and final approach, Sumbawa. A night is spent completely at my friend's house, meanwhile preparing tomorrow.

Late morning I and my friend go to have around the town (Mataram) seeking for ticket and withdraw little money, I realize it won't be enough soon. We pick three boxes of book that of my sister from freight bus by renting taxi, next aiming minibus office to pour this stuffs. My choice points out "Angaksa Jaya" travel service bringing up us to home.

Angkasa Jaya Mini Bus!

At 2 pm we've been ready at the port and piling up our baggage onto the bus. Taking around 2 hours to complete throughout the island.

Just then we've arrived at Pelabuhan Kayangan, lot of buses and motorcycles mingle to flock over there. We wait to enter ferry entrance through pier, eventually taking onto by no more than an half hour till the last tie up.

Pelabuhan Tano Sumbawa

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