Sumbawa Trip : Part III

Sumbawa To Take Aim Future Development (Even Slowly)

Sumbawa Bird View on Sunset

Merely some of vehicles across over the town road with slow-medium speed. I prove the town side is peaceful livinghood, little on road accident though big motorcycle ownership. Crossing through not too wide pass way directs me to have measurement how it has been already. Nothing is too significant but slowly it throbs there's thing has been changing.

In some years ago the main road divided into two routes of 'bemo' local public transportation which is better than any of my experience in some big cities. Leastly the comfort and safe utilization is considerable for those which are both A and B type. But today advanced route management has impacted to much minimized accident risk.

Though modernization (even though slowly) has just been felt but some cultural icons are more likely to deplete its existence. I trace to make capture of "Dalam Loka Samawa" museum which is former Sumabawa Sultanate palace before independence, is still in suffering presence. Once when I was in History class during high school, my group took research in that field exploring the story and definitely figuring out how it was. Under construction was displayed on banner as Japan fund assistance to rebuild. It has just done, but almost no one visit to print how the native appreciate their ancestor nor is value of story. Instead the palace stands to wait when its story coming to end.

Right side the Jami Mosque assists the palace/museum encouraging the existence when during past both of them was closely linked to undergo how Islam came by and assimilation was common practice. Today most of Sumbawanese is muslim as well as their ancestors after Makassar influence took place.

Tower tinggi

Out of the town there are still undigged treasures of nature. The northern seaside is now fascinating chance of whose gambling on luck. Surprisingly as my departure at my village some of talking pointed out the new cottage over northern side is ready to take its role. A charming investor has red it would be, and the development has been going on.

Sumbawa SeaSide advertises on bar at some points near the dusty road. Classical problem since years is slow infrastructure development and quite little community encouragement. So, many Sumbawanese is tied to evolve even though they actually have big potency gaining better opportunity.

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

Near shore off

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

Staring Tanjung Menangis

Sumbawa Seaside at twilight

More than those ever, the people owns an incredible island for foreigners whose dreaming for peaceful adventure away from hustle. Moyo Island is treasury presence thus the cottage has built right in front of the island. We need to cross narrow strait. But today it would be more convenient as the new cottage offers service to tie up there, fortunately they have no significant competitor to gain it all.

Under agreement to fasten growing development (although might not be 'significant leap') the govt will soon pave silken road to be passionate. And the establishment new Lombok International Airport is hoped to create mutual connection in order to achieve 1 million tourists in 2012 succed 'Visit Lombok Sumbawa'. There is no dream without obstacle, but the optimistic and citizen support will fight any kinds of trouble.

Sumbawa today would like to gain higher achievement even though it will take quite time. To be honest, this middle southern Indonesia territory is not as famous as others of this nation. But someday -in case must be possible- Sumbawa would tend to capitalize self-resilience for its considered potency when the development grows steadily and consistently. Let we see someday.

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