Sumbawa Trip (End) : The Garuda Indonesia Experience

The Garuda Indonesia Experience

After many days spent off in Sumbawa, my time has just ended up. I need to go back to Bogor through stop in Lombok. My return trip would fly me with different flag carrier rather than my arrival. It must be with Garuda Indonesia.

At 3.30 am as the bus stopped at its pool base, my eyes tent to insist close down. It's too early morning. So I decided having rest till breakday.

At 5 am the taxi has just arrived and readily brought me to the airport. It's hectic day there were lots of passenger though size of airport load is still less. I entered the gate, then making check-in. I asked the GA desk officer to upgrade my mileage and geez It's submitted. I got 28F seat. Then going toward praying room before entrance of waiting room.

Garuda Indonesia

Well, 30 minutes wait before flight. Capturing traffic of passenger and looking around shop, but no buy, my money is not enough.

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia

My sight shot over an aircraft taxing front-left side, it's Garuda Indonesia new livery with (unique) 60's paint. I was so surprised readily just like feeling awesome. The reason is for its talking case in some airliner group and that time I realized would taking part in.

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia

Then as my turn was on, I queued at front line hurry, not missing my capture to intended aircraft. So, it was there.

As the aircraft was taking off, east the window Rinjani Mountain (the highest point in Lombok Island) stood robustly. Warming the morning as sunshine flashed the dawn melting the day. It's so wonderful airy morning scenery.

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia

Inside the aircraft, that was really truly Garuda Experience. I felt the delicacy was tasty, seducing my appetite "Nasi Goreng" and three pieces of fruit, additionally two cups of milk fulfilling my morning breakfast.

Garuda Indonesia

Next, as we were on board, right in front of every passenger seat an AVOD system has been already integrated with touch control. Just pull down my finger and shifted it around the menu was ready. Pretty cool!

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia

Currently there are some menus offered integrated to AVOD system such as Children World, Music, Film, Customer Survey, Travel Info, Latest Info, Games, and Magazine. Additionally a copy of personal magazine is offered freely and exactly I made it home :)

Videos of Trip:

Taking Off at Selaparang Airport

Landing at Soekarno Hatta Int.Airport
(FA's announcement supported with English subtitles)

Sumbawa Trip IV : Samawa Seaside - Lemona Beach

Samawa Seaside

Thinking about Travel? Have just planned your destination to spot? And when you think to take it over Indonesia, you might probably think about Bali. But wait, Indonesia is not only Bali. It deals many things, many places, and even many tastes.

If you ever browsed for story revealing long years ago, and found a fascinating place in Indonesia where a former the Kingdom lady, Diana to have relaxing life, must refer to venue which is not in Bali or surrounding. It was in Moyo Island, Sumbawa.

But this chance I'm going to let you have deeper exploration near Moyo Island, not exactly over that place. In front of white shoreline there's new spot linked by a narrow strait. Samawa Seaside is called for cottage meanwhile the area refers to Lemona Beach or (and) Ai Loang, formerly put term.

The case of expression has two designations, both are most used. Ai Loang in the past was commonly practiced to point settlement over there, but soon has turned into Lemona. And I'm just sensing its new appearance such stranger for its unpopular, later it remarks wonderful memory keeping inside to sign beautiful signature of scenery.

Lemona Beach is just virginity of leisure, no hectic weather indeed to pave the way much wider ever. It's entrance to break limit access to Moyo Island, or to dive rarely unearthed coral over the strait. The obstacle still remains today is just matter of infrastructure, the road are dusty, rough, and almost hot every sunny day. Though the govt and private are now going to silken by pouring 'hot mix' asphalt.

Future, it seems to throb tourism boom spreading over the island by consistent promotion and convincing interest. To whom dreaming of ultimate calm and cozy escape, I highly recommend to have spotting here.

Lemona Beach

How to get there?

Abroad :

Currently there are some international airlines operating into Indonesia destinations with main focus Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Int. Airport (CGK) and Bali Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS).


From above those airports you may continue approach Sumbawa by domestic flight within Indonesia such :

Or going along with using bus/minibus taking around 6 hours from Mataram to Sumbawa including 2 hours getting off with fery to cross Alas Strait. Further please click here

Detail of Location :
Coordinate : 8°24’ S - 117°27' E
Origin Island : Sumbawa
Province : West Nusa Tenggara
Country : Indonesia

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Direction :
  • A : Sumbawa Besar (Capital of Regency of Sumbawa)
  • B : Lemona (Ai Loang) Beach, Samawa Seaside
  • C : Moyo Island (Amanwana Resort located)