ISEE 2011 | International Scholarship Education Expo

IPB | ISEE 2011

Taking place at Graha Widya Wisuda (GWW) the main building of occasion ceremony mostly, the 2011 ISEE (International Scholarship Education Expo) re-held to turn. I just didn't go along the expo in the day but night would be cultural night presenting seven-country cultures (Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Arab, Netherland, Korea, and China). IPB is now striving for internationally expansion of both reputation and educational service. The event marks relief that of host university to introduce some over country's culture having there.

The opening sounded by a semi-Japanese culture (I call for its not real Japanese traditional culture performance) a band consisting influenced modern Japanese youngster of Indonesian. They sing some manga sound-tracts including renown Doraemon. Though performance coming from young Indonesian but they were successful to get audience into the flow. People were giggling sometime as they acted such childish rhythm.

Then a performance by Malaysian students whose holding IPB official card representing their home country. It's sort of a traditional dance revealing rural harvesting ceremony from Sabah (Eastern Malaysia). With blacky outfit, it looked suitable when some couple dancer sappeared on pair front performance.

The host came with Sundanese traditional dance (West Java) back-grounded by traditional music instrument played by some students. It'similar to Gamelan but little bit beat-rhythm. Looked many people staged on grandstand.

The middle-eastern performance followed as Indonesian culture accomplished its turn with desert dance and some whipped feet stuck. They jammed through music blow over the stage with veiled outfit.

Next was turn of far Europe expression from Netherland about seven girls with dairy outfit appeared like 'dairy milk commercial'. They danced and played around the stage as making tidy formation. Eventually hugged hand to link each dancer signing the end.

The audience was then brought into far east Asia, China when a Chinese music group broke the quiet out. Bamboo material music instrument flied blowing harmonious hearing recalled me to few years ago when I was child some Chinese drama dominating TV show. The singer has upper average quality and being able covering the circumstance.

The last but not least was Korean culture performance showed Korean traditional dance, Buchaechum. I think this is the best performance as the dancer played Korean fan and forming very good-looking random row. And circle combination was more alike flower blossom feature.

Eventually as all performance had showed off unique culture from some countries the night was closed.

The Eyes of Lightened Lantern

The Eyes of Lightened Lantern

"Thousand of candle can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never be decreased by being shared" -Sidharta Gautama-

"It has not been the reason why the world is spherical form instead meaning to revolve. It turns around to lighten the dark night with promising morning and darken the sunny day when things require to take rest. It's not the continent spread over whole the surface without widespread ocean surrounding the edge of shore. It's created to provide the cover of the other."

I've been more stunned since me and my friends first day on hectic class at the day we started our program, PILH (Pendidikan Iklim dan Lingkungan Hidup) - Environment and Climatic Education- a flask in which we take part in. We met fresh fifth elementary grader at three schools respectively on Saturday every once two week. We are associated in ICSF (Indonesian Climate Student Forum) to concern on environment and climate through education.

We made a dealt with headmaster on three schools we focus to attempt sharing with these young generation. SDN 1, SDN 3, and SDN 4 Dramaga Bogor are our school base we do voluntary activity as teacher and friend that of them. I personally as coordinator take responsibility ensuring the program has been run well and definitely the objective of class learning successully delivered.

We apply quite different method in learning which we point out semi-formal learning system. It belongs to combination of games, video, class discussion, presentation, study case, problem solving encouragement, and others. Fortunately by the end of class time they look so happy and interested in. It's a blast for us we still have chance to share with our junior and let us know indeed the world of children we've passed that phase few years ago.