SEA Games XXVI Palembang Indonesia

SEA Games XXVI Palembang Indonesia

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It was contradictory to escape from dispute of question, Indonesia's preparation to host biggest biennial sport event in ASEAN region South East Asian Games (SEA Gamecs) by the year 2011. Looking back few months ago when we (most Indonesian) were accustomed served by 'embarrassing news' of corruption scandal shadowing whether the games will be held or postponed. The last choice was definitely unexpected, what a relieved circumstance it is not happening now.

Till the last minutes before Opening Ceremony in Jakabaring Stadium in Palembang was really started, we never expected much instead of Indonesia would run it ordinarily then going into the games tomorrow. But we were almost wrong. Our notion was immediate spinning into relieved fresh air how great they treat it. Some fireworks and laser played over the night with colorful performance beneath. Thousand dancer, children formation, and the region's divas caught million eyes. We were stunned!

Live opening ceremony on TV is not that enough. I browsed on YouTube and find out an auxiliary member uploaded entire series of view on his account. Getting gather with friends we prove how amazing it is. I just still wonder how people then immediately changed. They (Indonesian) know every single day was not benevolent during preparation. They've just already put pessimism on this event but later might be another story.

I was pulled on to see the world perception on the opening ceremony, yet inevitably bad news was spreading off few days in advance. But later, I was surprise they gave high appreciation of stunning ceremony regenerating my blooming optimism Indonesia "Together Yes We Can Give" as blown over the stadium where Joy Tobing sang a song composed by the president SBY. reported three times of SEA Games with complete chronology but they needed to recognize Firework and Laser blasted the ceremony leaving for scandal behind. Some praises came from little neighboring Singapore while precedent daily (StraitsTimes) shared their happiness the grandest ceremony ever since the games introduced many years ago. Even more Vietnam, Cambodia, and Philippines published to their people of a miracle one night when people only see an amusing performance.

When other countries do their appreciation of hardworking the Indonesian masterpiece to compose the event, our people need to evolve more than a praise. Therefore massive support and helpful optimism would become great power beyond merely a praise for a stunning night. The games is till running and till I posted here thankfully Indonesia still collect the most medal. My highest gratitude to all athletes, committee, and people who always support of successful 26th SEA Games Palembang with its co-host city Jakarta.

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