Young People: Unleash The Vision

The World of Our Own

Most recent I always think harder and dragging myself by force to go looking for something which is uncertain. As me myself today at 21 is no longer teens yet my mind is ridiculously not mature. I guess every single person ever experienced a moment when he/she takes a vacant time to contemplate his/her action for a long time remembered. And I do at this time.

Now I realize what people say "Life is a process" and couldn't agree more things happen through the time have driven me to digest this wise word. Many things happen and many circumstances take part of placing me into buffering zone. It's not Kashmir nor West Bank but niche of heart and mind. At the end of semester of my higher education timetable, some months later to graduate, this is a great deal of my life path. With mountainous final project and assignment, not to include final thesis, it really makes me exhausted. I have to consider my parents who get older, the matter of my education and life expense is my concern as well. And about friendship which I've established with beloved fellows, for which it undergoes tide and rise, is enjoyable. But we altogether always question about tomorrow and years later, what will we be? Will we all be like what we are today? No answer till now and still a mystery.

Let me skip a moment all my worries. I'd like to make it straightforward.

Not long time ago when Bali chosen to host Youth Global Forum 2012 on early December, speech from delegates or invited individuals have opened my slanting eyes. People there spoke up their mind, vision, and experience. I just think how lucky they are for having chance to voice their own. But I do believe many other young people think the same.

Indonesian talented singer with her tremendous ambition, Agnes Monica gave a stunning speech to audience. She shared about her carrier experience and powerfully encouraged young people to always run on track pursuing what they aspire. It could be meaning a lot for those (young people) who are in the confusing/frustrating way. (Please review her video below)

I should thank for this video and also my fellows who always give me support pursuing my aspiration. I remember when one of my best fellow said "If your dream doesn't come true, the world wouldn't collapse. But if your dream comes reality, the world will see you. So, if you have dream, never dream about mediocrity but the biggest thing in your mind". The process of life recent weeks have encouraged me a lot. I have some points of my aspiration list but I can't say here, I would tell later once it comes into reality, hopefully. 

Omit "English" in Elementary Level

English At The Crrossroad

The plan of Deputy of Education and Culture Minister to ban English in elementary level has raised vibrant reaction from academician and children's parent. The education curriculum in Indonesia dynamically changes over times, the purpose is modest, to find the fittest among attempts. English is yet not predominant subject in elementary school over the country by average but Religion, Civics, Bahasa, and Sciences to include Maths. English becomes more important in certain schools particularly in big cities or standardized international elementary school, both state-owned and private school. However, some 'labeled' international schools under state ownership still run common curriculum just like normal school due to obstacle to find qualified teacher practicing any kinds of lesson in English in fullest. So, the label remains tag for price taking from additional admission fee burdened by parents even though the govt free any kind of payment through BOS (Bantuan Operasional Sekolah) subsidy.

The ban plan now pays tremendous attention from academician and education observer. It emerges reaction as well from parent whose children undergo formal education in elementary level. The Department of Education, Regency of Malang, East Java through release by Surya Online expresses against reaction over the ban. They commit to put English in their curriculum with reason mastering English is the additional skill which is important for their student life. The same reciprocal may also occur in some other schools whose the mission alike.

I quote my fellow's opinion on his Facebook post as his reaction against the plan that "...the abolition of English from elementary curriculum just results unfairly obvious gap. It impacts to force parent spending additional fee if only they want their children have ability in English through extra course outside school. How about the poor? They can't afford it and their children would only gawk with less confident to see their friend compete in global world through their fluent English as most requirement. That ridiculous ban could only educate our people to stay calm powerlessly seeing their govt keeping 'peaceful' nation by their own way."

English in elementary level is practiced as additional subject initially, though some school treats it near to obligatory. The reason of it may be different for each school regarding to their necessary. I who never get any English lesson during whole elementary level was caused by there were no English teacher, so did some fellows. We have to pursue extra study to try mastering it though our proficiency still needed to be improved. Now my former elementary school has English teacher so the student has been directed their way into more options. If the Deputy really applies the ban, it would whip out one path toward more global knowledge despite interest of elementary student in English is immense.

In our education curriculum based on my experience during elementary school, we learned two kind of languages, Bahasa Indonesia and one traditional language in which adjusted where we are taking education. For example, if you are living in Yogyakarta, you take Javanese as one of subject. Those subjects are beside Science and Maths, and predominantly Religion and Civics, and Sport as well. Today it may change a little.

Me personally in my conspicuous analysis think that English is preference to be thought regarding to the school itself without any ban. It doesn't really mean disregard Bahasa Indonesia and traditional language to be practiced. Fairly English and altogether linguistic studies are appropriate to exist because there must be no restriction in seeking knowledge.

The matter that appropriately to be concerned now is about fragmented thought adopting so far in our curriculum that weaken analytical intelligence. It has been bigger question whence high school student riot in Jakarta and other places busting, where our Religion and fundamental Civics do go? Theoritically it teaches student of how to live harmoniously among society but practically it doesn't touch the conscience. In my "Character Building" class, my lecturer barely questions about this matter which would turn jeopardy to the future society. Some researches have been conducted about the method of education mostly practiced in this country. We have been leaving the fundamental of character education, starting something from seeding goodness and willingness to do good thing in any part of subject from conscience, started from very young age at elementary school. The method of education is more likely to perform memorization and worsely our people accustomed to deify intelligence from mathematical and scientific measurement without attempting to respect other kinds of intelligence. Linguistic is one of another. The worst impact ever is damaging confidence for some students who are unfairly judged foolish because only of bad grade in class. The perception is totally killing machine of character.

Now, when the regulator prefer to ban certain of needed proficiency, why don't change our education method through interesting learning approach instead of conventional ones which bury the creativity. Most importantly, the character of student must be on top priority instead of camouflage achievement.

The 19th Tri-U International Joint Seminar and Symposium

Role of Asia in Communities and Sustainable Development

It's been almost a week when the program ended, now I unleash into amid of busy exam week. Just a week before, I and other delegates stayed at Padjajaran Suites, Bogor to run the symposium as participant or paper presenter and cultural performer as well.

This year is the 19th of Tri-U International Joint Seminar and Symposium or literally merely TriU held since the first time introduced by founding universities from three countries (Chiang Mai University, Thailand - Jiangsu University, China - Mie University, Japan). Now it has extended the founding member by including Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) among elite four-university group since IPB frequently join the program as inviting university in the mean time shows respectable record of achievement. Thus the trustee of each representative consider to put huge relying on IPB participation must be beyond invitation status, moreover the main league player. IPB officially this year runs the burden as host for first time.

After the successful event, it reminds me how we all prepare many kind of things few months before. Me myself join TriU inspired by predecessor, its scientific value and international relationship experience is immense yet challenging. Since April, any student  whose interest in TriU from IPB submit their research abstract as initial prerequisite before further test. From more than 100 applicants, merely around 50 students are called for presentation selection under 5 scopes (Food, Energy, Environment, Population, and Ecology). The examiner consist of three lecturers from different background. Announcement of successful applicant is released few days aftermath. I'm so surprised when my name shortlisted among 17 students passing the research presentation test. Initially the  judge consider to pick 20 names as maximum requirement but since the qualification put at high standard, they reduce number of recipient. The remaining three students are those achiever of gold medal in Student's Creativity Week (One of the most prestigious competition for university student level in Indonesia) who successfully list IPB the 2nd overall winner among Indonesia universities.

We start our presentation rehearsal as well as deepen research strength just no longer after announcement. For the moment we are considered the delegate candidate, not fully candidate. The reason is simple, because the university really strives to choose the person who will be representative must meet the standard, not merely scientific value but also attitude. It makes sense I guess, this event would not be only seen by which university measurement, but the origin where participating country comes. In brief, any delegate of IPB must show the good attitude of Indonesia hospitality and excellence. 

In this term, I decide to concern my research on application of remote sensing after considering my hometown regency is the proper study case. I'm fully aware number of publication in which putting Sumbawa as study case still remains less. It really triggers me to step on higher through this research I'd like to introduce the potential and benefit of agricultural and tourism development over there is really appropriate. Fortunately, my last 2 week and few days more stay in Sumbawa during feast day break really gives me spacious time and chance to deepen my research by traveling to some places in the regency to take evidence pictures of geographical condition as well as statistical data from regarding government institution. It is very helpful to strengthen my analysis.

I come back to university as the holiday ceases with ton of spirit and confident. I promise I have to convince people they have to see another thing amongst 17,000 more islands, a big potential of resource is still hidden, just waiting the human resource will have managed to endure challenge to handle it wisely, for citizen prosperity.

All delegates

Well, the due week has come. All participant, including university professors and board from founding member countries and inviting universities from Malaysia (Universiti Putra Malaysia), Australia (Adelaide University), and extending invited universities such as Ibaraki University (Japan), Suranaree University of Technology and Chiang Rai University (Thailand) gather up at the first night when cocktail party held at Sentul. Counting them in, it reaches around 100 more people. The volunteers who turn out student of IPB are really busy to handle the participant, but they look so happy to burden this duty. I have to thank them for their hard-work.

Best Paper Award

Here we are not only doing paper presentation but also creating student project splitting into 6 groups where student mingled from different university to make new design and prototype of futuristic green energy stuffs. Through this experience, I really carry up many things to be learnt, how to lead the group member from various background and characteristics, how to pour the idea into one conclusion, how to negotiate, and how to make creative action presentation to unite the member. It means a lot. It gives a lot as well. Our team successfully grab the title "The Best Teamwork" group. Every member look so happy and yelling our slogan "PAWW". My team members are from Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Japan.

It has been at the edge of the day. The last day of paper presentation, all participants gather up at IICC (IPB International Convention Center) for closing remarks and announcement of the best paper presentation each scope. It's so very surprising and joyful when the announcement calls 3 out of 5 award belong to IPB student. Award of best paper for the scope of Food belongs to Faradilla, scope of Population belongs to Azka, meanwhile scope of Ecology belongs to me. I feel so much thankful to those who support my research and all IPB delegates for supportive teamwork during our preparation, we did practice more often and doing paper check each of member by giving suggestion and sharing. We really do mutual teamwork. At least we have impressed and proven that we can be good host and good participant as well.

Cultural performance from IPB delegates

But the joy has not ceased. The night will be farewell party and Cultural Performance from respective country. Wow, seems it would be free festival I guess. But actually we have prepared Indonesia cultural performance, Merak dance (West Java), Bali dance, and Saman Dance (Aceh). Every participant do their best with their traditional performance. Everyone wears the best costumes and it looks so nice. I often think, tonight is more likely     international cultural festival instead of scientific forum instead. But this point that I have to recognize TriU is more than just scientific forum. It means a lot. The student is amazing with their talent in representing their home country with pride. The spirit of Asia and its confident to take role in global partnership feels so fiery as the concept of TriU. 

One more again I take another great experience and learning lot things. Thanks for that.

Living The Air

No Matter What, I Keep Aboard

Though it has not reached three weeks completely running this short visit to home, my turn comes ceasing. I already booked my return ticket just few days later after departure reservation. Another airlines I choose for price excuse, so there came to fall into Lion Air for some two-hour long flight from Lombok to Jakarta. But considerably I'm still here in Sumbawa, necessarily I should board for inter-isle connection. 

Two days before the feast day celebration, fortunately my older sister start to converse in the night while family gathering comes on. She interprets the billboard in the sidewalk at heart of town revealing promotional poster of Merpati Nusantara to resume flight to Sumbawa from Lombok twice-weekly. Actually I already red the news of that interesting plan before going home, but I have no sufficient information when it comes precisely. I browsed Wikipedia but merely finding unspecified schedule. Immediately that cooling night conversation pushes me to look up the airlines website. The flight schedule impresses me as it flies on Friday, the day before my Saturday flight to Jakarta. Indeed it becomes more benevolent due to its very seducing fare, slightly little more than ones by minibus. I don't need to waste this chance I convince myself to book it as fast as possible.

Done! Merely IDR 120,000 my transfer succesfully submitted. It's not reluctant I considered to bring home my banking token, so anywhere as it's connected to internet I can make banking payment conveniently. Thank to Bank Mandiri for this very great banking product.

On the day of my departure, to leave home on a small plane, my family members help me to compile up my luggage. No matter what they put inside as long it does't exceed 20 kg. My older sister and other fellows made decision to have short trip to Lombok by motorcycle in the morning, meanwhile my flight will be this noon. So I'm the only one choosing air trip on the day after our plan to have meeting in the airport. I need to stay a night before another tomorrow early morning flight.

Brang Biji Airport, Sumbawa viewed from taxi way

I depart to Brang Biji Airport (now Sultan Muhammad Kaharudin Airport) a towny small airport with very so-so facilities. The noon is so sultry, just like usual Sumbawa is averagely hotter than other region in the country. I insert my luggage through X-Ray passage then grabbing it again toward check-in counter. I have to admit, this is my first time at very modest airport though I've traveled to other countries with very advance airport system, yet here is hometown. Improvement is allegedly needed soon to be conducted. "Go Sumbawa 2012" tourism program still remains pathetic for lack of air transportation facilities. I have to make check-in more than 15 minutes even though I'm the only passenger here at that time. They don't have sufficient well-working PC for database, the option is by using a laptop (I guess it's that of an officcer, no intention to underestimate) with plugged internet modem, not a synchronized system. I guess I can't stand any longer for this tiring check-in.

Eventually it's submitted and my luggage has been lifted up on mobile troley manually. I come toward the toilet and guess it, untreated. Well, I can't pee here. Hold on. Then I hurry into waiting room, I guess they must have built the appropriate ones inside there. Ops, I'm ceased, forget to pay airport tax. Sorry for this Sir, here is my duty as a good citizen. "How much does it cost?" a proposed question crosing over warming up head. Nah, it's written on stamped dowdy paper "Rp 10,000" (Ten thousand rupiah or equally to USD 1). 

It's such new experience yet curiously challenging. As far I only thought Angkasa Pura (Indonesian State Enterprise for Airport) applied 3 kinds of airport tax: IDR 150,000 for any international flight, IDR 40,000 for domestic airport under Angkasa Pura 2, and IDR 25,000 domestic airport under Angkasa Pura 1. FYI, Sumbawa airport is categorized under control of Angkasa Pura 1, so I guess I have to burden as much as ISR 25,000. Well, I have no idea about tax system, it may because of level of the airport itself by certain indicator of measurement. Obviously this airport is still far behind the standard of Lombok International Airport though both of them are under AP2. 

Waiting room of Brang Biji Airport

I'm in waiting room. Ok, where is the toilet? My eyes shouts over a small room at most left. I come in and surprisingly it paralyzes my desire. It's even worsening. Bad smell of urinating secretion without water around. It dries and flourishes the bad aroma wholly seizing the toilet. I go out then.

The plane has not arrived yet, the clock has surpassed the schedule. 15 minutes later a Xian MA60 fleet touches down the ashpalt from eastward. All passengers, part of them are foreign tourists disembark into arrival room situated just next to waiting room. Inside here, I can't wait any longer to try my first flight on the smallest fleet ever I flawn so far. 

Three guys and a girl next to my desk in the waiting room are from Spain as written on their passport. The girl flips Lonely Planet travel guide for Indonesia destination with piled of big size backpack next to the guys. Meanwhile me myself is too busy with my old National Geographic magazine issued in 1978, consciously it's about ballon flight expedition crossing the Atlantic Ocean. I guess the travel journalist in this well reputation mags had such historical record, in contrast of what I'm doing now waiting for the plane with a heart-wrecking little accident outside there. The right wing flashed a small fiery explosion which pays off our attention with mix of curiousity and anxiety. But flight must go on.

The announcement without loudspeaker sounded by an middle age officer as he opens the glass-made exit room. I don't miss the chance to take outside view of the airport before getting onto the plane using (apparently) fragile skinny ladder, yet it's strong though. My seat is as usual next to window as I request during check-in. Unfortunately, this time my view is blocked by the attached engine. I can'r complain about it since it's made by that design.

Bird view of Sumbawa town

Inflight menu for short haul flight

It's around half hour on the air at medium height. The seat composition is 2-2 meanwhile the middle path used by three beautiful stewardess to compense a piece of bread inside the plastic wrap and a cup of water. All stored in a box whose cover reveals the Golden 50th Anniversary of Merpati Nusantara. Happy Birthday anyway.

The plane touches down smooth ashpalt that of LOP then appearing the taxi way. All passengers disambark divided into 2 groups, connecting flight group and me in the final approach flight group. Randomly I count, there are merely 5 passengers who finish flight here. The others continue to Bali and Surabaya with other fleet of Merpati.

Picking up my luggage then going toward exit gate, my sister and fellows have been outside there. We then depart to my family house a 15 minute riding from the airport. I have to stay a night there before tomorrow morning flight.

Please watch with 480p resolution for the best view

Well, let me skip into the next day. At 4 am I and others are on the road toward the airport. Witout wasting my time, I immediately come into the airport check-in gate after security test. Though it's still dark outside, inside here morning flight passengers have flocked the base floor. I look for Lion Air check-in desk, at the left row next to Batvia Air, Wings Air and others except Garuda Indonesia. GIA is very special, all through the right row is for GIA passengers. So they don't need to waste time queueing among other passengers. But me here trapped in chaotic line-up where guys behind me overstep my turn. Patiently and fortunately another guy in front of me warns him to follow the queue rule. So it goes well for the moment, I don't know later.

Misty morning covers the ground after taking off

The announcement of departure for Lion Air flight to Jakarta has been informed. I hurry go upstair where waiting room located passing through closed stores. Show my boarding pass and one more again it's such inconvenient I'm among this worse queue again. The reason is passengers (most of them) are not enough patient to go toward the airplane. I don't see this is a queue but raid. And I'm trapped inside this (unimportantly) outstep. I can breathe well as passing through this mass.

I'm sitting here now on the Economy seat of Lion Air with short seat-pitch. I have no spacious movement. I can't complain, this is the design or redesigned. Next to us are Garuda Indonesia B737-800NG and Batavia Air B737-500. But our fleet today is little bigger, Boeing 737-900ER series, the same fleet size for my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur in the beginning of this year with my university fellows.

At 6 am the airplane is taking off. Chasing the morning sun in the opposite direction. Toward westernward for 2-hour long then arrive in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at Terminal 1A at 7 am. Lombok takes an hour ahead Jakarta. Here I arrive and ready going back to my university routine.

I hope once upon time I'll be back home, the airport in my town will have gone improved. My best wish upon you my dear :)

Please watch with 480p resolution for the best view

Moyo Island Trip

Escape Ordinary in Moyo Island

Depart from home at 09.30 am

I and a friend go by motorcycle that of another friend straddling three-load. Arrived at angkot (yellow color) 30 minutes later continued to Amanwana harbor in Badas, typically small privately-owned harbor at 10.30. A security on-duty person tells us we are too early having been there, I smile the way of that time while thinking to have look around. Three big vessels, as another guy informs us those are from Surabaya frequently unload goods to be brought and spread out over relatively less dense Regency, Sumbawa.  Though it doesn’t seemingly look hectic, some trucks approach the ship to load commercial stuffs meanwhile merely few muscled men manually lift up weighed box.

Labuhan Badas

I stare limitless blue started here from clear turquoise shallow bank, deepening park that of small fishes. Transition of color into darker blue looks harmoniously well shifted. It still remains around 3 hours until the next vessel drops by. “Patiently waiting” I guess, fortunately just no longer after our arrival, another friend appears. Actually this trip is supposed to thank her since she is the key that I and friend by any reason eventually are at the edge of new admired visit to Moyo island. She works as voluntary teacher in Elementary school at small village, Labuan Aji. Last three weeks was school break session, which is also national holiday for Muslim biggest feast day, Hari Raya. Actually whose access of navigation through resort’s vessel are staffs only frequently bridging the main island Sumbawa to Moyo island where extremely peaceful and less crowd is its. But the resort management also allows maximum 3 visitors (local) going by after registration a day before. I feel so lucky for two reasons, my fellow registered me and another friend for free and worry of no place to settle has disappeared. She kindly offers us a room even though it’s small. 

Labuhan Sumbawa

At 1.15 pm we and other resort staffs are ready bounding for resort pier, some miles over there unseen by bare eyes. Two-hour trip felts so bliss because the sea comes with less wind and calm. Some other passengers decide to take nap on warm bed at both the stairs. This vessel is sort of two levels in which uppermost merely a half meter height covered by vast bed spread. I, myself during two-hour long prefer to put my sight over shoreline and blue sea. In addition having lunch with a cup of instant noodle is some minute portion I spend awhile. 

Tanjung  Menangis, a peninsular horns into the sea seemingly to always get closer with Moyo island, just not far from the sharpest point. It faces the island southernmost. An old man who turns out to be chief navigator has me to know the isle, west to Moyo island with hazy sight over there, is his hometown, Pulau Medang. The islander originally come from Bugis (a tribe in South Sulawesi/Celebes) for their major language spoken is in Buginese even though administratively they are under Sub Regency of Labuan Badas, the nearest sub capital to Sumbawa Besar. 

On the way during voyaging vessel

3.15 pm
The vessel slows down its speed, acceleration goes down just few meters before it’s tied to the pier. My eyes look over a flocking 20 tents, a high-rate which turns out to be AMANWANA resort where pristine nature surrounds the realm. The open-air concept with forest at backyard inspires its name born by two words “AMAN” means peaceful and “WANA” means forest originating from Sanskrit language, which later hugely influenced Bahasa Indonesia.  Its existence indeed paves the way to attract mostly foreign visitor staying and enjoying very privilege vacation. Notable names such as Lady Diana, Rolling Stone leading vocalist Mick Jagger and probably some other names traced their visit here yet media exposure is hidden. I now become more understand to realize its privilege and unpopularity may take over Bali or Lombok for the real terms of calm. 

AMANWANA log pier

Once I touch down my foot on the first log of pier, I see the security is guaranteed as marine and forest police are always ready there to watchdog the traffic over the sea and backyard. Yet I have to ride on the back side motorcycle that of a staff who just ends his today picket. Three motorcycles with 6 people on ride have to pass extreme road. It’s not sort of asphalt road but dusty cycle track. Sometimes we have to ascend then descending immediately. My butt felt kinda painful. 10 km is not too far, but within 15 minutes to accomplish it on mountainous track is another circumstance. I just can’t understand where I’m on now, on the ride race or because I’ve never been like now. 

I and a rider who turns out local settlement end up right at the edge of bamboo fence, in front of three bounded room which is a mes. Few minute later two fellows arrive, one whose one of this room allows us to get in after cleaning it up since latest departure three weeks ago. Taking a rest for awhile.

Labuan Aji ville

In the afternoon we have late lunch or something fulfilling my empty stomach. Fortunately a modest traditional eatery house is just few meter away, indeed the price is even cheaper than common price for the same portion. Should I thank for this. 

6 pm
It becomes dark and the sun slowly hides over the west gleaming shiny orange flash. Everyone would have known where I stand, in a tropical country where coconut waves almost every time. It’s such a beautiful sunset. Not merely mine stares there, some tourists from Germany never let this chance swept away through the wave.

Can I swallow the sun?

Next Day

10 am
Well, I have to return on the same road just like yesterday. I visit the resort for some pictures. Actually my visit to this island is not merely for vacation, in addition also for small research. But guess, the security doesn’t permit me to have looking around for suspecting me a foreign tourist from China whom not registered as resort’s guest. My friend has attempted to explain I’m also a native, but it goes nothing. So our plan changes immediately. I have to wait outside the line meanwhile my friend takes a trip – which I surely admire – inside the resort.  She with her camera takes some picture of preserved deer hunting area.  Ok, I still can enjoy the white sand here instead. 

An hour and half later she appears. We decide to continue by riding to another hidden spot which later is inevitably wonderful, I guess. Wait, I almost forget to share, this noon we get free lunch. The resort staffs do favor. But we are not beggar anyway. 

Kapal Batu ~ Moyo Island

Moyo Island
Romantic View

On a small “berugaq” sort of open-air hut, we have lunch in the meantime enjoying the breeze of sea wind amid sultry noon. I prepare my swimsuit and a ray-ban then descending the steep toward turquoise shore. Ten meters away it still looks so amazing with lovely shallow bank depth. The sand once I submerge my foot on it is felt silky, a very fascinating place for snorkeling. Unfortunately I don’t bring any adjustment sea activity stuffs so I merely swim. It’s about a half hour long.

Mata Jitu waterfall
Mata Jitu waterfall

It’s kinda tiring, well I need a little rest. But it’s merely an hour. I have to go to most renowned waterfall in the island, Mata Jitu waterfall (waterfall: Air terjun “Ind”). The road is slightly better yet more challenging. We ascend up while around wild boar crossing over our way then disappearing in glance. I put off my clothes as arrived, subsequently jumping down subemerging inside the damn fresh water. Though it takes not long place, 30 minutes is enough I guess. We head to go back after all through the same way and it's all getting more tiring.

Tonight I and friend prepare our stuffs for returning home tomorrow. In the morning three students are in front of mes settling us back the motorcycle heading to the resort's pier. A white vessel over there is ready to navigate. It has been all the way unexpectable plan yet it comes in the precise time. Thanks for this short journey whence I learn many precious things particularly I become fonder to appreciate the resource of our own.

May I'll return there someday.

Feast Day: Going Home

Pulang Kampung

Sorry for hibernating post. It was kinda hectic recent few weeks I've not yet posted any article. Well, it's started when I and most like others decide to go home for this three-week long for feast day celebration in beloved hometown. Mostly here for those muslim or any believer would love not to miss this enough break season having gathering with family, mine too. 

Actually I'd booked a ticket for Jakarta-Lombok sector a month before my departure. The reason is modest, grabbing the best (lowest) price. What a luck I successfully made an online booking for Garuda Indonesia. This term has been some times of my flight with this growing state-owned airlines. In addition I can upgrade my GFF mileage as well.

Just like usual, this trip must be alone (again). Fortunately a friend who is also studying in IPB turning out my high school mate texted me just a week before departure. She asked my favor to book the same flight. Roger that the last seat belonged to her, a coincidence.

Today is Sunday. Merchants line up the way all through the edge of street, well known as "Pasar Kaget". I commit an appointment to meet up at 6 am in front of a bank next to campus area. Here we depart by "angkot" then commuting to DAMRI pool bus by Trans Pakuan. Once the bus stop, immediately I load the baggage onto DAMRI bus. Merely five minutes later a kind driver push the pedal and it's moving now.

The bus travels to Terminal 3 for first unload subsequently commuting to Terminal 1 (for domestic), eventually ending up here in front of Terminal  Gate E for Garuda Indonesia domestic flight. We get in and making check-in. I have to line up at different desk since my friend having no luggage, merely a backpack. Well, I have to admit it's long queue.

Garuda Indonesia Flight GA430 Boarding Pass

After paying the airport tax paid during check-in (a new way of convenient) we don't waste our time to fool around the corridor. Nothing to buy. Entering Gate 3, a flock of passenger has been there. For this hour alone all GA flights bound for Bali and Lombok. You may have guessed kind of passengers here. Yeah, most of them are foreign tourist from -whatever- I don't know, but exactly western countries or perhaps the Oz.

When the announcement sounded, flight to Lombok (GA 430) with B737-800NG ready to depart. Since I made request for window view seat during check-in, I get myself on "A" row yet the most behind right in front of toilet. Unfortunately the pitch is tight.

A passenger next to me (right side) is middle-age Korean guy, a member of group travel from Seoul who seek for adventure taking Rinjani Trekking as he tells me. At the moment I whisper there must be well-sounded of enigmatic Rinjani Mt., another fact beside its third tallest height amid mountains over archipelago.

Inflight Menu for Fasting Day

Two hour flight seems kinda tiring for me since this aircraft is not installed with AVOD system for economy class. I sincerely do expect before I would have boarded like previous GA fleet I flew from Selaparang Airport (now it's closed) to Jakarta. My touching down to Lombok International Airport is the first time since successing airport in heart of Mataram was closed just the day of inaugural flight of Garuda Indonesia to establish this new airport on October 2011 by President SBY.

I wonder how this airport looks like. Once the aircraft drops by at the gate of pier, I have to admit it looks more advance with adjustment facilities. Tourist Information is just around the corner. Anyone who drops by here should have realized she/he is in tourism destination.

Arrival next to Wings Air from Bali (DPS)

The luggage appears on trolley, I grab it then going toward exit gate. My friend's parent have been outside there. They pick us by car heading to Mataram.She will stay for two days but this afternoon I have to continue my trip to Sumbawa through a mini bus. Fortunately my dad kinly booked my ticket when I was in Bogor, so I don't need to pay.

Lombok International Airport front view

It's around 5 pm and the bus departs to Sumbawa, another island at east. 6 hour long including leaving on ferry is not too bad. At least I can enjoy the night trip this day as the wave calm down my wreck for (almost) no wind. So it goes smoothly. It's still dark outside.

My sketch : Lombok International Airport

At mid night I eventually touch down my foot on beloved town. I'm kinda happy for tomorrow morning for I'll wake on my own house after a year ago my last visit :)