Trip VI: Jogja-Jakarta [End]

Air Asia Flight

Eventually it's been the day of return to Bogor through Jakarta. Departing to Adi Sucipto International Airport at 10 am while my flight will be around 12.10 pm. I pass the security easily then making check-in. What a surprise, Air Asia has made a further step of self-check-in where we only push the screen at a small machine counter by following the instruction. It's cool! But no any longer yet it makes difficulties particularly for me since I don't really know they apply new term by its new system.

Usually I used to appear check-in desk then showing my ticket, the Boarding Pass will be given/printed soon. But today I have to pay for additional payment of Printed Boarding pass as much IDR 30,000 (USD 3*). The reason is that because I don't make prior printing of my boarding pass, and so did the ticket agent not give me that card as well as information of its new system. Geez! I have to make long debate though eventually I surrender due to having no choice. Printing the Boarding Pass by going outside the terminal building? No, impossible. In brief, they insist to force me paying for those additional fee or I won't fly! FYI, this term has been applied since September 2011, the AA officer says as she beefs about my ticket.

Then I pass toward Airport Tax point and once I have to pay (again) as much IDR 35,000. I just sometimes think seemingly the bureaucracy must be complicated if it's possible rather than easement. Wondering someday it will has been really more convenient.

In the waiting room, nothing I could do much but really what so-called waiting. The aircraft only has arrived but still (again) I face what delay is. Wait! I don't fully blame the airport/airlines system that making delay, but passenger themselves are considerably the reason to make delay. Here I find the fact that some of Lion Air passengers have just only been in waiting room as the aircraft really ready to close the door. I do appreciate the effort of the airlines to be on-time and seems it runs well as scheduled. But you know these passenger combat the departure due to their appearance just at the time as scheduled on the TV screen. Thus both airlines crew and airport officer have to permit them going aboard after poker face late. If only the crew would do, they can be terminated and having no right to fly due to their late. Passenger must be really responsible with time indeed not only blaming the crew/officer/airlines.

In flight, there's nothing I do but looking out the window and the flock of white cloud. And once I go to toilet in the mean time capture the stuff there. Air Asia toilet is clean enough and the cabin crews are helpful. I only see passenger most of them killing the time by taking flight nap.

Fortunately the sky is good and be landing an hour 10 minutes later in Soekarno Hatta International Airport right at Terminal 3 (T3). FYI, today flight by using Airbus A320 series.

Inside T3 building I juts pass through leaving Baggage Claim since I have no baggage. T3 looks lot of light and been able save energy. The contrast view here is that Air Asia is the only one single airlines operating. Initially the new Terminal purposed for LC Airlines, but since Mandala Air suffers bankruptcy, Air Asia plays it dominant access toward T3.

Now it's now being developed the aprons to ease passenger boarding to aircraft on second floor. FYI, Air Asia whole of its flight have been moved here both Domestic and International. In the other word, T3 belongs to Air asia. Or might be no longer applied for future since the aviation is striving to boom recently in Indonesia.


Trip V: Kaliurang

At Height Its Magic

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Last day in Jogja before tomorrow really leaving for Bogor, my friend picks me up onto the height of the region. Northernmost over the peak of mounted land, Kaliurang is located the downhill of Merapi Mountain. It's about an hour to reach beautiful uphill scenery as decrement of temperature felt chilly. We attempt to hike by motorcycle as high as possible and around is cloudy.

We ride around looking for the point of Mbah Marijan (former elder of Merapi) but unfortunately having no direction. So we decide taking break enjoying special dish mostly found in Kaliurang: "Rabbit & Chicken Satay".

This final day is so brief, we lean over the downhill reaching capital Jogja. Kaliurang by its own culture is closely associated with the grandeur of Merapi and the obedience of the elder is so immense. Though the Mountain only located by near with settlement, we just see there's no worry to emerge the paranoid of disaster. Because they strongly believe their life is magically connected to the mountain, the robust and the keeper.


Trip IV: Borobudur Ship Museum

Borobudur Ship Museum
Untold Story


Here I'm going to share about museums in area of Borobudur which is defined into two, Borobudur Museum and Borobudur Ship Museum. I never expect before to trace the story that fascinates me immediately. As usual, museum is not popular venue for most Indonesian, I don't know the reason exactly yet it keeps untold remarkable story. The only thing to get access more into past and really experiencing how it was.

I slip into elementary school students group who make trip to Borobudur, definitely they put priority for museum. Little relieved getting real circumstance how the pupils are curious about, at least they will keep trip in mind how important to figure history out among modernization.

Well, Borobudur Museum collects stuffs dealing with temple property such as stupa, relief figures, and even micro-scale 3D appearance of the temple itself. Guess, almost none of visitor going by to these three part buildings, except foreign tourists and officer. I just whisper how they lost very useful information about relief in which telling us about the story. You may find out on internet but I swear you'll never feel the sense.

The second one, Borobudur Ship Museum. A place I visit by losing exit. I never imagine to go inside since I don't really know its existence. A fortune driven by this student group bringing me inside. At first time I pass the gate, I just see an old ordinary ship. But see what going on is actually. Herewith I quote information as printed on mini flyer:

Samuderaraksa-Borobudur Ship Museum

The making of the ship was based on the idea of Philip Beale, a former British Navy who was charmed b the beaut of the ship engraved on the wall of Borobudur Temple when he visited the temple 20 years ago. He was stunned and had thought that if the builder of the temple itself had already crafted the relief of the ship on the wall of Borobudur a century ago, then there must be the Indonesian ancestor having capability to sailing the ocean and made the wooden ship as well. After carrying out the expedition of Cinnamon Route to Africa in 2003 successfully, the ship was sent backto Indonesia in the condition of pieces in order to easier in transportation. When it arrived in Indonesia, the pieces of the ship would be rebuilt and set up in Ship Museum in Borobudur, which its name Samuderaraksa.

Samuderaraksa expedition is not ordinary yet challenging and priceful of value. The aim of expedition is to trace Indonesian ancestor route in the past glory which well known as Cinamon Route inspired by ship on the relief of the temple. Started from 15th August 2003 till 23th February 2004 thee route as following:

Borobudur (Java) - Benoa Port (Bali) - Seychelles - Madagascar - Cape Town (S.Africa) - St.Helena - Accra (Ghana)

If most of Story class discuss about Silk Route, Indonesian has to be more aware for the past as Cinamon Route also played significant role to connect the east to west which upheld the spreading of culture. It can be understood some Indonesia culture also influenced Madagascar and its race classification is close, Melanesia.

Completely these museums are really inspiring particularly to those whose passion in History, Cultural concern, Anthropogenic Studies and even any thing related. Last not least we could find the real sensation by visiting it directly not only fun but historical value.

Today trip is almost done, please enjoy following dish:

LOTEK (not Low Technology)
A Javanese traditional food in Jogja


Align Centre

Trip III: Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple
The World Heritage

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Completing a night doesn't mean losing energy for next agenda. Yeah, today is my visit to Borobudur Temple. My friend is not available to accompany for his campus agenda, so I'll go along by alone trip. Going by bus in Jombor Station takes around an hour till destination. Borobudur is not situated under Jogja division but Central Java, District of Magelang. I pay for IDR 15,000 (USD 1.5*) one way then continue by walking. Easily people can find ojek or becak to connect bus station with temple area. But I'm not sort of interested in instead walking around 300 m is no matter.

Ticket of entrance is IDR 30,000 (USD 3*) including sarung batik wear since new regulation applies every single visitor to having wrapped by batik. A tour guide helps me to treat sarung. Looks good it covers my pants with Batik.

Borobudur Temple has been rgistered as World Heritage No 592. been one of 7 world wonder though today it is not listed yet. It still keeps its glorious remnant since the stone structured building established far year 800s AC under Syeilendra Dynasty. Talking about its story is endless, even relief is not that fully been able translated to figure its grandeur out in the past. The scenery is awesome but its existence after thousand year more must be incredible. It's so magical.

The stone structure is posed inside museum in which component of the temple. Few were placed here after reconstruction and treatment. The past glory still remains though time has been running faster over its age.

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Trip II: Jogja Charm of Night


Never Ending Asia

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Yeah, this sunny noon signs my arrival in Meguwo Station located right inside airport area. My friends picks me up by motorcycle riding sultry road. I stop for lunch then taking a rest. Waiting for another friend comes to pick me up (again), a red cover book seduces my sight to flip it around. Authored by Prof.Rhenald Kasali titling "Myelin: Mobilisasi Intangibles Sebagai Kekuatan Perubahan" year 2010 (Gramedia Pustaka Utama Publishing), or roughly translated into "Myelin: Intangible Mobilization As Change Power" (not fully completed red). Even though my trip doesn't aim for books instead preciously I prefer for knowledge feed ones. Sounds weird my friend says, but I've just completed a book authored by Bong Chandra "Unlimited Wealth", fascinating ones during a night in Solo.

Well, let's continue for expedition. The first night looks flasher than Solo since Jogja booms faster. Gathering with my secondary school mate, we decide for coffee night at Kedai Kopi Espresso Bar. Fortunately this place offers free Wi-Fi to visitor so I can browse till night drop.

It's almost mid night but we are still on the road, turning around the city and definitely hanging out over Malioboro Street an iconic long road where people are flocking crowd.

I don't get many agendas this first day after a tiring noon. Just surprisingly my eyes shoot unique road sign over the street in almost everywhere else in this city. A bicycle zone for terminated light traffic. I see the way of culture on the road every single rider (machined or manual) has the same right and priority. Tidily it works and making convenience. One thing must be copied in Jakarta or Bogor.


Trip I: Solo, The City of batik

Spirit of Java

I've been back after brief 6 day-trip and be dropping on posting as I promised. Well, I started as departure to Soekarno Hatta International Airport at 9 am from Bogor expecting having no late. Though my flight actually is at 12.50 pm in which seriously almost nothing is sure be departing as printed on the ticket.

Batavia Air has been parking in Terminal 1 (T1) part C after extending occupation of Lion Air by size of flight to 1A and 1B. This noon flight is so busy, landing and taking off, as well maintenance of aircraft flocking the airport. I decide to go to open up floor where people can watch the bustle and attempting a piece sketch.

At 10.30 am I just pass security line for check-in then heading to waiting room. Hold on, in every single civil airport in Indonesia passenger is burdened as much IDR 40,000 (USD 4*) or else IDR 25,000 (USD 2.5*) depending on class of airport. For SHIA the first option is passenger's. I do expect someday we could fly without any longer airport tax.

My boarding pass directs me to meet the Gate 6 for Solo destination together with other passenger to Palangkaraya at that time. Been waiting for that almost 2 hours felt tiring, in addition Batavia Air officer announce for an hour delay. Geez! The second time I fly with BA and both are always faced by delay. In terms of "Delay" has vastly been acknowledged for some Indonesia Low Cost Airlines particularly after early morning flight.

Ok, as the aircraft ready, all passengers are pleased going on board. It will be 1 hour 15 minutes flight, but see no one really know today flight experiences toughening fly due to unwell weather. Looked so cloudy thereby the aircraft has to fly around over the city sky for some minutes before really landing. To be honest I'm little nervous at height for its shaky flight but fortunately the pilot is well-trained enough and so are stewardess. Thing that I'd love with Batavia Air is cabin crew is professional enough and the way of pilot drive the sky. I just don't be doubt since EU safety standard awarded Batavia Air "Category 1" and I realize it really works.

Now been at Exit Gate and approaching over Information Center for Trans Solo Batik route. For hospitality and informative crew, Solo is far better than Jakarta. No worry having travel here due to convenient service. FYI, a ticket to central Solo priced IDR 7,000. Here in Solo now.

Though, I only have 2 days here (arrival day and tomorrow) before taking over Jogja. Thus tonight my friend picks me to enjoy the soul of Solo. I admire tidy transportation and their obedience. Not sure I say this such flashing light but obscure lamp pimping the street off revealing its so Javanese icon. Back to the past we still can feel how Solo was.

Tomorrow, I'll be departing to Jogja by Prameks 11 (name of train) at 12.40 pm via Meguwo Station. Surprisingly it departs as scheduled on-time. Hmh,,, I guess city in Java is more discipline than Jakarta.

[c'nued ...]

End of Exam: Holiday Plan

Go Holiday!

Keyword:"Low Fares Jakarta-Solo; Jogja-Jakarta"

Ticket for Trips

These recent two weeks were bunch of time for studying and pressing this little brain to remind every single subject. From numerical graphs and formulas till magical paragraphs, all of these were around my mates, but merely for two weeks. I'll be side of you next semester (again).

Well, I've been so long on confusing decision for this holiday plan after splitting spooky exam. Selayar Island, Bengkulu, Palembang, Lampung and other hilarious places were listed already. Eventually I just put it on two main cities: Yogyakarta (Jogja) and Solo. Sounds so-so for I visited Jogja for some time though Solo is merely once. The idea of making those cities my destination is just so simple, as the airlines fares to/from Solo/Jogja fascinated me.

I was just as usual dropping by on every airlines website, fooling around the mouse, and attempting every possibilities. Geez! Air Asia Indonesia offered its low fare from Jogja to Jakarta. Hurry I made a booking but what a freak, my card was denied. Eventually I just reserved through ticket agent with slightly higher different fare. The thing that I'm not curious about, I prefer to make my own booking. Ok, return ticket had been already grabbed!

Rambling over labyrinth of my head of confusing transportation I would go by to the destinations. Bus or Train or Airplane? The decision fell down to the last one. I just came back from Jogja few months ago by bus and I was done brown by annoying ticket scalper. What a freak trip at that time! Later I considered Train, but guessing it's not safe enough though for lonely trip. I did almost a year ago to Solo by Very Economy Train fro 12 hours from Jakarta Kota Station, it was funny due to my crazy friends were all inside. But don't let me explain how strange inside when you really see around you. Thus, my choice is the last one, airplanes. Though, initially the price offered was quite high for Jogja sector, immediately I attempted for Solo. To reach Jogja from Solo is not that far indeed I could do more by making new route by my own way. Very fortune! Batavia Air came out with its lowest price promo ticket to Solo from Jakarta. Definitely I made a booking readily then making payment through ATM center. I just love Batavia Air Payment system, very convenient! Thumbs up!

Ok, these two tickets were printed, and now just pray and wish joyful thing along my trip. I'll be back with experiences there.