End of Exam: Holiday Plan

Go Holiday!

Keyword:"Low Fares Jakarta-Solo; Jogja-Jakarta"

Ticket for Trips

These recent two weeks were bunch of time for studying and pressing this little brain to remind every single subject. From numerical graphs and formulas till magical paragraphs, all of these were around my mates, but merely for two weeks. I'll be side of you next semester (again).

Well, I've been so long on confusing decision for this holiday plan after splitting spooky exam. Selayar Island, Bengkulu, Palembang, Lampung and other hilarious places were listed already. Eventually I just put it on two main cities: Yogyakarta (Jogja) and Solo. Sounds so-so for I visited Jogja for some time though Solo is merely once. The idea of making those cities my destination is just so simple, as the airlines fares to/from Solo/Jogja fascinated me.

I was just as usual dropping by on every airlines website, fooling around the mouse, and attempting every possibilities. Geez! Air Asia Indonesia offered its low fare from Jogja to Jakarta. Hurry I made a booking but what a freak, my card was denied. Eventually I just reserved through ticket agent with slightly higher different fare. The thing that I'm not curious about, I prefer to make my own booking. Ok, return ticket had been already grabbed!

Rambling over labyrinth of my head of confusing transportation I would go by to the destinations. Bus or Train or Airplane? The decision fell down to the last one. I just came back from Jogja few months ago by bus and I was done brown by annoying ticket scalper. What a freak trip at that time! Later I considered Train, but guessing it's not safe enough though for lonely trip. I did almost a year ago to Solo by Very Economy Train fro 12 hours from Jakarta Kota Station, it was funny due to my crazy friends were all inside. But don't let me explain how strange inside when you really see around you. Thus, my choice is the last one, airplanes. Though, initially the price offered was quite high for Jogja sector, immediately I attempted for Solo. To reach Jogja from Solo is not that far indeed I could do more by making new route by my own way. Very fortune! Batavia Air came out with its lowest price promo ticket to Solo from Jakarta. Definitely I made a booking readily then making payment through ATM center. I just love Batavia Air Payment system, very convenient! Thumbs up!

Ok, these two tickets were printed, and now just pray and wish joyful thing along my trip. I'll be back with experiences there.

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