Trip I: Solo, The City of batik

Spirit of Java

I've been back after brief 6 day-trip and be dropping on posting as I promised. Well, I started as departure to Soekarno Hatta International Airport at 9 am from Bogor expecting having no late. Though my flight actually is at 12.50 pm in which seriously almost nothing is sure be departing as printed on the ticket.

Batavia Air has been parking in Terminal 1 (T1) part C after extending occupation of Lion Air by size of flight to 1A and 1B. This noon flight is so busy, landing and taking off, as well maintenance of aircraft flocking the airport. I decide to go to open up floor where people can watch the bustle and attempting a piece sketch.

At 10.30 am I just pass security line for check-in then heading to waiting room. Hold on, in every single civil airport in Indonesia passenger is burdened as much IDR 40,000 (USD 4*) or else IDR 25,000 (USD 2.5*) depending on class of airport. For SHIA the first option is passenger's. I do expect someday we could fly without any longer airport tax.

My boarding pass directs me to meet the Gate 6 for Solo destination together with other passenger to Palangkaraya at that time. Been waiting for that almost 2 hours felt tiring, in addition Batavia Air officer announce for an hour delay. Geez! The second time I fly with BA and both are always faced by delay. In terms of "Delay" has vastly been acknowledged for some Indonesia Low Cost Airlines particularly after early morning flight.

Ok, as the aircraft ready, all passengers are pleased going on board. It will be 1 hour 15 minutes flight, but see no one really know today flight experiences toughening fly due to unwell weather. Looked so cloudy thereby the aircraft has to fly around over the city sky for some minutes before really landing. To be honest I'm little nervous at height for its shaky flight but fortunately the pilot is well-trained enough and so are stewardess. Thing that I'd love with Batavia Air is cabin crew is professional enough and the way of pilot drive the sky. I just don't be doubt since EU safety standard awarded Batavia Air "Category 1" and I realize it really works.

Now been at Exit Gate and approaching over Information Center for Trans Solo Batik route. For hospitality and informative crew, Solo is far better than Jakarta. No worry having travel here due to convenient service. FYI, a ticket to central Solo priced IDR 7,000. Here in Solo now.

Though, I only have 2 days here (arrival day and tomorrow) before taking over Jogja. Thus tonight my friend picks me to enjoy the soul of Solo. I admire tidy transportation and their obedience. Not sure I say this such flashing light but obscure lamp pimping the street off revealing its so Javanese icon. Back to the past we still can feel how Solo was.

Tomorrow, I'll be departing to Jogja by Prameks 11 (name of train) at 12.40 pm via Meguwo Station. Surprisingly it departs as scheduled on-time. Hmh,,, I guess city in Java is more discipline than Jakarta.

[c'nued ...]

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