Trip II: Jogja Charm of Night


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Yeah, this sunny noon signs my arrival in Meguwo Station located right inside airport area. My friends picks me up by motorcycle riding sultry road. I stop for lunch then taking a rest. Waiting for another friend comes to pick me up (again), a red cover book seduces my sight to flip it around. Authored by Prof.Rhenald Kasali titling "Myelin: Mobilisasi Intangibles Sebagai Kekuatan Perubahan" year 2010 (Gramedia Pustaka Utama Publishing), or roughly translated into "Myelin: Intangible Mobilization As Change Power" (not fully completed red). Even though my trip doesn't aim for books instead preciously I prefer for knowledge feed ones. Sounds weird my friend says, but I've just completed a book authored by Bong Chandra "Unlimited Wealth", fascinating ones during a night in Solo.

Well, let's continue for expedition. The first night looks flasher than Solo since Jogja booms faster. Gathering with my secondary school mate, we decide for coffee night at Kedai Kopi Espresso Bar. Fortunately this place offers free Wi-Fi to visitor so I can browse till night drop.

It's almost mid night but we are still on the road, turning around the city and definitely hanging out over Malioboro Street an iconic long road where people are flocking crowd.

I don't get many agendas this first day after a tiring noon. Just surprisingly my eyes shoot unique road sign over the street in almost everywhere else in this city. A bicycle zone for terminated light traffic. I see the way of culture on the road every single rider (machined or manual) has the same right and priority. Tidily it works and making convenience. One thing must be copied in Jakarta or Bogor.


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