Trip V: Kaliurang

At Height Its Magic

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Last day in Jogja before tomorrow really leaving for Bogor, my friend picks me up onto the height of the region. Northernmost over the peak of mounted land, Kaliurang is located the downhill of Merapi Mountain. It's about an hour to reach beautiful uphill scenery as decrement of temperature felt chilly. We attempt to hike by motorcycle as high as possible and around is cloudy.

We ride around looking for the point of Mbah Marijan (former elder of Merapi) but unfortunately having no direction. So we decide taking break enjoying special dish mostly found in Kaliurang: "Rabbit & Chicken Satay".

This final day is so brief, we lean over the downhill reaching capital Jogja. Kaliurang by its own culture is closely associated with the grandeur of Merapi and the obedience of the elder is so immense. Though the Mountain only located by near with settlement, we just see there's no worry to emerge the paranoid of disaster. Because they strongly believe their life is magically connected to the mountain, the robust and the keeper.


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