Trip VI: Jogja-Jakarta [End]

Air Asia Flight

Eventually it's been the day of return to Bogor through Jakarta. Departing to Adi Sucipto International Airport at 10 am while my flight will be around 12.10 pm. I pass the security easily then making check-in. What a surprise, Air Asia has made a further step of self-check-in where we only push the screen at a small machine counter by following the instruction. It's cool! But no any longer yet it makes difficulties particularly for me since I don't really know they apply new term by its new system.

Usually I used to appear check-in desk then showing my ticket, the Boarding Pass will be given/printed soon. But today I have to pay for additional payment of Printed Boarding pass as much IDR 30,000 (USD 3*). The reason is that because I don't make prior printing of my boarding pass, and so did the ticket agent not give me that card as well as information of its new system. Geez! I have to make long debate though eventually I surrender due to having no choice. Printing the Boarding Pass by going outside the terminal building? No, impossible. In brief, they insist to force me paying for those additional fee or I won't fly! FYI, this term has been applied since September 2011, the AA officer says as she beefs about my ticket.

Then I pass toward Airport Tax point and once I have to pay (again) as much IDR 35,000. I just sometimes think seemingly the bureaucracy must be complicated if it's possible rather than easement. Wondering someday it will has been really more convenient.

In the waiting room, nothing I could do much but really what so-called waiting. The aircraft only has arrived but still (again) I face what delay is. Wait! I don't fully blame the airport/airlines system that making delay, but passenger themselves are considerably the reason to make delay. Here I find the fact that some of Lion Air passengers have just only been in waiting room as the aircraft really ready to close the door. I do appreciate the effort of the airlines to be on-time and seems it runs well as scheduled. But you know these passenger combat the departure due to their appearance just at the time as scheduled on the TV screen. Thus both airlines crew and airport officer have to permit them going aboard after poker face late. If only the crew would do, they can be terminated and having no right to fly due to their late. Passenger must be really responsible with time indeed not only blaming the crew/officer/airlines.

In flight, there's nothing I do but looking out the window and the flock of white cloud. And once I go to toilet in the mean time capture the stuff there. Air Asia toilet is clean enough and the cabin crews are helpful. I only see passenger most of them killing the time by taking flight nap.

Fortunately the sky is good and be landing an hour 10 minutes later in Soekarno Hatta International Airport right at Terminal 3 (T3). FYI, today flight by using Airbus A320 series.

Inside T3 building I juts pass through leaving Baggage Claim since I have no baggage. T3 looks lot of light and been able save energy. The contrast view here is that Air Asia is the only one single airlines operating. Initially the new Terminal purposed for LC Airlines, but since Mandala Air suffers bankruptcy, Air Asia plays it dominant access toward T3.

Now it's now being developed the aprons to ease passenger boarding to aircraft on second floor. FYI, Air Asia whole of its flight have been moved here both Domestic and International. In the other word, T3 belongs to Air asia. Or might be no longer applied for future since the aviation is striving to boom recently in Indonesia.


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January 31, 2012 at 7:59 AM

I wish there will be no more additional taxes in the future. I think only Indonesia has it. lol. hehe.
nice post! :D


January 31, 2012 at 12:41 PM

All in all a good trip home, wasn't it?. After all travelling by air always and everywhere means you meet with waiting time and bureaucratic ways to extort your money.

Ad yes, Indonesian air traffic is flourishing is never before. Even Mandala will soon be back in business.

January 31, 2012 at 8:02 PM

Thank you Colson.

Yes, Mandala will soon be back by April this year, though I still don't get my refund yet since its painful announcement of bankruptcy. But no matter, I'm glad they will be back and hopeful could be flying with Mandala soon.

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