Learning History: Just Visit It

Historical Trip + Coloring Doodle = Long Lasting Impression

It's been full of joy to get a trip, but spending penny on so-so trip just heard obvious less precious. By numbering calculation of stay accommodation, transportation, ticket of entrance, coin for street beggar, and any other possible fund are endless to talk. Wait, Escaping awhile from awkward calculation or you'll never get off.

Just pimp up your sight, every single venue you visit you notice something, even definitely exploring much more information from Tourist Information Center, friend, local settlement, or people around, are sort of the way you could add more value on your trip. Importantly just enjoy as cozy as possible, do not be mad for bad experience. Take it easy.

In addition, based on interest, I attempted to capture featured building/venue where I visited to emphasize the point of where people suggested to go. It aims to keep impression long lasting in the mean time convincing people to visit.

To be sincere, History class we may get in Elementary, Primary, Secondary or indeed College sometimes is not obvious to reveal what thing there is. For further, the only (in my opinion) way to make it works is by visit. Moreover we can get the breeze of historical/magical sense and exactly new experience. Visit it, then doodle it!

Borobudur Temple

A magnificent tangible inheritance from 800's A.C. is the remnant of Syailendra Dynasty glory buried for decades before re-excavation. Borobudur Temple situated in Magelang District , Central Java is recognized the biggest Buddhist structure in the world and has become one of world wonders.

Malaka - Malaysia


Malaka (Malacca), a historical city in Malaysia been well known for its influential history and cultural assimilation. For several turns Malaka governed alternately by occupation from Srivijaya Kingdom (Hindu), Sultanate (Islam), European countries occupation (Christian faith), Japanese, till present day re-existing as an independent Sultanate in Malaysia.
Malaka was the center of Malay World in the 15th century after moving the glory of Malays from Sumatra. The city has listed UNESCO World Heritage Site.

My recent visit to Borobudur on January 2012, meanwhile Malacca on July 2010.
Further post about Malacca Trip, please visit my friend's blog

Travel Print: Brushed Figure

Just Ordinary Sketch

Just as returned after my last trip piecing into six posts (one, two, three, four, five, and six), do hope you won't be extorted to flip ever single piece. It's always gleaming over my (hidden) rash to story-telling experience, bad or good either, particularly trip or else aviation based. For this moment I've done it and you may check them out if you are interested.

But now I'd be more enthusiastic after brief-long on trip to capture it out into brushed paint. Delighting moment by its space and time have properly to be followed by a gift. Nonetheless I have no stuff but drawing work.

For my days in Jogja were splendid, so was Solo, I still owe the moment built by every single place, time, historical venue, and so lot stuffs there pimping my ways. Thus I here come to expose their exotic and valued appearance as you know they would be grateful you've kept on touch through emotion of appreciation in return.

BNI 46 Jogja

BNI 46 (Bank Negara Indonesia) Building right at "Jogja Zero Point" stands robustly with strong Dutch architect influence. The building was built during Dutch occupation and has become iconic background over Malioboro street, Yogyakarta, together with other buildings such as Pos Indonesia, Bank Indonesia, Vredeburgb Castle, and others.

In addition, due to my recent days are around in campus (IPB) covered by breakdays. I tried my attempt to capture one of view points over the small lake inside.


Danau LSI or Situ Leutik is situated in central IPB campus bridging Library Building and the headquarter. Artificially land exploited to fill bowled surface with water was in 1993 which purposed as water supplier for Experimental Plant Laboratory by Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University. Today it has extended into multi-functional research/experimental location utilized by some majors. In addition Situ Leutik has become one of Agroedutourism points in IPB.

My Big Gratitude : To my buddies in Jogja and Solo for all your warmth and affable service :)