Indonesian Movie: Strikes Back

Indonesian Movie: Strikes Back

Several recent years back, Indonesian movie flourished by some adult-horror genres. Audience seemingly had no choice but kept settling down in theatre to figure them out, the secene were absolutely predicted and prevailing like most others. The actress showed up with very less body cover and camera focued on certain 'seductive part' that of actress. Then geuriilla local ghost appeared, comming with multiple mission and behaving like human 'sexual behavior' indeed of ghost's natural desire - to frighten at least. Though some other motivated and educated movies were also appearing to drink audience's thirst of qualified entertainment through movie, mentioning Laskar Pelangi, Sang Pemimpi, and so fourth.

Now, it has tent to change anyway. Since "The Raid: Redemption" paid by huge attention for its award, the similar genre is growing for demand. Thriller movie becomes playing on attention leaving left sex-horror genre behind. Thought it's a breakthrough at least audience have more choice. The simmering genre even though still limited to adult consumption, by considering the content filled up with dominantly brutal action on scene. Appropriately children are not allowed to watch for psychological excuse.

I've just returned on YouTube to find out another Indonesian movie, "Modus Anomali" coming up with just like horror-adventurous or the other term they claim as psychology thriller. I have no idea whether this film will be allowed for underage audience. The difference presents Modus Anomali with English in whole movie, Bahasa Indonesia just used as subtitle. It's just rare and seemingly to catch the audience more internationally might be the reason Joko Anwar as director to present his current release film differently. We just may remind how Hong Kong movies at the past they used English as main core of conversation in the scenes, then they turned back to use Chinese as getting wealth and attention by foreign audience. But quality of movie itself  might be major reason too they deserved. Not to underestimate, but Modus Anomali could be another story of Indonesian movie.

Here is the official trailer from Youtube:

Modus Anomaly tells the story of a man who, when on holiday in a forest, his family found themselves mysteriously disappeared and were hunted by a sadistic killer. The only clue is the alarm clock which at any time on that either signifies nothing.

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April 26, 2012 at 3:30 PM

No doubt that Indonesian cinema excels in this genre. The Raid actually is a wordlwide box-office success as well as a professionally praised film.

(I've to admit though I myself do not particularly like the genre).

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