Malaysia Trip II: Arrival at KLIA

Arrival at KLIA

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It's the sun plunging down right at mid day. Our carrier leans down around right to left softly. Malacca strait has just been acrossed through over the sky. Beneath scenery is full of palm plantation. It's about simmering green down seen from bird view. Yet it looks neat. It could be understood since Malaysia is the top producer of palm oil, slightly now below Indonesia marking up world's phytooil trade. Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is just around. No more than 15 minutes Lion Air B737-900R touches down apron and approaching the bridge. Compared with our previous leaving airport, it's totally different. KLIA appears with modern look and so are adjacent facilitis inside. But KLIA may leave cultural touch of its design. It's just common like other modern aiport overseas. Though, SOETTA by any mean stands on its well retained cultural construction.

We've just arrived, crossing the pier then heading to KLIA-train. I personally like this system. KLIA has turned into its own Malaysia well integrated system. Passengers are given their way inside mega airport. Train automatically carries any airlines passenger from arrival terminal to immigration (international flight). For specialized MAS (Malaysia Airlines) passenger, they don't need to arrive through satellite terminal but directly to main building. Any destination centralized to main building for immigration process.

It takes quite time though to pass immigration counter. Noon arrival flight is tight. I remember when queuing inside foreign bonded ribbon, most India departure flight passenger arrived just like the same line with me. And so do other foreign citizens. But here Indonesian passenger are dominantly standing prolonging the row. I have no idea what their intention to port in Malaysia through KL. But randomly I guess some like us, temporary visit for tourism or indeed they may go for work like common. Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur sector has significantly bonded tougher. Should I mention some airlines serving this route? It varies from middle size fleet up to jumbo ones. Mentioning GIA with B737-800NG twice a day, Lion Air with B737-900ER twice a day, KLM Royal Dutch daily (From Schippol-Netherland ), Air Asia (significantly most frequent daily flight), Kuwait Airways (From Kuwait city), home base airlines MAS, Yemenia (From San'a), and Mandala Air (soon to operate).

Immigration process is not that complicated, I don't get any question since my passport has been stamped previously with Malaysia immigration. In addition it's supported with stronger proof of my Japan Visa. After all of us passing through the desk, we soon head to baggage claim area. Trolley moves automatically and stuffs turn around till it's taken. But unfortunately one of our member lost his baggage. Till our return to Jakarta, we still don't get further information, no obvious reason why it lost. We contact intensively SOETTA staffs, KLIA staffs, and Lion Air staffs as well. But fortune doesn't belong to our member. It's really inconvenient service. We even don't know where it started to lose. We can not judge one of any of them, but we just do hope we can get information the process of lost at least, but not that so although. We attempt to forget and forgive about it, hope someday it never ever happen again.

For that reason, the committee member have to wait so long time for us till we leave the airport. They've been standing there since some hours ago. We feel sorry about that. Later, we get into the UPM bus then heading to NIOSH hostel where we will stay during the program.

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May 1, 2012 at 2:38 PM

Yours is a ( very) positive review of KL Airport. And, though it has been quite a while now, I also got a positive impression when I was there. I really appreciated the shuttle :).

Yet I would like to say that Soekarno Hatta is less sterilized, more colourful. It's got a better "groove" in my opinion.

May 1, 2012 at 2:51 PM

KLIA is great I guess, well airport management looks obvious there. The shuttle is the other thing makes convenient.

Seems SOETTA has to learn more from neghbouring airport. However, it is now under construction for further ambitious growth. Hope it will benefit for both visitor impression and so convenient public area.

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