'Beliebers' At Crossroads

'Beliebers' At Crossroads

Bieber's Concert in Indonesia (March 2011)

 It was lot of yelling, shooting : "Bieber!, Bieber!, ...." and so fourth repeated for so many several times all night long. Even much more before the concert held at Sentul International Convention Center, Bogor. Justin Bieber, a Canadian, American based YouTube singer who turned into a teen musical phenomenon deserved to get praise at his preimier concert in Indonesia last March 2011. Girls were just around hectic from his arrival at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport until his departure. Indonesian TV broadcasted vividly from concert preparation till the due day. My friends were also got into euphoria of 'crazy' excitement, I guess. Yeah, undeniably "Beliebers" - Bieber's fans club - blasted and owned the week of the star visit to Indonesia.

Just few days ago since a 'regrettable' interview in London where Bieber held its concert for album launching "Believe", Raggie Yates the co-presenter asked for some questions, Bieber answered the question by scrawling. "Mocked the English accent, and insulted Indonesia, and threw a hissy hit", one of London Tabloid published the last concert

The Jakarta Post recently reported "Indonesian radio bans Bieber's songs over 'insult' ". Medan city based Kiss FM reacted to 'hurted' statement said by "Baby" song singer to ban his song for insulting contry's fourth populous nation on the planet. "Random country" Bieber said and "Indonesia" clarified by his manager to point out where he recorded one of his song with unsatisfaying result. Accordingly London news issued the circumstance of offensive Bieber's concert, Indonesian media reacted to more likely immediate.

I was just sitting in front of TV set and some of leading national channel aired the news. TvOne, MetroTV, and so others, not to missing 'entertainment news' to seemingly whisper audience "another (bad) thing about Bieber". For some (serious) adult people it may be not a news, yet it comes with very different reaction over teenager in Indonesia. Beliebers are whom taking confusing way, to defend or just throwing away their idol. Few of friends of mine who are Beliebers, would have taken  their choice, I guess.

Twitter has been remarked by worldwide trending topic of this case, excatly most coming from Twitter Republic, -Indonesian teen-. To many words which narrow toward merely two ways, Defend or Defeat. Yet Bieber refused to underdog Indonesia, particularly his fan through his account @justinbieber. It's quitely important or perhaps necessary for Bieber to maintain his fans and reputation particularly in Indonesia since his crowded fans are around here for huge Twitter addict and outnumber

Now, it has been enough clear, we learn something that precious: "Manner" is everything, worldwidely applies to anyone even a superstar.

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May 2, 2012 at 4:50 PM

I'm afraid I'm too old to see the point. So some teenage idol was not complementary about one's country. So what?? Is he that important? Is it an "insult" at all? And 'beliebers' can "debelieb" themselves, can't they? I for one can't understand why the hell anyone can become a "belieber"in the first place.

Anyhow, I for one think Indonesia is fascinating and fabulous. And not because it's the fourth populous nation in the world.It's people, culture and beauty, that's what counts.

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