Harmonious in Prosperity

Indonesia, Keep Looking Down Around

I have been at the edge of outreach, to pose myself where place I have to stand on. My country is the concern, the supreme I sometimes can not compromise to literally merely say "yes" or "no" about things dealing with. Does it sound ultranationalist? I hope I don't trace the record of the hardline of anything, extravagant proclivity is not a wise idea, in my opinion. Fortunately the divine power gives people brain and heart to think and to feel, either must be running together.

Recent series of months, growing and more ever I have to recognize myself has been enjoying another part of fruitful thing what seemingly looked blur or even faded away about Indonesia.The scarcity of optimism is just diminishing yet stimulated by the unexpectable occurance, out of my inbox I guess. I regularly browse on internet -the place of wholeplace where everything is almost there- to see how people to see my country and exactly how our people to see themselves. I bring myself to catchdog people around me along the way I walk along the road, capturing some figures of what real life is. And attempting to be deer amongst the jungle natives. I sometimes giggle, feeling blessed, getting dissapointed, feeling embarrassed, becoming fury, and many human natural reaction as response of varying informations and circumstances. There's no lasting light nor either heavy dark. It always turns playing their gleam by their own, yet grey comes to break up the sharp contrast.

The first intake of optimism drived me I don't really remember when it had begun, I become more curious since I found a website a source of crave trigger to convince people (Indonesian particularly) there's a good thing about this country beside its blooming bad news revealing what darn bad thing is going on. Later I try to connect through its twitter account. Sometimes I post comment whenever I'm really stunned of amazing information or either whenever I feel it's necessary to appreciate the motivating article. It stimulates me to search the more optimism news the more I satisfy my pessimism thirst.

Indonesia's economy has attracted people whose concern once someone opens his/her eyes. There's plenty of article that of economist to reveal their view of a prospective future belonging to Indonesia. The Roy Morgan's research barely expose the rising of Indonesia economy from statictical approach covering high Consumer Confidence Index, the indulging tie of economy booming competition with China and India, and so fourth. The Forign Policy recently published the emergence of tiger post world war II to possibly drive world economy, called Indonesia. Well, it may become more complicated to be understood yet it sounds fruitful. Let me share some experiences in real life based on my humble observation around me. 

Some years ago when I was in Junior school (around 10 years ago), my friends would be proud of his/her camera phone. Today most people even an elementary student clutch Blackberry or Android Smartphone within their small fingers. Technology plays vital role to develop, so it's understandable. But remarkable growing of middle class people felt very windy here. Almost settlement ranging from small town to megacities own at least a mobile phone. Indeed suprisingly when I realize number of mobile phone circulated within this country is two folds than number of population itself. By raw calculation, there are some 480 millions more mobile phone devices. The calculation doesn't include account of latest production, it was in 2011. Supported by very fast growing of online store, the confidence of online shopping contribute to size number of small to medium enterprise expand their market. Recently Google and YouTube officially establish their Indonesian office in collaboration with regarding Ministries to enhance small to medium enterprise reach. The growth of internet reach and mobile phone bless underground e-consumer (including me and young firends) to enjoy more Indonesian creative products.

When I go to airport, the way I feel I'm totally in a crowd. Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK) is no longer convenient, it prevails since latest ten years ago or before. Not to mention the growth of aircraft number parking over the runway, indeed it exceeds the paved way capacity. Now many Indonesian enjoy to travel both domestic destination and international destination by plane. The sign that explains middle-class people is in spring, blooming like flower. Few days ago I deliver my Japanese student fellows to airport when they have to fly to Bali before coming back to their home university through Osaka with Garuda Indonesia). A friend of mine barely started to argue at one of American franchise food store where we had lunch, "Can you see? I don't think I can count how many rich people in this country". Wait, I just smile and replied, "Me too, let's see how people around us, some people come to airport with their very expensive branded cars and making checking at the desk of notable full service airlines". Yess, it has been more clear here, Singapore Airlines for instance, though number of flight to Singapore quite busy and very competitive, there's is always seat to be booked. In addition, they don't merely be able to choose Economy class, indeed moreover they are enough to settle at Business and First Class cabin. Meanwhile Garuda Indonesia is now more reachable since its transformation. If some years ago GIA is very exclusive due to people's capability to buy the ticket is still far lesser than today. Thanks to its very stunning growth and excellent service, supported by people's ability to reach the price, GIA seems now flying people to more various. Meanwhile Lion Air's record followed by Batavia Air, Sriwijaya Air, Mandala Air, and Merpati puts even bigger attention who contribute to uplift social identity since they are now flying middle-class some folds. More important, they connect this nation robustly linked breaking down geographical barrier. Now flying to Aceh or Papua from Jakarta is no longer barrier as long as you have money to buy more expensive ticket rather than to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. Considerably the distance is further, yet I guess Papua and surroundings as well as Aceh are more beautiful by its virgin nature and amazing view and people.

Hold on! So far I merely explain literally about "Indonesian (can) buy anything", I don't expect we only can buy without being able to produce. Don't force me to think how to make a stuff than sell it to costumer subsequently become rich. Nor do I want my friends to get money by very simple thinking way instead of considering the multiple effect. I would like to invite ourselves how to be more creative, then impress people by our work, then they buy with very high price for its creative value. Yess, the reason makes me  more happy since the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy established after reshuffle. We (Young Indonesian) properly takes this moment to change the way of thinking. "We don't need to be having lot of money because of we export so abundant raw resource materials, but we can create money by utilizing very few number of resource with the same output. All we need is creativity and craving ambition". It means we still own and preserve our wealthy reasource blessed by God. In any emergency situation, it can sustain us even longer. By any means it doesn't mean we would like to become "stingy", instead, by having more resource drives us to contribute more appropriately to help other. As a country who strongly exclaiming themselves to be "World Peace Initiator and Preserver" as barely resoluted on Constitution Preambule 1945, Indonesia should be consistent to burden great mission through its wealth and power.

But I still have a question, "Does become wealthy nation is the main goal?". Having lot of money and natural resources and great power and many admiring things are a pride. But more than anything, having qualified human resources leads anything. But one more again it's not enough, a country with admiring attitude of citizen could beat and lead anything. Now, strong economy doesn't completely represent strong country. There must be supported by its qualified civilization. All can be reached by a country who is able to solve its social problem wisely. That's what I say: "Indonesian Dream".

We don't need to sleep to have a good dream, we are better still awakened with painful sacrifice to enlive dream. To be recognized, living in a country with vary diverse ethnics, languages, cultural background, religions, ideology, human characters is not simple. Social problem is just around and very susceptible to trigger the conflict. Now, as the emergence economy seems to be shiny, we could be worried of its social impact, at least to put concern on it is appropriately to be studied. When more people buy cars, the more we see on the crowd street in Jakarta emerging tendency of tolerant devastating. Driver shouts the horn hardly once traffic light turns into red after very crazy traffic jam. In other city like Jogja as comparison, it's not a polite. Last few days ago I went to a mall, the growing number of this kind public place is flourishing in big cities, as well as it contributes to the change of environment and social behaviour for its over exceeding number to satisfy certain enterprise's billion worth. People seemded to be accustomed with "Ignorant Culture". I saw a 5 to 6-year-old child to sell some pieces of cheap crisp which is very contrary with the place he was around. Just few meters from him the luxurius cars were around to get in and out and none of them stopped for awhile. He offered his crisps to people who walked over him, almost no one took care of it. I even screwed myself how I realized much things I lost to be thankful for who I've been. A very touching and embarassing to prove we've changed and enjoying many fruitful things without attempting to look around. Don't blame and screw criminal disaster occurring over public place as consequence of stressful life due to devastating economic gaps, if only so far we don't do anything through social aids campaign.

I got one more very precious lesson during a lecture few weeks ago. My lecturer had just returned from Mentawai islands, a remote and border islands where become famous since earthquake and tsunami hit and killed more people. He started to share: "You must be feeling lucky and thankful my dearest student, if you think you would see how Indonesia in 1950's was, I suggested you to go far inside and remote place of this nation. I've returned from Mentawai and I proved it. The native told me: They would be very thankful if tsunami or earthquake hit their hometown again, so they could gain more aids and having better life". Once upon the time we were silent, I whispered to myself it's a big deal required to be concerned. Thanks to institution/NGOs/movement/whom concern to distribute message of the importance of social value and awareness behind the growing economy which merely very few people put respect on it.

When a blessing wealth belong to us, don't forget to look around us. May Indonesia someday will have grown as country with good attitude citizen and become powerful nation with its blessing resources.

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June 22, 2012 at 7:44 PM

This really is a sympathetic and sincere reflection upon wonderful Indonesia. I think you're right: it is flourishing, it show pride and self confidence. And average purchasing power has been growing.

Yours is a very interesting analysis from inside. I happened to read here (http://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/world/indonesia-growth-weda-bay-aceh-halmahera/) an as interesting complementary analysis from the outside a few hours ago.

I think in a way yours and hers match :).

June 23, 2012 at 10:45 AM

Thank you very much Colson for linking me to another similar-thought article, the way how I look deeper inside.

She's right upon the statement of David Cameron: "Indonesia is a country with extraordinary potential. If it realises that potential, it is likely to be despite its government, not because of it."

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