SUIJI International Program

SUIJI 2012
(Six Universities Initiative Japan-Indonesia)

I was just once logged on FB account and just like usual checking up for newsfeed or notification. A pal appears on chat box asking me for a favor. He seems to crave for immediate response as asking for voluntary to manage this kind of a new program crossing over my head. I -for some turns- used to get involved in international committee organizing event in campus when international student come. I couldn't agree more, yes I say though having no idea stuff gonna be handled. Just two days later a SMS received on my smartphone, the committee members are asked for first gathering and job-list designation. Even more surprising when I realize the program will be started no more than a week. Well, in any circumstance, just be relax and keep holding on to think how to make it HAPPEN!

So, it's such a busy whole-week with just merely some 20 studs we all (undergrads) have to ensure the preparation is ready just right before our guests coming. The program called SUIJI standing for Six Universities Initiative Japan-Indonesia. Here three universities from Japan which originate from Shikoku island such as Ehime University, Kagawa University, and Kochi University and some three others are my college Bogor Aggricultural University, Universitas Gadjah Mada, and Hasanudin University in Makasar. For our first committee gathering, I'm chosen as Coordinator of Student Paper Presentation in which my due turn will be the second day of participant stay. Well, there's no any rules yet the way of terms the paper should be. I guess this time I curiously invite my 'time-running-job' to make it managed to achieve. A stumbling idea is far  thrown away instead of creativity (really?). Flipping up my portable PC then departing to Ms.Publisher apps. The only one step crossing over my tiny head is how about to rule the paper and its presentation material. I cite from default the same I accomplish my last project and so adding touch of art sense onto brochure appearance. Done, I'm finally at the paper rule publication. Spending some hours till almot 2.30 am I'm along with the calm. I soon forward to our Student Affairs Advisor for screening and cheking, at the morning I wake up like drunk and chilling out my email inbox he accepts my work. Done! Now forward it to Ehime University lecturer who is in charge managing entire Jap student paticipiant preparation from three university members as well as forwarding to other Indonesia universities.

Cover Page of Paper Presentation Reference

Well, Sunday (27/05) is their arrival. Japanese student fly with Garuda Indonesia from Osaka Kansai (KIX) to Jakarta (CGK) with stopover in Denpasar Bali (DPS). Including our university official TV staff (Cameraman) from Green TV, me and other two committees head to airport to pick up our new fellow from Japan. Other committees are managing Indonesian student and the rests are staying at university dorm for preparation. GIA flight is on-time as usual and there's no matter fortunately it's going smooth. I draw a welcome poster in the mean time used as sign to let them identify us at arrival room. The groups are flocking and getting out the gate. We offer two university buses which one is for luggage and other exactly for passenger load.

Monday (28/05) we are ready for opening ceremony, my pal leads a group discussion which each university participant is mingled randomly in composite group. We discuss about future student plan and cooperation built in the next year at leat by this program running. Any ideas are welcome and suggestion promoted to exhibit. Now every student can speak up and direct their plan for next agenda. Later the conclusion will build Declaration, we state "SUIJI Bogor Declaration 2012".

Tuesday (29/05) is just around the corner. The night before I compile participating university paper and exactly make editing before it turns into default before copy spreading. Prosiding is the way of publication later when the event ends. Since our schedule must be subject of any emergency change, I personally together with other committee member would have designed respective plan from A to H-execution. We commute from dorm to CCR (Common Class Room) apparently big enough including main auditorium. Here scientific sense of student is encouraged to bare the idea and finding solution of current issue in three major scopes Food, Environment and Energy in Indonesia and Japan. A great notion is proposed, exchanges are about there.

In the evening the declaration is commenced, I represent the participant to declare "SUIJI Bofor Declaration 2012" then signed by respective university delegates from 6 univs. The night we continue with closing remark and dinner. Here student look so happy and each group has to present their performance. So funny! They become more crazy indeed. Though the rest day felt so tired, but we are happy!

Wednesday (30/05) all participant must be ready at 6.30 since our trip will be out of the campus area. We visit Bogor Botanical Garden situated at heart of Bogor surrounnded by lush of green, the air is so fresh! The guide lead us to introduce tropical species and so does present history of this hisorical garden. The place I ever visited last year for practical study of my Ecology subject.

At noon we visit Mekarsari fruit land taking around 2 hours from Bogor. Having lunch there and some exciting games such as Bakiak Race and Eggplant-Ball Shooting. 

Group Six

Salak (a type of tropical fruit) is the most among other fruit my Jap fellow grab, don't know why but Nao-kun tell me it's his fav. From one site to another site of each the fruit  is planted, not to missing melon in the greenhouse, taste fresh. It's almost 4 pm we have to return to Bogor for dinner. We head to Botani Square a modern-store owned by our university with some kinds of stuff from movie cinema, food court, bookstore, agricultural store, tourism store, and other things. 

Photo Session before Farewell

At night we decide having no sleep since tomorrow morning some delegates will depart to airport for Makassar and Jogja. So we're going for party! Yeah! It's awesome party with music, games, and dance from 12 midnight till 3 am. It's kinda weird but exciting. The Japanese party and Indonesian party meet the way of melting down to mingle. You know we are youth-blooded and still powerful (really?).

It's a sad moment when I have to deliver my fellows to the bus before departing to airport. We just promise to meet someday, friendship stays even longer and lasting :-)

Dedicated to SUIJI members

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June 15, 2012 at 2:26 PM

Isn't that an awesome mix of serious study-matters, Alma Mater's ambassadorship and a touch of tourist joys?

I bet group six stood out by excellence :).

Your account made me ling for the gold old days I was a University student...:)

June 15, 2012 at 3:06 PM

Indeed, being a committee exactly undergoes two opposite things, "working ward" and "playing hard" yet awesome either.

Party is damn awesome and playing hard till dawn :p

Gold old days meant you could still cheer up us even more (youngster) ! :)

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