Malang Trip: Part 2

Batu Secret Zoo


Front view of Animal Museum, JATIM Park 2

It’s still warming-up chill when the clock fits almost 10 am. Situated between Regency of Malang and triggering growth of “Kota Batu” – Municipality of Batu, I stay some days at height of meters upland. My first visit has signed a signature of another trip story.

I walk downward from Regency (housing) where my sister lives with her husband after almost a year marriage to “angkot” stop point, a renowned kind of “low-price” public transportation. I’m fortune at least here frequently angkot cross over the stop since the dawn until around 5 pm. The driver tells me as he convinces there’s no worry of payment for it costs merely IDR 3,000 (USD 0.30 ; 1 USD=IDR 10,000). “Murah meriah!” he says or literally means “happy cheap”.

Front view of Batu Secret Zoo

The load is not that crowded, simply I cite it’s comfort enough with some elementary school students get in then subsequently stop for only IDR 500. They use this public transportation to commute between school and home while it’s almost 15 minute-long. The kind driver points me out a venue in which by design looks formidable than its surrounding. It’s JATIM Park 2 (JATIM stands for Jawa Timur or literally East Java) figured with a classic Greek building next to wheel-flyer. There might be a question emerged, if JATIM Park 2 successfully built, so where is the preceding Park? I wonder I’ve got the answer but no direction for immediate quit from angkot. I don’t talk to driver any longer. 

Two entrance point stand to welcome visitor, meanwhile car/bus/motorcycle have to pay for parking ticket but no for walker exactly. I go toward ticket store then order “full-journey: option which includes Zoo and Animal Museum. Today is Thursday which means upon normal days, so the complete package only costs IDR 60,000. But if you come upon weekend, it costs higher IDR 15,000 than the normal ones. You pay IDR 75,000 instead.

It looks like labyrinth, serpentine where single path surrounded by exhibition of living animal from mammals to birds. No worry getting lost, “Rute Selanjutnya” or Next Route signs the board stamped just after few meters of bending path. It’s leveled up to some nearly 3 or 4 I generally count. The design reminds me of mall but still better for its educative and natural value, additionally open-up scenery beats the point. 

"Magic" white box offers free charging

After crossing some stop points, going up then going down follow the pattern, I take a rest awhile at food corner beneath the labyrinth. Ripples of water enliven the realm. A white magic box stands just at the fringe of artificial waterfall boundary. “Free-charging” for some renowned mobile devices mentioning Balckberry, NOKIA, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson to iPhone is available for no cost. For gadget addict it’s such a blessing box and beyond fonder. For me I call it a fortune since my phone battery power drops to 16% and seven worsens. It illuminates reddish spangle signing me “Please recharge me or you’ll lost the world”. I plug it meanwhile me taking a rest for a while before following the arch. 

Statue of tribal outfit, visitor takes photo by resembling the clothes

I’ve been at the half of entire path whence visitor passes through sense of Africa. Another amusing spot wherein by following the sign ranging from Africa live scenery to Kidzone right up there. In this part a tunnel walled by solid clear glass visitor can enjoy the nativelike house of African tribe blown by song of feast. It’s derived into two sides, right and left. Apparently the tunnel existence cuts off the realm.

At the highest of where it’s built, I clearly see the panorama of Batu. I love the peak of a robust mountain over there standing with its vanity, like a pillar but looking triangle. Seems it whispers “I’m the king of means here and I see what you develop”. I attempt asking my friend what its name, but no clue. I wonder this wonderful mountain is what I was stunned of during the flight, clearly I see amid snowy cloud at height.

Gorilla arena

Eventually I’ve been at the exit gate, but I still have to go to the next destination, a Greek-style building which turns out to be Animal Museum. I come in and immediately my imagination flies me to world-class museum, at least I argue it is a world class standard or whatever it’s stunning (for me). I never expected or imagined before, Malang –a growing visited city- owns this treasure. Nothing to exaggerate but here I get so many Biology lesson beside its fascinating architect.

Panoramic preserved gigantic dinosaur inside Animal Museum

They have many kinds of insects, butterflies, till big size Polaroid animal, White Bear and African lion. All of these animals are preserved. Take as many lessons as you could by studying the nature wonder across the globe. Moreover, they have an educative auditorium where people (mostly students) come to pursue another path of study. It looks so well preserved and maintained. I take a snap to toilet as I wonder whether it can drink my thirst of clean or at least clean enough. See, everything is well. “They still have some slots if only visitor come in group and desire to pee” I laugh.


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September 5, 2012 at 3:14 PM

A virus-warning kept me from commenting earlier :(. But it's over now :). So, sorry, I'm way overdue :(.

Anyhow, this is a very peculiar "Zoo" indeed. Or perhaps it partly resembles a kind of open-air museum.

One detail did strike me in your account. Elementary schoolchildren use angkots (really cheap public transport indeed)to and from school. In contrast here, in the Netherlands, children that age do that cycling.

September 5, 2012 at 9:02 PM

Welcome back Colson :)

Myself is such reckless of preserving maintenance of my blog, sorry for inconvenient access. I did have great time during my 6-day stay in Malang, it's cool :)

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