Feast Day: Going Home

Pulang Kampung

Sorry for hibernating post. It was kinda hectic recent few weeks I've not yet posted any article. Well, it's started when I and most like others decide to go home for this three-week long for feast day celebration in beloved hometown. Mostly here for those muslim or any believer would love not to miss this enough break season having gathering with family, mine too. 

Actually I'd booked a ticket for Jakarta-Lombok sector a month before my departure. The reason is modest, grabbing the best (lowest) price. What a luck I successfully made an online booking for Garuda Indonesia. This term has been some times of my flight with this growing state-owned airlines. In addition I can upgrade my GFF mileage as well.

Just like usual, this trip must be alone (again). Fortunately a friend who is also studying in IPB turning out my high school mate texted me just a week before departure. She asked my favor to book the same flight. Roger that the last seat belonged to her, a coincidence.

Today is Sunday. Merchants line up the way all through the edge of street, well known as "Pasar Kaget". I commit an appointment to meet up at 6 am in front of a bank next to campus area. Here we depart by "angkot" then commuting to DAMRI pool bus by Trans Pakuan. Once the bus stop, immediately I load the baggage onto DAMRI bus. Merely five minutes later a kind driver push the pedal and it's moving now.

The bus travels to Terminal 3 for first unload subsequently commuting to Terminal 1 (for domestic), eventually ending up here in front of Terminal  Gate E for Garuda Indonesia domestic flight. We get in and making check-in. I have to line up at different desk since my friend having no luggage, merely a backpack. Well, I have to admit it's long queue.

Garuda Indonesia Flight GA430 Boarding Pass

After paying the airport tax paid during check-in (a new way of convenient) we don't waste our time to fool around the corridor. Nothing to buy. Entering Gate 3, a flock of passenger has been there. For this hour alone all GA flights bound for Bali and Lombok. You may have guessed kind of passengers here. Yeah, most of them are foreign tourist from -whatever- I don't know, but exactly western countries or perhaps the Oz.

When the announcement sounded, flight to Lombok (GA 430) with B737-800NG ready to depart. Since I made request for window view seat during check-in, I get myself on "A" row yet the most behind right in front of toilet. Unfortunately the pitch is tight.

A passenger next to me (right side) is middle-age Korean guy, a member of group travel from Seoul who seek for adventure taking Rinjani Trekking as he tells me. At the moment I whisper there must be well-sounded of enigmatic Rinjani Mt., another fact beside its third tallest height amid mountains over archipelago.

Inflight Menu for Fasting Day

Two hour flight seems kinda tiring for me since this aircraft is not installed with AVOD system for economy class. I sincerely do expect before I would have boarded like previous GA fleet I flew from Selaparang Airport (now it's closed) to Jakarta. My touching down to Lombok International Airport is the first time since successing airport in heart of Mataram was closed just the day of inaugural flight of Garuda Indonesia to establish this new airport on October 2011 by President SBY.

I wonder how this airport looks like. Once the aircraft drops by at the gate of pier, I have to admit it looks more advance with adjustment facilities. Tourist Information is just around the corner. Anyone who drops by here should have realized she/he is in tourism destination.

Arrival next to Wings Air from Bali (DPS)

The luggage appears on trolley, I grab it then going toward exit gate. My friend's parent have been outside there. They pick us by car heading to Mataram.She will stay for two days but this afternoon I have to continue my trip to Sumbawa through a mini bus. Fortunately my dad kinly booked my ticket when I was in Bogor, so I don't need to pay.

Lombok International Airport front view

It's around 5 pm and the bus departs to Sumbawa, another island at east. 6 hour long including leaving on ferry is not too bad. At least I can enjoy the night trip this day as the wave calm down my wreck for (almost) no wind. So it goes smoothly. It's still dark outside.

My sketch : Lombok International Airport

At mid night I eventually touch down my foot on beloved town. I'm kinda happy for tomorrow morning for I'll wake on my own house after a year ago my last visit :)

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