Moyo Island Trip

Escape Ordinary in Moyo Island

Depart from home at 09.30 am

I and a friend go by motorcycle that of another friend straddling three-load. Arrived at angkot (yellow color) 30 minutes later continued to Amanwana harbor in Badas, typically small privately-owned harbor at 10.30. A security on-duty person tells us we are too early having been there, I smile the way of that time while thinking to have look around. Three big vessels, as another guy informs us those are from Surabaya frequently unload goods to be brought and spread out over relatively less dense Regency, Sumbawa.  Though it doesn’t seemingly look hectic, some trucks approach the ship to load commercial stuffs meanwhile merely few muscled men manually lift up weighed box.

Labuhan Badas

I stare limitless blue started here from clear turquoise shallow bank, deepening park that of small fishes. Transition of color into darker blue looks harmoniously well shifted. It still remains around 3 hours until the next vessel drops by. “Patiently waiting” I guess, fortunately just no longer after our arrival, another friend appears. Actually this trip is supposed to thank her since she is the key that I and friend by any reason eventually are at the edge of new admired visit to Moyo island. She works as voluntary teacher in Elementary school at small village, Labuan Aji. Last three weeks was school break session, which is also national holiday for Muslim biggest feast day, Hari Raya. Actually whose access of navigation through resort’s vessel are staffs only frequently bridging the main island Sumbawa to Moyo island where extremely peaceful and less crowd is its. But the resort management also allows maximum 3 visitors (local) going by after registration a day before. I feel so lucky for two reasons, my fellow registered me and another friend for free and worry of no place to settle has disappeared. She kindly offers us a room even though it’s small. 

Labuhan Sumbawa

At 1.15 pm we and other resort staffs are ready bounding for resort pier, some miles over there unseen by bare eyes. Two-hour trip felts so bliss because the sea comes with less wind and calm. Some other passengers decide to take nap on warm bed at both the stairs. This vessel is sort of two levels in which uppermost merely a half meter height covered by vast bed spread. I, myself during two-hour long prefer to put my sight over shoreline and blue sea. In addition having lunch with a cup of instant noodle is some minute portion I spend awhile. 

Tanjung  Menangis, a peninsular horns into the sea seemingly to always get closer with Moyo island, just not far from the sharpest point. It faces the island southernmost. An old man who turns out to be chief navigator has me to know the isle, west to Moyo island with hazy sight over there, is his hometown, Pulau Medang. The islander originally come from Bugis (a tribe in South Sulawesi/Celebes) for their major language spoken is in Buginese even though administratively they are under Sub Regency of Labuan Badas, the nearest sub capital to Sumbawa Besar. 

On the way during voyaging vessel

3.15 pm
The vessel slows down its speed, acceleration goes down just few meters before it’s tied to the pier. My eyes look over a flocking 20 tents, a high-rate which turns out to be AMANWANA resort where pristine nature surrounds the realm. The open-air concept with forest at backyard inspires its name born by two words “AMAN” means peaceful and “WANA” means forest originating from Sanskrit language, which later hugely influenced Bahasa Indonesia.  Its existence indeed paves the way to attract mostly foreign visitor staying and enjoying very privilege vacation. Notable names such as Lady Diana, Rolling Stone leading vocalist Mick Jagger and probably some other names traced their visit here yet media exposure is hidden. I now become more understand to realize its privilege and unpopularity may take over Bali or Lombok for the real terms of calm. 

AMANWANA log pier

Once I touch down my foot on the first log of pier, I see the security is guaranteed as marine and forest police are always ready there to watchdog the traffic over the sea and backyard. Yet I have to ride on the back side motorcycle that of a staff who just ends his today picket. Three motorcycles with 6 people on ride have to pass extreme road. It’s not sort of asphalt road but dusty cycle track. Sometimes we have to ascend then descending immediately. My butt felt kinda painful. 10 km is not too far, but within 15 minutes to accomplish it on mountainous track is another circumstance. I just can’t understand where I’m on now, on the ride race or because I’ve never been like now. 

I and a rider who turns out local settlement end up right at the edge of bamboo fence, in front of three bounded room which is a mes. Few minute later two fellows arrive, one whose one of this room allows us to get in after cleaning it up since latest departure three weeks ago. Taking a rest for awhile.

Labuan Aji ville

In the afternoon we have late lunch or something fulfilling my empty stomach. Fortunately a modest traditional eatery house is just few meter away, indeed the price is even cheaper than common price for the same portion. Should I thank for this. 

6 pm
It becomes dark and the sun slowly hides over the west gleaming shiny orange flash. Everyone would have known where I stand, in a tropical country where coconut waves almost every time. It’s such a beautiful sunset. Not merely mine stares there, some tourists from Germany never let this chance swept away through the wave.

Can I swallow the sun?

Next Day

10 am
Well, I have to return on the same road just like yesterday. I visit the resort for some pictures. Actually my visit to this island is not merely for vacation, in addition also for small research. But guess, the security doesn’t permit me to have looking around for suspecting me a foreign tourist from China whom not registered as resort’s guest. My friend has attempted to explain I’m also a native, but it goes nothing. So our plan changes immediately. I have to wait outside the line meanwhile my friend takes a trip – which I surely admire – inside the resort.  She with her camera takes some picture of preserved deer hunting area.  Ok, I still can enjoy the white sand here instead. 

An hour and half later she appears. We decide to continue by riding to another hidden spot which later is inevitably wonderful, I guess. Wait, I almost forget to share, this noon we get free lunch. The resort staffs do favor. But we are not beggar anyway. 

Kapal Batu ~ Moyo Island

Moyo Island
Romantic View

On a small “berugaq” sort of open-air hut, we have lunch in the meantime enjoying the breeze of sea wind amid sultry noon. I prepare my swimsuit and a ray-ban then descending the steep toward turquoise shore. Ten meters away it still looks so amazing with lovely shallow bank depth. The sand once I submerge my foot on it is felt silky, a very fascinating place for snorkeling. Unfortunately I don’t bring any adjustment sea activity stuffs so I merely swim. It’s about a half hour long.

Mata Jitu waterfall
Mata Jitu waterfall

It’s kinda tiring, well I need a little rest. But it’s merely an hour. I have to go to most renowned waterfall in the island, Mata Jitu waterfall (waterfall: Air terjun “Ind”). The road is slightly better yet more challenging. We ascend up while around wild boar crossing over our way then disappearing in glance. I put off my clothes as arrived, subsequently jumping down subemerging inside the damn fresh water. Though it takes not long place, 30 minutes is enough I guess. We head to go back after all through the same way and it's all getting more tiring.

Tonight I and friend prepare our stuffs for returning home tomorrow. In the morning three students are in front of mes settling us back the motorcycle heading to the resort's pier. A white vessel over there is ready to navigate. It has been all the way unexpectable plan yet it comes in the precise time. Thanks for this short journey whence I learn many precious things particularly I become fonder to appreciate the resource of our own.

May I'll return there someday.

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September 24, 2012 at 3:46 PM

You already convinced me that visiting Moyo Island is very worthwhile. And this enthusiastic account takes away any doubt which might have remained :).

However I wonder about this registration issues. In the first place it appears to be difficult if you don;t know ( like me) about where, when and how to register previous to the visit. And secondly I frowned reading you were not free to go any place on the island you wanted - what are the Island officials afraid of?

September 24, 2012 at 4:23 PM

You may join "Perama Tour" if only you don't need to stay at AMANWANA Resort. It offers connecting travel from Lombok to Rinca Island (Komodo) through stopover in Moyo Island. But you only have short time to explore the island. Recently merey AMANAWANA guests whose access to the island is immense since it's the only one resort.

I get some helps from local people (some of them are the officials) so I was not too restricted to get into some interesting spots.

FYI, there's no public transportation in the island, you may ask "local guide" to take you personal travel by motorcycle. It will be more worthy (and you don't need to pay more money) :D

Other option is, you can choose to stay at Samawa Seaside Cottage (at Lemona Beach) in the horn of Sumbawa island which is the nearest access to Moyo Island. I guess they have tour package to the island.

Pls check my previous post about Samawa Seaside:

SAMAWA Seaside


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