The 19th Tri-U International Joint Seminar and Symposium

Role of Asia in Communities and Sustainable Development

It's been almost a week when the program ended, now I unleash into amid of busy exam week. Just a week before, I and other delegates stayed at Padjajaran Suites, Bogor to run the symposium as participant or paper presenter and cultural performer as well.

This year is the 19th of Tri-U International Joint Seminar and Symposium or literally merely TriU held since the first time introduced by founding universities from three countries (Chiang Mai University, Thailand - Jiangsu University, China - Mie University, Japan). Now it has extended the founding member by including Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) among elite four-university group since IPB frequently join the program as inviting university in the mean time shows respectable record of achievement. Thus the trustee of each representative consider to put huge relying on IPB participation must be beyond invitation status, moreover the main league player. IPB officially this year runs the burden as host for first time.

After the successful event, it reminds me how we all prepare many kind of things few months before. Me myself join TriU inspired by predecessor, its scientific value and international relationship experience is immense yet challenging. Since April, any student  whose interest in TriU from IPB submit their research abstract as initial prerequisite before further test. From more than 100 applicants, merely around 50 students are called for presentation selection under 5 scopes (Food, Energy, Environment, Population, and Ecology). The examiner consist of three lecturers from different background. Announcement of successful applicant is released few days aftermath. I'm so surprised when my name shortlisted among 17 students passing the research presentation test. Initially the  judge consider to pick 20 names as maximum requirement but since the qualification put at high standard, they reduce number of recipient. The remaining three students are those achiever of gold medal in Student's Creativity Week (One of the most prestigious competition for university student level in Indonesia) who successfully list IPB the 2nd overall winner among Indonesia universities.

We start our presentation rehearsal as well as deepen research strength just no longer after announcement. For the moment we are considered the delegate candidate, not fully candidate. The reason is simple, because the university really strives to choose the person who will be representative must meet the standard, not merely scientific value but also attitude. It makes sense I guess, this event would not be only seen by which university measurement, but the origin where participating country comes. In brief, any delegate of IPB must show the good attitude of Indonesia hospitality and excellence. 

In this term, I decide to concern my research on application of remote sensing after considering my hometown regency is the proper study case. I'm fully aware number of publication in which putting Sumbawa as study case still remains less. It really triggers me to step on higher through this research I'd like to introduce the potential and benefit of agricultural and tourism development over there is really appropriate. Fortunately, my last 2 week and few days more stay in Sumbawa during feast day break really gives me spacious time and chance to deepen my research by traveling to some places in the regency to take evidence pictures of geographical condition as well as statistical data from regarding government institution. It is very helpful to strengthen my analysis.

I come back to university as the holiday ceases with ton of spirit and confident. I promise I have to convince people they have to see another thing amongst 17,000 more islands, a big potential of resource is still hidden, just waiting the human resource will have managed to endure challenge to handle it wisely, for citizen prosperity.

All delegates

Well, the due week has come. All participant, including university professors and board from founding member countries and inviting universities from Malaysia (Universiti Putra Malaysia), Australia (Adelaide University), and extending invited universities such as Ibaraki University (Japan), Suranaree University of Technology and Chiang Rai University (Thailand) gather up at the first night when cocktail party held at Sentul. Counting them in, it reaches around 100 more people. The volunteers who turn out student of IPB are really busy to handle the participant, but they look so happy to burden this duty. I have to thank them for their hard-work.

Best Paper Award

Here we are not only doing paper presentation but also creating student project splitting into 6 groups where student mingled from different university to make new design and prototype of futuristic green energy stuffs. Through this experience, I really carry up many things to be learnt, how to lead the group member from various background and characteristics, how to pour the idea into one conclusion, how to negotiate, and how to make creative action presentation to unite the member. It means a lot. It gives a lot as well. Our team successfully grab the title "The Best Teamwork" group. Every member look so happy and yelling our slogan "PAWW". My team members are from Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Japan.

It has been at the edge of the day. The last day of paper presentation, all participants gather up at IICC (IPB International Convention Center) for closing remarks and announcement of the best paper presentation each scope. It's so very surprising and joyful when the announcement calls 3 out of 5 award belong to IPB student. Award of best paper for the scope of Food belongs to Faradilla, scope of Population belongs to Azka, meanwhile scope of Ecology belongs to me. I feel so much thankful to those who support my research and all IPB delegates for supportive teamwork during our preparation, we did practice more often and doing paper check each of member by giving suggestion and sharing. We really do mutual teamwork. At least we have impressed and proven that we can be good host and good participant as well.

Cultural performance from IPB delegates

But the joy has not ceased. The night will be farewell party and Cultural Performance from respective country. Wow, seems it would be free festival I guess. But actually we have prepared Indonesia cultural performance, Merak dance (West Java), Bali dance, and Saman Dance (Aceh). Every participant do their best with their traditional performance. Everyone wears the best costumes and it looks so nice. I often think, tonight is more likely     international cultural festival instead of scientific forum instead. But this point that I have to recognize TriU is more than just scientific forum. It means a lot. The student is amazing with their talent in representing their home country with pride. The spirit of Asia and its confident to take role in global partnership feels so fiery as the concept of TriU. 

One more again I take another great experience and learning lot things. Thanks for that.

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November 2, 2012 at 2:42 PM

Wow, great event, prestigious participation and prominent role.

Congratulations both the your university and you self :). And a lot of success taking your exams!

November 2, 2012 at 9:10 PM

Tons of thank Colson, you've indeed encouraged me a lot :-)


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