Young People: Unleash The Vision

The World of Our Own

Most recent I always think harder and dragging myself by force to go looking for something which is uncertain. As me myself today at 21 is no longer teens yet my mind is ridiculously not mature. I guess every single person ever experienced a moment when he/she takes a vacant time to contemplate his/her action for a long time remembered. And I do at this time.

Now I realize what people say "Life is a process" and couldn't agree more things happen through the time have driven me to digest this wise word. Many things happen and many circumstances take part of placing me into buffering zone. It's not Kashmir nor West Bank but niche of heart and mind. At the end of semester of my higher education timetable, some months later to graduate, this is a great deal of my life path. With mountainous final project and assignment, not to include final thesis, it really makes me exhausted. I have to consider my parents who get older, the matter of my education and life expense is my concern as well. And about friendship which I've established with beloved fellows, for which it undergoes tide and rise, is enjoyable. But we altogether always question about tomorrow and years later, what will we be? Will we all be like what we are today? No answer till now and still a mystery.

Let me skip a moment all my worries. I'd like to make it straightforward.

Not long time ago when Bali chosen to host Youth Global Forum 2012 on early December, speech from delegates or invited individuals have opened my slanting eyes. People there spoke up their mind, vision, and experience. I just think how lucky they are for having chance to voice their own. But I do believe many other young people think the same.

Indonesian talented singer with her tremendous ambition, Agnes Monica gave a stunning speech to audience. She shared about her carrier experience and powerfully encouraged young people to always run on track pursuing what they aspire. It could be meaning a lot for those (young people) who are in the confusing/frustrating way. (Please review her video below)

I should thank for this video and also my fellows who always give me support pursuing my aspiration. I remember when one of my best fellow said "If your dream doesn't come true, the world wouldn't collapse. But if your dream comes reality, the world will see you. So, if you have dream, never dream about mediocrity but the biggest thing in your mind". The process of life recent weeks have encouraged me a lot. I have some points of my aspiration list but I can't say here, I would tell later once it comes into reality, hopefully. 

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December 19, 2012 at 10:53 PM

That's the spirit: all you "who not only can change but will change the world to become a better place" :). She's right. And so are you.

By the way, let me wish you a great 2013 and a glorious graduation!

December 20, 2012 at 3:00 PM

Thank you very much Colson for always supporting me :'-)

I hope things will be better tomorrow and the days after tomorrow, so forth.
I wish you a Happier 2013
Happy News Year :-)

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