Jakarta: The Overdrowned Venice

Jakarta skyscrapers tower up on the submerging basin

I have never taken any short visit to Jakarta since my last strolling by to accompany my Japanese fellow during his visit in Indonesia. I prefer stayed home (at student hostel for sure) preparing final exam or some times had meeting with fellow members of our newly re-established student organization, after few months hibernated. Meanwhile in the middle of spare time, I convinced my lazy ass to stand up grueling with laundry. I have been accustomed to do my own clothe washing, rinsing, till drying off. All those steps was all right and so fine until people started to set fireworks flirted the new year darkness. 

I, who usually don't always too much put concern on Greek myth, suddenly my rambling notion whispered me a folklore about fireworks which have attracted the goddess Zeus, believed as the god of sky and rain, looking down to the flickering cities. He might felt dazzled off and disturbed. So might he got anger due to firework clatter. As result of his annoyance he pours down perpetual medium to heavy rain until today which causes my clothes creasy, no sun lights.

Once in my rational mind warns, it is impossible for Zeus sees Jakarta or perhaps Bogor as his highlights, as he never visited these two cities. Moreover it is because Zeus is too busy considering economy slowdown in Athens as he looks frustrating with mass turmoil going down the street for protest. He might be certainly very busy. Regardless of Zeus's factor, he might has swapped his duty blessing Jakarta with swamping 5-year period flash flood to another "localized rain goddess".

The duty-swap certainly has still caused heavy rain, the claim is valid. Not to mention Bogor, a renowned rain city, I have been  several days without long outdoor strolling. I prefer stay tuned on TV or just nudging my little finger on 10" tablet to read online news or and "youtubing" insane videos. Meanwhile outside the song of sprinkle sounds reluctant to ease down. The more I complain about, the more it takes place as it is so lusty for a revenge. I have no power to run it out even though people in Jakarta has been surviving among raising flood level.

Otherwise it looks so funny for me when the crowds among flowing flood condemn Bogor for its less deterrent to supply free wicked water through the rivers passing by. Meanwhile people in Bogor don't take it too much responses, lulled in long nap for the rain teased the ass to idle. I myself who has Bogorized my manner naturally following the circumstance. Indeed the end of final exam has really boosted my laziness into some percent above the threshold. Sounds creepy yet so relaxing.

I attempt, in my very spare time, to play my wild rambling brain finding the best solution to ease off the wicked flood. But once I realize my Hydrological Engineering calculation is never too enough. Seems I haven't involved sociological parameter, economical cost, feasibility analysis, and so forth, whatever it is as reluctant as refilling empty toothpaste flask through narrowing neck after post-manufactured process.

The capital city is now over drowned. Yet it looks beautiful from far above as the floods writhe following the paving roads particularly at Bundaran HI, as it is depicted the latest by either professional photographer or instagram tooled photobomber. I could say it is the seasonal Venice as this year is the best period after 5 years back flash flood swamped 10 million capital city. I am just too curious waiting for the upcoming 5-year occurrence, by my raw calculation it will be by 2018. Two years before 2020 Olympic Games bid after Istanbul's proposal, Jakarta will host it no more than 2032. Hopefully all participants from over 200 NOC's countries will really "enjoy Jakarta" traveling by boat on the city's crowd or perhaps at another attraction, athletic sprinter with Zeus's torch in clutch passing by serious traffic jam at speed 6 km per hour. What a wonderful Jakarta!


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January 19, 2013 at 3:45 PM

It's good to read your upbeat and high spirits post. Yet I guess many people have hard time now in the Capital because of the rain and floods. I for one was worried about my son's family living in South Jakarta ( they are al-right fortunately :)).

Btw: Lots of success at your exams:).

January 19, 2013 at 5:09 PM

Exactly, the 10 million city has been paid attention by neighbouring countries or perhaps miles away because of flood for sure at present. I'm relieved hearing that your son's family are fine.
I have accompished my exam and it's my double folded relieve :-)

January 21, 2013 at 3:58 PM

Huge congratulations :))!

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