Sumbawa: The Disgraced Anniversary


When somebody comes to you to wish you a very happy anniversary greeting with a box of birthday gift upon it, I do believe you will be very excited and thank it so much. Then it disappears as you are going to unbox the present. Once you open it, out of sudden you start to scream fearfully as you are aware it contains a very bad smell carcass with letter of threat along with, so horrible!

It might sound like in fairy tale or happens only on soap opera, but the thing is alike as today Sumbawa celebrates its 54th anniversary in full of scares. The sacred of euphoria suddenly has turned into crowd of riot just few hours after ceremony. Public transportation, mini-market, houses, and worship place are no exception from vandalism meanwhile some of it burnt. The fog towers up as notorious protesters set the fire to the innocence. Even the turmoil is worsened by pillage. The news blown as the local report it through real time social network.

The disturbance claimed to emerge since the sweeping mob set up by university students in the town going down the road for protest. They prosecute policeman who they claim alleged to murder and raped a girl who turns out their fellow. But the clarification of rumor is still in progress. Even it worsens as the riot proliferates to include racial and religious sense on it, a critical matter to diversity and existence of minority within the town and surrounding.

Twitter timeline tagged #PrayForSumbawa comes up in torrent, so does Facebook People as they (mostly) who turn out the Sumbawan fervently spread the message of peace meanwhile some others condemn the protesters who are alleged the rampant unrest maker as symbol of stupidity. They also respond the tragedy a tremendous disappointment and claim it a shame. Netizens yell through soundless word to ask immediate response from regarding security forces as they mention official policemen as well as the Mayor's to cease off the riot.

For whatever reason, the intolerance and violence are decisively disgraceful. May peace always prevail.

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January 24, 2013 at 3:17 PM

This is a horrible account. I join you in sincerely hoping and wishing the situation will turn to law, order and peace again.

I wonder what is at the root of all these riots which explode time after time in places scattered all over Indonesia's archipelago. Maluku, Poso and now this. It getting too frequent, too serious to ignore.

January 24, 2013 at 9:21 PM

I have never imagined this horror really happens, in place recognized the moist quiet in the region suddenly turning into crowd of anger.

My disappointment to those stupid mob who enacted the riot has just raised up when I hear that one of my best friends house is plundered and burnt, so mean!

Now, even though the security forces are about seeking and have caught the suspects, it still requires time to turn the condition into normal.

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