The Way Home

The Way Home

I have been hiatus from blogging on February post, something happened.

My last trip to hometown has been stored in my memory more than only experiencing how professional research should be conducted, it also deals with how plan could go into messy. On the way home, after Batavia Air bankruptcy officially announced, keeping in mind I was in Malang at that time, I should has booked another substituting flight to Lombok in order catching up my subsequent flight to Sumbawa. The decision falls to Lion Air's subsidary, Wings Air as it serves the earliest flight from Juanda International Airport, Surabaya. I decide to depart some hours before the due timetable departure since my worry about late is overwhelming.

Leaving my sister's home at 5 pm in Malang with welcoming grumble of driver. I book a joint rent car to Surabaya. "There must be something wrong here" I mumble. And it goes to debate with him as he claims I should has been ready at 2.30 pm, a thirty minutes before schedule of departure at 3 pm. And I just don't understand why on earth I am placed at the two-hour early schedule meanwhile I booked last night via phone call I am certainly sure it must be 5 pm. This experience has really ruined my expectation of good service quality of rent car company in this apple city. Though I should not generalize all of them.

Juanda International Airport in the morning

Arriving in Juanda airport at 6.45 pm at Terminal 1B, people are so rush as this second most growing airport in archipelagic country is undergoing the same classic problem, lack of capacity. My decision before to stay overnight here is robust since there is no hostel near to airport. Well, I and other early morning flight passenger are lying down on backstage terrace. Some times I go to eatery for little snack or beverage. Unfortunately most of the public Wi-Fis either airport or food stores don't appropriately work. Something that I notice it is kinda dispirit. 

A ridge in norther East Java

Mt. Agung, Bali

At 6 am, passenger of Wings Air has been ready onboard on propeller aircraft ATR-72. Within an hour and 20 minutes flight I merely take some photos and do nap. The weather is charming and scenery is awesome  particularly when passing through Mt. Agung, Bali. I really love to eyewitness the grandeur of magnificent mother nature. Just some minutes later, the French-Italian manufacture ATR gradually flies descending to approach Lombok International Airport  runway. 

Wings Air parks after arrival at Lombok International Airport

As the aircraft runs out, I immediately approach baggage claim area then proofing bag stamp by suiting it with code displayed on boarding pass. But actually the subsequent flight will be at noon, so I walk away the arrival building to a cafe shop just few meters ahead. I am fortunate, this shop is tooled with superb free Wi-Fi access so I am allowed to kill some hours boring waiting time by browsing, checking emails, twittering, and other cyberspheric stuffs.

When the boarding time of the upcoming flight is on the due hour, I grasp all my stuffs to check-in desk, not to forget asking for window view seat. I don't let the chance of capturing sky moment taken away as long as it is still an option (with no additional charge). 20-minutes flight with Merpati Nusantara to home island is smooth, but my nerve is once only triggered and even faster when the China made Xian MA60 aircraft flies descending above small town of Sumbawa, the length of runway is short and so is settlement distance to runway. It is kinda challenging.

Arriving at Sumbawa airport is nothing much changed. The sultry weather, pouring sweat, and very small baggage claim area with very less restriction. Here I call airport of Sumbawa-way.

Geez it's home!

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March 14, 2013 at 8:19 PM

Your journeys home obviously consists of several stages. Complicated. And the logistics of transport appear not to be flawless always. Yet your aerial pictures are awesome :).

March 15, 2013 at 8:34 AM

thank you Colson, the most loved part of every single flight journey is either taking photos or capturing videos ;)

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