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What thing was attracting most TV observant for almost two-hour breath-taking yesterday? The football match. I do agree. The crowd yelled out loud once the last minute penalty execution ended up the game 7-6 for Indonesia over Viet Nam in U-19 AFF Cup. It was kinda bit more longer than normal duration yet it was the beat. But myself later turned back into my small bedroom leaving frantic fellows in gathering room. I flipped few of some pages of French textbook.

Since couple weeks ago I enrolled for 3-month French course at university language center, the reason comes in random. I have no certain aims in detail the reason takes me in this class. Among 9 students for beginner level, I'm at the least of reasonable account given to French-graduate lecturer (though she is not French language and literature titled) as she was too curious looking for our point. Some of them are foreign student candidates to study in French in various fields. Me, the only one who only could say "I have no exact reason at all, but I have been watching few of some French movies and listening to its songs, I'm just interested in." Actually I came at registration day for Mandarin Chinese course, later I decided to take French at first. However, the lecturer changed ever since the second meeting, another French educated product (still he is not based at French language and literature). Though I have no complain whether they have language and literature title or do not so.

Most of lecturers at university language center comes from different fields, the reason they are qualified to teach is because they are at least capable and graduated from taught language origin, mentioning English (UK or English speaking countries), Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, and Arabic (exception for Turkish and Korean, they are native speaker sponsored by their government).

Well, French is just one of thousand languages existing on spherical planet Earth, perhaps in caves as well. I thought at first, speaking French meant to give you extra miles seating on UN chair along with English ticket as what I red on textbook when I was in elementary school. I noticed some of faces that covered my Social Science book are from African countries who notably placed French as second or official language (Kofi Anan from Ghana and Boutros Boutros Gali from Egypt). Later it comes developed when I realize when you speak French could be meaning to knowing more people from francophone nations, some of it are beautiful countries such Canada, Morocco, New Caledonia, French Polynesia and so forth. Makes sense!

BUT, am I that too damn high having superb fancy delusion to think that so big about "traveling to those countries with no cost, seating at UN office, writing extraordinary French literature and receiving honor "Ordre des Art et des Lettres" like Indonesian-singer Anggun" ? Yes, it's too freaking high and I look so messed up in mind with all those glimpses of fiction. LOL.

The fiction still remains fanciful in mind while talking about Belgium-French The Adventures of Tintin, particularly the Flight 714 comic album. The reason makes sense for me personally, 1) The setting is in Indonesia 2) It deals with aviation 3) Tintin is adventurous figure 4) The comic is in French that helps me learning this language 5) High-Fiving my head that I'm running out ideas.

Flight 714 To Sydney (taken from:

I try to browse the movie of above episode and found it in Canadian-English, I expected it's in French though.Some Spanenglish are also found thick in some conversations.

So, have I realized that I posted random words from Football Match to Tintin? Right, it ends up with Tintin adventure. Well, give me attempt to summarize:

- Indonesia halts VietNam in chasing dream to end the football match with champion title -
- Vietnam is a country who turns out former French colony and still maintaining French language though as minority - 
- French is language that I'm still learning about -
- One of French comics that captivates me is Tintin - 
- Tintin's "Flight 714 To Sydney" set in Indonesia - 
- I'm writing this random post in Indonesia -
- Mercy beaucoup -

LOLed Quote of the Day:
"I'm the Jesus of my channel, so I do everything I want" [One of bizarre YouTube Personalities]

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September 24, 2013 at 1:28 PM

Courageous endeavour :). French is a complicated but elegant language indeed. At least it will be much easier to read "Kuifje" ( = Tintin in Dutch) in the original version three months from now.

By the way: congratulations with the victory by the national football squad Under 23.

September 24, 2013 at 3:04 PM

Well-informed, the "Kuifje" :)
Should have headed to haunted bookstore at the corner of minor campus gate very soon looking for the "Kuifje". (The only one place I can find some enchanting prints in various foreign language in this small town though all of it are either second-hand or vintage)
The squad was doing good job, they deserved it :)

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