No Title For No Post

"Wake Me Up When September Ends!"

I remember it was May, not "May Be". I wrote down my self-exclaim and sounds defensive. Thinking about life has given and things have changed, it feels like "Don't take it too serious".

It is the mid of September, three and half (more or less) months nothing change on this dully blog. Now I'm about cleaning up the spider web on the right and left corner, wiping out the dust and putting a flower on the center of the page with some sprays of Paris Good Odor throughout.

I have no idea to tell you (my beloved fellow bloggers) who pay off time even a glance for nothing (to read) that I was out of orbit for awhile though many things I'd love to share, to write, and to (whatever). I myself has betrayed the promise I owe to keep regularly posting any stuff twice every month. Well, you may shoot me down.

I was doing something and big nothing for part in the meantime. Later I realize my mind gets heavier. Statically I'm curving through negative trend just like exchange rate at most recent. I have turned into decent viewer of frenetic Olympics. I shout loud behind the line just like most the crowd in ambience.

"Summer is over" people say, though here summer is everyday literally.  But please wake me up when September ends with GreenDay ringtone. I still want to wake up anyway.

2 Response to No Title For No Post

September 18, 2013 at 2:12 PM

Hey,welcome back.

After so long time you are peeking on blogosphere again. Though the mood seems somehow a little too gloomy, your style of writing is beautiful.

I'm looking forward to your next post :).

September 19, 2013 at 12:25 AM

Thanks Colson, I know it's you the first to drop by after my logging out ;)

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