Pop Culture Goes Viral

It is such serendipitous internet meets talent, then it splendidly goes viral. Some art prodigies are now inexpensively discovered only with two tickets, "creative & fortunate". All you need is only to make something different, insane, or indeed formidably captivating, then post it on internet. In addition you may conduct certain ritual to wish your luck comes closer and sooner. Let it be how it works then.

Some notably figures mentioning Justin Bieber for instance, is one of prominent publicity after his talent was discovered through his YouTube channel. See now he is then one of the most sought singer mostly by coming of age die-hard fan, despite of his corroding act most recent as media reveals. Though he is still the breakthrough. Later Korean Gangnam Style had made a tremendous headline 'almost' worldwide as long as you browse the internet. Followed by Harlem Shake of NYC origin appeared no longer afterward was also once successfully big hit. Here in Indonesia the most recent "Goyang Caesar" has emphasized its existence with local taste as a surging art pop product. However it is now more likely to face challenge such rejection with emblem "Stop Making Stupid People Famous".

Those successes are ample, so are their resemblances. Just go to YouTube then you'll find it is so rampant. Some talents are amazing but they are still in waiting-list for call onto glamorous fame, if they are lucky. Meanwhile the badluck guys, their talent may be subject to overly mocking with harsh comment, or simply call it "failed version". It is not merely ordinary grassroots who attempt to attract netizen worldwide, but also hugely success titled personalities utilizing the virtual world as tool to maintain their fame in real jungle life and indeed even more gaining broader fame by paving the way to reach isolated village, newly fresh typical tribal fan. If fortune comes by, luck is theirs.

It is always striking to me everyday I check YouTube up in the morning only to stroll around finding something new, more insane and funnier. If I'm lucky, I can easily get inspired by some channels. The rests are just for fun.

But today, it is staggering. My ex-students in a school where I used to do voluntary teaching did really made 'selfie' video of their Harlem Shake. Taken in the class using mobile phone camera, they (all boys) created their own crowd. The 1:03 long vid was posted few months ago and only gaining less than hundred views.

The phenomenon is now clearly happening. Internet for same parts has really shifted the way of people' life and thinking. Pop culture is now more mixed and existing like never before. For the good and the bad, it depends on how we overcome it, personally.

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November 13, 2013 at 3:53 PM

It's peculiar, amazing - and perhaps disgusting- but true: slaughtering animals - and in some cases fellow humans- as a sacrifice, is and has been a human habit over the millenniums.

As an outsider I should be cautious in my judgement. Yet it's beyond my comprehension that this specific event described in all three 'Holy Books' is being celebrated; the story of an almighty deity demanding unconditional obedience even if IT (God) wants a father to slaughter his son, is gruesome. It's really really beyond me why any modern human being would want to devote him-/herself to such a transcendental entity.

November 13, 2013 at 3:56 PM

Sorry, this comment of course should have been published below the previous post of yours :(.

November 13, 2013 at 7:40 PM

Should be no worry Colson about posing yourself as an outsider. I'm interested in taking account from any perspectives, and surely I'm very welcome :-)

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