Sacrifice Day: Shower of Blood

Sacrifice Day: Mere Festivity or the Sake of Humanity ?

It was so kinda staggering when I unlocked the door and found no one at home (of student dorm) this noon. It is Sunday and still no shadow of human but two cute little cats strolling around. I texted one of housemates and then the reply got me realized everyone is about taking trip to go home for tomorrow feast day. Well, they seem having good time right now with family, thanks good internet connection has killed my boredom for me here alone but with my own shadow.

For my last two days taking voluntary job as judge of two competitions, I don't much scrutiny the upcoming events, though one of those is a holy feast day of most people here, moreover the calender is tinged red making it a national holiday. Everyday is holiday to me lately for having no classes but research project only. And time goes by so much fast. I hate to say it but it happens to me, getting much older with grayish memory.

The Sacrifice Day of muslim in this country shall be celebrated within hours, which means the moan of cow and goat is going to play in the air. The most striking yet mournful ones is the fresh blood flooding out, most of it is openly shown off to public. The practice of slaughtering on the sacrifice day is ubiquitous. This practice might be subject to offense of animal rights regarding to animal rights activist. But according to muslim cleric, the law in Koran said that the slaughtering must be not brutal and abusive, instead it should be followed by the name of God. Meanwhile for vegan, the slaughtering might be unnecessary.

(Correct me if I'm mistaken). The practice of sacrifice (by slaughtering) as many said in context of muslim belief origins from Abraham, as He was asked by the God to butcher his beloved son Ismael, the God wants to examine his faithfulness. In Exodus of Bible also teaches the similar practice, sacrifice by slaughtering (of lambs) to express forgiveness practiced by Israel after the exodus from Egypt. In Torah of Jewish the practice of slaughtering must meet the qualification of kosher law. Even in most practical believes in Goddess in the past also conducting slaughtering as symbol of robust faith. For the sake of belief commands, slaughtering is acceptable method in sacrifice ritual, symbol of thankfulness, forgiveness and faithfulness.

But the nowadays more critical mind surges off question over practice of slaughtering as sacrifice symbol is whether still relevant or not. Or perhaps it is just an eloquent ritual from ancient ancestors descended to its bigot follower, particularly to the Abrahamic religions (Islam, Christian, and Jewish)

I have no guaranteed answer to adjust or to disagree and indeed I'm not a perfect judge/priest. To me, I see this more from the view of on-purpose rather than of religious tension. Sacrifice I think is so much personal. I may act something that I am fully convinced that it is an absolute sacrifice, but people may take different side which means it tends to pragmatism, or vice verse.

In talking about slaughtering as practice of sacrifice, I deliberate my stance based on agreement toward meeting following requirements, to say it is likely acceptable.

  • Slaughtering in some occasions is recommended, i.e: taking assumption 'hunting' is slaughtering akin, the over population of certain species that causes imbalance in ecosystem (food chain), in order to stabilize, hunting/slaughtering/exterminating in tolerant percentage through appropriate way is allowed. (But, the case of over population of Homo sapiens sp. is sort of exception? Considering capital murder, innocent civil killing, genocide, and other human rights offense that causes death are serious crime)
  • The slaughtering is purposed to be sliced into meat then it is distributed to the poor. In some places, in my hometown for instance, not all people can eat meat as their regular meal. It may only take very few times a year particularly on occasion of certain holy feast days or on traditional wedding party, the meat can be found on the plate along with rice. The protein demand for metabolism may most likely not be able to be met in sufficient dosage every time. But the festivity could boost certain people's diet. The mission is more into humanity.
  • Slaughtering must be free from abusive treatment (Remember: slaughtering is not the same with killing). If those people believe in God or holding on certain belief that convincedly makes them to do slaughtering with sincere for the sake of good purpose, then do it. Perhaps that's why this practice has been always existing until present since over thousand years.ago.

Despite of unending debate over allowance of slaughtering as symbol of sacrifice practice in religion, at the end of the day, I think it is more into personal sensitivity and should be well considered before to do so. So the acting can be profoundly responsible.

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