I Wiretap You, Indonesia

Snowden was a mundane bloke. Not yet until he reveals anything, he later is a big hit and even more sought and sounded. His revelation is le fin du fin story of decade, or even perhaps of century. With relatively youthful blood, he is hulk with scrumptious arms. He has made himself headline du jour.

Since the Sydney Morning Herald released a news about the Oz intelligence activity on spying its northern neighbor, the reaction is vigorously escalating, mostly within Indonesia. The president, his beloved wife and other figures are on the eye. The media recently more frequent discusses the issue, such a hot topic. The attention on such most admired Jokowi has slightly converted to wiretapping issue. Pak Joko now may take a break for awhile from media crowd, he could be more relaxed to focus on his effort to fix up Jakarta, which means I need to stroll him more on YouTube. I just too wonder his upcoming surprises. 

Though, this converted issue has given a personal advantage to break-news enthusiast like me, at least now I watch less issues dealing with graft and common stuffs like creepy talks, internal political drama, crime, and forth. They may take a hell rest now. At least people are now diverted to think about another important case, to open the horizon on how diplomatic relation is properly to be conducted.

Unfortunately not that much until today protest at Australian Embassy in Jakarta. Rotten eggs and white wave of FPI are on the big screen. Me personally is flabbergasted at rotten age and the irritating yelling crowd. Their combination sounds even loutish. Throwing rotten eggs at dwarf oversea territory (embassy) of certain country is hissy fit game. I hope the folk could play a cool attraction. I understand some people are too wrathful with wiretapping on high level leader that is deemed as nation integrity offense. Even Australian public based on survey many of them also urge their govt to apologize as it may worsen the good relationship between the two neighbors, more importantly to settle things up like before.

Who wants to have a bad relationship? No one nor even those who are carving for peace, particularly toward one of the closest neighbors by geography. Indonesia represented by the President has been poised during APEC meeting to seek for many more friends with zero enemy. 

But, how to overcome a country who doesn't commit to trust? I wander and wonder for answer.

Well, let see the case. Since the spying issue revealed, the tension gets hotter. The Indonesian govt is about wanting the explanation from Australian leader the purpose of wiretapping, not to wait any longer. The Indonesian ambassador to Australia has been called home from Canberra. There is yet any clearer response from Canberra. Meanwhile the reaction from the public keeps arise from both sides which varies in terms of level. The people are arguing.

Despite of the heating case, there is one thing making me gigles, some people are wondering to hear the content of wiretapped conversation. Some areas perhaps are very private, from bedroom chat to speech rehearsal, from joke to nerve-wrecking talk, from A to Z, just guessing. But no more wonder until Sasha Stevenson reported her investigation HERE
Or watching here:

Well, now I can sit relax, breathe the air gently, and stare the sky on the rooftop. I don't want to turn on my mobile phone at this moment. Nor do wonder more about the wiretapped conversation. It's clear :p 
I just lay my body down at its best position on the rooftop. Because there is Google Street View is watching me live. Let the world sees my gesture from the top of my palace. I'm barely naked. And let the windblow eases down. 

Let friend still be friend, folks :-)

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November 23, 2013 at 3:44 PM

Enjoy your post, enjoy the note you strike, enjoy your view on the matter and enjoy the video. And I didn't just enjoy them, I also absolutely agree with you.

However, rather than inter-country spying, the scale and depth of invasion of civilians' privacy is a major matter of concern though.

November 23, 2013 at 9:44 PM

I hope the turmoil soon calms down, both countries :-)

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