2013 Throwback

December this year is not as gloomy as it was a year ago literally. The rain has yet poured down in torrent and the flood is yet happening. Everyone is still strolling around without umbrella, I am still able to do laundry under the pure sunshine. You could even courageously bet yourself to walk down on Jakarta's downtown without worry about getting wet due to raising water level, until today.

But the accomplishment seemingly is not in line with the glorious day, discontentedly less desiring. I try to look back and still count on the day from as early as 2013 to today. I find myself have wasted the most part of these unrepeated times. The ones I formulated, the 2013 to-do-list, from top-notch frantic plan to trivial  simple plan, all look miserable. I don't blame a rainy day of December 2012 when I was over excited to enlist next whole one-year action plan but me myself who failed to work out during the potentially lucrative 365s of 2013.

At the moment I think of better not to make any self-plan with detailed high expectation. Let life flows as it is supposed to be. Only please let me still get connected to anyone who drops by on this blog. Perhaps it is the best reason of mine to keep pushing myself vying for some coins, packing my bag for another miles of journey, and turning my old-fashioned camera on, so I would still be able to share some stories and photos about newfound. That's all.

The fireworks of new year are around the corner. I please myself to keep settled down in contemplation of the leaving days while chinning up to stare the murky sky with decorated glimpse of dancing light, in the meantime whispering the modest wish ever "a hope for little bit better tomorrow", not much.

Before everything land on 2014, let me wish you a little merry Christmas to all my christian fellows wherever you are and happy New Year for every single humankind on this 7-billion planet. Let me deliver my sincere pray to elate those who are now at refugee camp, please keep stronger and maintain the good faith of new peaceful life. My sincere hope is with you to wish the year 2014 is yours, mine and ours, and of anyone in a better place :-)

Bullying, A (Still) Preserved Tradition

The media few days ago was covered by headline of reportedly a death of a sophomore at one private university in Malang, East Java. Though the news is actually not the first time emerged to punch off the country's educational image. Few years ago an even bitter unexpected death suddenly shook off the country's most renowned special governmental education institution designed to deliver future leadear. But geez, intead of creating a piooneer, bullying has burried both dream and the talent itself.

How many death actually does the figure represent? No one knows since "ospek" (a sort of orientation for new students at educational institution) has altered from self-discipline training to escalating bullying. Some victims perhaps are still living with retained trauma, the rest may have forgiven or yet are still inheriting violent revenge to their junior. Who knows. Unfortunately it takes quite so long by regarding institution stakeholder to end the dumbass plight.

The taste of physical bullying inserted in ospek by some is believed a compulsory tradition, similar to bigotry in dangerous religion extremism. What to expect? Creating stonger person with iron heart and discipline character or fallen down boys into dark burial? When it appears pathetically in educational institution, seed of revenge is about being spread extensively. No wonder if the graduates would come out becoming obnoxious person in society with fragile character.

The practice of bullying in ospek is not limited to physical abuse but also verbal attack. This second type is like killing mechine that slowly gnaws from inside. Deliberately bad words or mocking aimed to certain group or student by senior has jeopardized self-confidence and may cause vengeance. The impact is absolutely worst.

Now, all we need is to stand for effort against any bullying practice particularly in educational institution. We don't need to wait until death counter automatically stops itself from flicking, but us who should turn it off from counting.

Image credit: Haryadhi from rautan.com

It's not cool and never always be.