Bullying, A (Still) Preserved Tradition

The media few days ago was covered by headline of reportedly a death of a sophomore at one private university in Malang, East Java. Though the news is actually not the first time emerged to punch off the country's educational image. Few years ago an even bitter unexpected death suddenly shook off the country's most renowned special governmental education institution designed to deliver future leadear. But geez, intead of creating a piooneer, bullying has burried both dream and the talent itself.

How many death actually does the figure represent? No one knows since "ospek" (a sort of orientation for new students at educational institution) has altered from self-discipline training to escalating bullying. Some victims perhaps are still living with retained trauma, the rest may have forgiven or yet are still inheriting violent revenge to their junior. Who knows. Unfortunately it takes quite so long by regarding institution stakeholder to end the dumbass plight.

The taste of physical bullying inserted in ospek by some is believed a compulsory tradition, similar to bigotry in dangerous religion extremism. What to expect? Creating stonger person with iron heart and discipline character or fallen down boys into dark burial? When it appears pathetically in educational institution, seed of revenge is about being spread extensively. No wonder if the graduates would come out becoming obnoxious person in society with fragile character.

The practice of bullying in ospek is not limited to physical abuse but also verbal attack. This second type is like killing mechine that slowly gnaws from inside. Deliberately bad words or mocking aimed to certain group or student by senior has jeopardized self-confidence and may cause vengeance. The impact is absolutely worst.

Now, all we need is to stand for effort against any bullying practice particularly in educational institution. We don't need to wait until death counter automatically stops itself from flicking, but us who should turn it off from counting.

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It's not cool and never always be.

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December 18, 2013 at 3:51 PM

Bullying -physical and verbal- is not just part of traditional initiation at Universities ( and other institutions, the military for instance) Over here that's called 'ontgroening', 'ungreening').

It's a p[henomenon that also occurs in Kindergarten or the old people's home. And even among gangs of friends,male and female.

It originates from the dark side of the psychological make up of all human beings. Usually hidden down there is something that occasionally provokes people to attack the one(s) who is (are) perceived as weak and different.

It's anti-social ,it's cowardly, it's bad.

I don't think human nature can be essentially changed. But this aggressiveness should be curbed. It should be dealt with by utter decisiveness from early age on by responsible educators, parents in the first place as well as teachers.

December 18, 2013 at 7:30 PM

Agree with you Colson. It's so sad to know the fact about kids are found died and comitted suicide due to desperation of being victim of bullying still prevails. Particularly kids who are allegedly perceived or openly queers -unfortunately- still to be target of scrumptious bullying. And it's even worst when society still unable to deal with, at least to curb as you suggested.

December 24, 2013 at 7:24 PM

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