Indonesia's Right Picks

Year 2014 is like no other, as it is associated with "Fire" and "Horse" in Chinese calender. Some Suhu and fortunetellers out of the blue appear on TV news in a hot talk to discuss about Indonesia(n)'s destiny within a year ahead. Name of public figures ranging from creepy politician to sensational celebrity highlights the tea time. Indeed, these two occupations may lead you to the peak of illuminating popularity either on good way or ending up in miserable news, being politician or celebrity. Media would love you when you are unusual, the sensational persona. 

Above all of it, year 2014 for some  after all is "The Game of Thrones" when everyone holds on the sword running into battle like Spartan. It is when every legal Indonesian by law elect their representative to be placed on hot seat who literally will work for the best of society, they say. From residential level to top-notch national scale the citizen will merge into cohort where vote is counted spread off over the country. The voting point is plethora, so is penny to fund the so-called democratic party. Here we legal resident shall take part in.

Election of this year will be held two times, separated by 3-month's distance.The first election which will be held next April is to vote for legislative representative, the second ones deemed as the most frantic event during past five years will pick a figure called as President of Indonesia until 2019 which later ends SBY's incumbency. The new life will start soon.

It is still fresh in my mind, dating back to 1999 when Indonesia's political situation was in transformation. It was the year when campaign surging. I was an elementary student by that time. Mass went down to the street to show off their support to certain party. It was the zero point of further milestone of being democratic country. I remember, there were three major parties competing at election. Red, yellow, and green, these colors that dominated the pouring mass perfectly like rainbow. It was also the time when I got my first candy, T-Shirt, lighter, and many kinds of souvenir covered by party symbol. All those items were given by random people who were on the street during the campaign days. I and other fellows as just other kids were so excited collecting such stuffs. TV news mostly aired the dramatic transformation of political life, we kids even had less choice for cartoon. Bear in mind, at that time private TV channel was not as bloomy as today, internet was not as tremendous as few years later. So, spending much of time as the way my dad used to: reading daily newspaper, watching news channel, collecting incumbent ministers and president poster (replacing it when the turn is over)discussing the current issues, but still we don't belong ourselves fanatically to certain party or group. To me and my dad, let God the only one knows what/who we vote for inside small voting chamber. Me myself even don't know to what/whom my dad's choice belongs to. We are much more comfort as political analyst during tea time by our own way, as an intermezzo in the mid of rushing life.

And today, much of things have changed, really changing. The political life significantly is turning (in my opinion) more mature and dynamic. Voices from grassroots are even so sounding. Thanks to the invention of internet and rapid growing online forum that today the citizens can express their notion. It is such surprising that think-tankers now are flourishing, though some of it with anonymous credit. 

It has been 15 years after my candy, what a time! Now my concern definitely is extending. As most recent I have been experiencing insomnia, I kill the night by watching live streaming news channel from many countries randomly. Last night my choice fell to Sarajevo based Aljazeera Balkans. There was an hour documentary about West Papua Freedom Movement aired to cover former Yugoslav countries. As, news enthusiast, I was so excited as the channel discussed about something that is familiar to me, nevertheless from outsider's perspective. It was about two reporters who traveled to West Papua Province lurking to interview and documented the West Papua Freedom Movement activities secretly, from the way how the movement undergoes the mission to traditional ceremony of independence. Once the leader was holding online conference in the middle of isolated area claimed as their base with the Guyanese fellows committed as loyal supporter of their independence. There was also a moment when the Aljazeera team and the movement leader passed by the police and army barrack by riding car without getting caught as they have some people working as intelligence. Short documentary was also displayed recorded at separated time series when the police and the movement activist clashed in riot. At the end of documentary, another separated video inserted to the whole 60-minute that broadcasted an interview with an Indonesian spokeswomen who claimed the movement is illegal and against the Indonesia's sovereignty and international law as West Papua is recognized a legal part of independent Indonesia.

Well, the two sides are insisting with their stance. One thing that I highlight from the movement side is the matter of social injustice which they claim discriminating their group, the clash involved in with police is the act of response. It is also claimed that they feel isolated and undergoing aliened life on their own land.

In commemorating with the 2014 election of Indonesia, the new leader (President) and legislative representative at hot spot area are expected to sit together with the freedom movement member discussing even much deeper the best solution. The sooner it is solved, the better life in West Papua comes into reality. I do really wish the voters not only considering to elect the leader by their capability at certain areas of expertise nor by illuminating promise/appearance, instead it should be well considered those who are associated with wholly prodigious leadership trait in much aspect.

Who's gonna be the next? 2014 is on fire :-)