Anthology of Two Months

I have no idea how to construct a poem a real poetry for it has no formula but sense. It might be the closest and finest assumption, if justification is reluctantly unacceptable, of deterring myself from writing or sharing a bit of words. It was just too perfect of timing to observe how things have been happening. In the other hand, which might be an extraordinary case, I was busy with part-time jobs, rewrote final undergrad thesis with sizable time of reconstructing a computerized model of my research, and the most important one and I wish I deserve an exception, traveled back home. All of them kept me from voluntarily giving my blog a chance to be touched down.

I was just doing more on facebook instead, posting one or two phrases and some picts, giving comments, liked friends' status and did other facebook stuffs. A typical young Indonesian, a trait that I couldn't easily reject but more attached into it. Let me myself attempt to catch the derailed one. So, I would like to welcome myself to stick (again) on regular post.

Within these recent two months, were full of talks. Too many serious occasions, accidents, and events were out there. But when I looked down within my home country alone, I found out that something vibrantly was sounding as it spoke out loud. Discussing its vibes has inspired me to divide it into few headlines as I am going to phrase out as follows.

Election and Telenovela

Literally I don't definitely name Indonesia a country where mummies are living in. But an action of few of its citizen is just too ridiculous for I personally never thought of. It's all started when word for 'election' has been steadily aired and overheard. Yet, it is just  too captivating for me as a spectator of political game as it performs a show as dramatic as unending soap opera. Well, an elect-president based on official counting by legal commissioner as result of people's ballot was already announced,  but seems the announcement still should encounter challenge from the loser side. And the drama has yet ended up even until now.

Everything seems clear now, mega-delusional disease is escalating rampantly. It may top Ebola in terms of severity as it has no tangible vaccine to deal with. It is so funny if you happen to understand Bahasa and watching live what was going on in the court. Not because how the procedure took place but responses of every question by the judges to the losing president hopeful and his team were too immature for high-profile presidential election case. Some interviews conducted previously have shown how he disgraced his attitude himself. I personally supposed him a person with solid integrity as bold as his winning opponent. But my measurement has been kinda noised lately. I wish I am wrong. I do.

Despite of all of this stunning drama, I highlight Indonesia election of this season, to be frank, is very stiff. Smear campaign is subject of the talk. Unfortunately still many people grab the information just too immediate without trying to clarify.  On the other hand, number of people who put concern on 9th of July during power-transfer period is soaring. Almost every Indonesian I met down on the street profoundly voiced their choice with full of confidence based on their own unique consideration. I guess this is how democracy really works. I know it is not perfect but the process counts!

Escaping Away from City Crowd

Election result would be on Tuesday, the day that I finally opted to leave Bogor as highway that connects to the airport by system forced me to pass through capital Jakarta. Thus, I decided to take very morning flight, at 5 am the aircraft B737-900ER flew me to Lombok. As suggested on TV news, I anticipated mass rant that may pour down the street and paralyzed the city by cruising the highway where lights had yet dimmed. Fortunately all worries disappeared, at least it went on not as worse as it was predicted. 

As I arrived in Lombok, I felt nothing but more relaxing breeze. Well, I didn't let myself missing the very brief moment after few weeks I had been prevented from the warm sunshine for I was working much inside air conditioned room while outside full of rain.

I traveled eastern-ward to my home island, Sumbawa. The further I walked, the slower time throbs. I isolated myself from political vibe. I did really focus on how to enjoy quality family time, learned how to stop frowning and started to laugh out loud with childhood friends, and did business as usual as a native Sumbawanese, speaking the rumor in local language with its solid dialect.

To me personally, visiting my hometown where I was growing is a pilgrimage of my own version as others travel to Ganges river, Mecca, Jerussalem, Vatican or Nepal. A place where I was born has taught me on how to use a mirror. I stood right in front of it, in my mind, where I contemplated and interpreted a reflection.

It was the time that now has already helped me to grow fonder of what I have got and being more thankful. As I traced the town and tried to remind past memory, I spiritually felt more fulfilled. Not because on my ID card I still retain certain religion, instead I'm not a pious boy who visits praying place regularly, I remember I was there once during my stay, but because of life lesson in school at hometown in which I had opportunity to understand people from different background. It is pretty easy to find a church or pura stands just few miles from or on the doorstep of mosque. Or visiting my friend on occasion (s)he celebrated his/her religious festivity. The most simple one, at my school, we had special event on Friday when every believer regardless what kind of his/her belief, every student did spiritual class provided with at least one preacher for each religion by school authority. If you happen to be unbeliever, and when Indonesia officially legalizes no religion option, I guess my old school would matter nothing on your status. You would be welcome to be there.

It is also no surprise when you see a girl who wears hijab has a closest friend the girl that with short pant and a party-goer. Or a teacher wearing hijab works at Catholic school. Or the biggest fund for religious festivity in your neighborhood come from someone who holds different religion. Or taking religion paper test as it is still compulsory in our education curriculum, sitting next to friend whose different religion and happens to you to answer the question until few numbers before you realize that the paper test actually doesn't belong to you, then you are aware that many similarities in context of concept in it with what you believe.

I realized that this tiny town has became a laboratory for my real life as it teaches me to scrutiny more on similarity instead of stirring upheaval due to different stances. In here, between Lombok and Sumbawa, I become more accustomed to see kid nowadays mix blooded, Indo, they call it. Love and compassion have broken down geographical, cultural, and even religious barrier on establishing a noble relationship, called marriage. As result, a newborn offspring is delivered with brand new face in the upcoming years, the untold story. 


As final boarding call announced, I immediately approach the aircraft gate. This medium-haul narrow body airplane is going to take off within few minutes. but my memory of my hometown is indeed still calling. I never feel that so lucky. And for first time ever I'm suffering homesick fever. I do really miss my family and friends. They really made my day. The lesson I bring to fly with is so priceless, something that frankly I haven't gained yet much in where currently I study and work. Thanks folks!

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August 11, 2014 at 2:22 PM

Great, because this is what many people after all identity confusions of puberty endeavour at in vain: arriving at a genuine and sound maturity. Which means being at ease with oneself. And "...memory of my hometown is indeed still calling. I never feel that so lucky" is proof of that :).

It's also good to know Sumbawa offered you a happy childhood. From your appraisal I learn it's a tolerant spot on the archipelago's map. It's reassuring that at your school even agnostic me would have been welcome :-).

November 19, 2014 at 8:04 PM

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November 24, 2014 at 11:33 PM

hi hijjaz, please reply my message. i really need the information about eco-enzyme for my final project :(

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