I'm Simply Back

You might be wondering why I have been - after few months - out of dashboard, no blog entries, no updates. No need to defend myself but deliberately explaining in detail in timeline of what have been happening or I have been doing could be sufficient answer, assuming those wouldn't be excuses, I expect. No worries, some photos of my trip in the upcoming post featured with its aligned description, I wish, could calm everything down.

My last blog entry was on February, quite long ago. It was exactly 6 moths back or in the word I can say "Half year and pretending nothing happened!". Not until someone on Facebook shared an article "Why you should write even if you think nobody is reading", bang and I should be back!


I have no idea how March treated me and having no exact description how to help you figuring out what was happening as the earth keeps rotating as usual, just a firm reminder of trip in Japan exactly 4 years ago, when earthquake and tsunami hit northeastern part of Honshu Island (March 2011). In addition, few days of March were full of preparation for my Master degree application.


Moving out to capital Jakarta until May as I got job offer working as a temp for one most renowned Boston-based consulting firm. April, I could say, the best part of working experience. Joining a small team consisted of accomplished colleagues with top-notch MBA degree from world's best university, namely Harvard, Columbia, Kellogg of Northwestern, was my leapfrog in attempt of stepping into professional career. Moreover, it was the moment I learned a lot about business case and efficiently professional teamwork. 

Surprisingly, April appeared to be a friendly month. A week after I submited my application for master degree program, a good early April in the morning I got notified and sent an LoA from one university in the Netherlands stating that I was accepted to join its master class focusing on Environmental Sciences in upcoming winter 2016. 


Work, work, work it out, ouch!


June happened to be turning point, continuing my work as research assistant as I was normally doing. Arranging and conducting interviews with stakeholders at some institutions in capital Jakarta, pushing daily ridership by commuter train and public bus (integrated BRT) for Bogor-Jakarta route, not to mention the crazy traffic jam as it has been long time assumed "normal situation", were kind of June. Don't forget about a not-so-appealing-birthday with no cake, no candle, no party but lying on curvy bed. Putting my head in a bid of expecting-perfect-rest but happened to be headache.


Trip itinerary and ready for escaping off the beaten track!
Stay tuned on upcoming post(s)!

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